Wednesday, February 13, 2019


---------- About a few days ago, I was on the phone with a close friend kidded each other with the thought that the day of hearts was fast approaching. Well, when one is older or much older like we both are.. Valentine's Day is remembered with an undeniable smile or two. It never fails every time.

The she kidded me with "Hey what would you say to someone in love?"

😊I gave out a hearty laugh and said "Are you kidding me?! What's that question!?"

"Answer it..." she added with a teasing tone in her voice.

😊 . Okay, dear friend, tell me yours next okay? Anyway for what it's worth, here's what I think...... 😁

🌿🌿 Before anything else, make sure you know what love is. Not knowing that is the start of all relationship problems.

🌿🌿-- Don't come in when you're not too sure about yourself. This is not a here today and gone tomorrow thing. That might be truer in youth as the young always love to experiment.

🌿🌿-- Come in with who you are, bring the core of your heart into the moment. Don't even try to be what you are not. Nor do I want any Jekyll-and-Hyde games.

🌿🌿-- See me as a treasure worthy of your time, of your life. Not as something you would show off to your friends (or hide from them) and later leave on the shelf like you would your car in the garage.

🌿🌿-- Don't try to change me into your imaginary dream or lover. I am real - warts and all. I may have pimples on my face... heavy in big-size clothes... crooked teeth... pug nosed... and walk with a limp. See me as I am.. authentic and true even in my flaws.

🌿🌿-- Respect the people in my life, imperfect as some of them may be. Family, colleagues, and friends too. They are part of me as I am part of them. Welcome them into your circle as I would welcome yours into mine, too.

🌿🌿-- Don't heap your biases or prejudices on me (nor I you). Rather let's try to agree to disagree. After all, we are made differently from each other, by divine design.

🌿🌿-- Remember to put on your best manners, character, and personality with our every encounter. But be real. Nice, true, and real.

🌿🌿-- Be true to yourself. Only then can you be true to me, too.

Okay, there you go. Be ready with your own list, mi amiga! Chat again soon😁

Thursday, January 17, 2019


-- Here comes the sun.....🌝☀️🌞 Yeah.. and warms a chilly breezy🌬 morning walk. But it looks like I'll be getting tons of blue skies today.

😊 As I headed for home, saw this stump of an old tree. Apparently an old tree as its bark looked dry, withered, weary, and worn. But then again, right at the top grew young tiny branches ... with tiny leafy green leaves! Smiling at the rising sun.🌞 

🌳 Life from an old tree. H-o-p-e!❤ I guess it's telling us..........Hope is how you go through your day and life. 

❤ Dear God, thanks for the lesson and an awesome morning walk!

Tuesday, January 8, 2019


--- I know this. I see this on every face I meet down the street. Yes indeed, it's that quiet voice inside...hoping, believing, trusting, waiting. Each person, each life, each journey... carries with it this precious virtue which moves the journey along day after day after day. ❤
Courage, somebody else's or my own, always makes me cry. Because sometimes being brave can be a burden. A heavy load bearing down on your lonesome self. 

And yet a tiny whisper in the farthest corner of your heart, firm and determined, speaks up... "You can do it. Get moving!"

And I get up....and live!

Sunday, November 18, 2018


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A very good friend sent this quote to me (Thank you!)... 
"All days can't be bright but it's certainly true, there was never a cloud the sun didn't shine through ". 😊

I love blue skies.. clear blue skies -- a canvas to build my dreams on. But clouds, though pretty in its own, can mess up my reverie. It comes messing up my canvas pushing and shoving its images out of shape. Then when I think all's lost.. here comes the sun! Clunky, billows of clouds, clusters, whatever its shape or size are no match to it. The sun, blessed ole Sol, comes shining through it all!!
I guess I will take my cue from that. Life is beautiful. Though sometimes it can be quite a challenge, too, shaking up your dreams just like that. But naahh.. the Big Guy upstairs can shine through it all and get me back on track again. Gosh Daddy, thank YOU!

Wednesday, November 14, 2018


Whenever I look back to the life I have lived (something which everybody does once in awhile), it makes me want to smile. Generally speaking, that is. Because at some point or points somewhere there admittedly I cried buckets, too. 'Was angered -- disappointed several times – frustrated – confused – betrayed – worried mountains -- dealt with illness and losing loved ones – saddened over broken promises -- hated some and wished them banished to hell -- loved many -- surprised to the hilt -- delighted to the bones -- lost hope at some point but got it back again -- inspired by moments with every beating of my little puny heart -- questioned my God over some difficulties but which He simply shrugged off with a smile and with a tiny miracle which got me back on my feet again (how do I know He did that? Simple, felt it in the heart.)
Well, don't we all? We each in our respective spheres of life and living go through times which eat up our morning, noon, and night and everything in-between. We are one or the other at certain points in our human lives. Rising and setting with the sun... and sparkling with the stars or not. Sometimes staying long enough at a certain point with stuff on our minds, hearts, and souls engaging us physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually. These things build us up or break us down. We become what our experiences make us to be.
That is our story….. Our history….. Our book of life. It’s made us who we are today. Both the good and the bad in our humanly flawed self. Imperfect but perfectly put together, for a reason by divine design.
But ...

🌺 notwithstanding all that has happened to us (good or bad), we must come out of it all as much better each time. It is what we have made of ourselves or who we are today, which truly matters. It is how we respond to everything that is life that makes the cut. Sure that can be quite a struggle or a challenge to many of us. It is to me. Always will be. But 'anything that does not kill us, will only make us stronger'. Remember that line?
It is learning our lessons well and becoming authentically the person God meant us to be. It is when we grow, develop, mature, progress to become better persons from the persons we were yesterday. It is when we become better that puts a smile on God’s face.
That, by the way, is the goal of our temporary lives.
Have a great day, dear friends. God bless you all!πŸ€—πŸŒΉ

Thursday, October 11, 2018


Here's a beautiful quote.....

“I was just being myself” isn’t an excuse for disrespectful behavior. It signals a lack of concern for others. Authenticity without empathy is selfish. Authenticity without boundaries is selfish. Be true to your values, but show regard for others’ values.” ---- Adam Grant (American psychologist and author)


Have often heard this said by both friends and strangers alike. Often thinking that they are just being true and honest and that it is the right thing to do.

Well….. yes and no. So I have learned.

Being true and honest is a good thing no doubt about that. We would rather have a person who tells us true and honest stories, experiences, observations, analysis, correction, and all other information which are true to life and living and which help us grow in the understanding of both good and bad.


There is also such a thing as saying it right without having to hurt people or stepping on their toes or being mean about it, intentionally or not. One can be both right and wrong unawares in trying to defend ones’ cause, beliefs, or sense of righteousness.

The goal is to be kind. In every which way we can.

We are not here to bring people down or bash them to the ground for each and every tiny fault or sin. Especially family and friends who we treasure and love. We are here to build up and not to bring down or destroy. We are here not to plant seeds of hurt and pain but to nurture and nourish compassion, understanding, empathy, and joy. Selflessly.

We should not take offense easily where there is none intended. Because truth is life is not all about you. We can’t and shouldn’t always bring in the I-Me-My-Mine of things into everything. But if you ever should… temper it with kindness.

The goal is to be kind. In every which way we can.

God's blessings to you and yours. In Christ.


Monday, September 10, 2018


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One bleak afternoon long, long ago I was sitting on a weather-beaten wooden bench under my grandma's guava tree. Oh well, not even a lush green tree for some good shade but a guava tree with sparse foliage and nary a fruit in sight that I could even pick and munch on while contemplating the universe.

Life was rough and I wasn't even too sure that I'd get somewhere... anywhere. You know the feeling i.e. struggling uphill, coming up to a huge wall, or coming face to face with a dead-end. It's like you have suddenly become life's least loved child or life's favorite punching bag. I sat there defeated and brokenhearted. As tears rolled down my cheeks I suddenly felt a hand on my shoulder.

Mom sat down and said......

"I can't promise you that things will become better; I can't see that far nor I live that long. And my heart is just as weary as yours is now. But I have lived long enough to say that things will change.

What you need to understand is this.....

All of these about life, both the good and bad, are all meant for your shaping of character. Take it all in and learn where you should learn. Be strong where you should be strong. Be brave where you should be brave. Be good where you should be good. And be gentle with yourself, too. Learn to rest when you should.

Essentially, remember to be kind. Do not think that your pain entitles you to be mean at others or at the world. You cannot do that; you do not know what they are going through in their own lives. Everybody goes through some struggle or another. None exempted. But they sometimes keep it to themselves. Being kind means that you do understand. Reach out to them whenever you can and help ease their pain.

And for those who cause you pain, who make life miserable for you (it happens to the best of us), look at them with an open mind and heart and know that they too may be going through perhaps odd and tough circumstances in their own lives and lash out in the only way (unpleasant as it may be) they know how. Difficult as it may be turn your back on them for surely they will suffer the consequences of their own bad. That being the law of the universe. "Whatsoever you shall sow, so shall you reap."

Pray. Without God you (we) are nothing. With God, there is hope....potential....possibilities....miracles.... joy.... blessings.... continuity of life.

All these things you should be in your character. These are the very things life teaches you. Life's aim is to create a better you. It does this day after day after day. You will one day become your highest potential and good. On the condition that you learn all that you should be learning.

It is alright to cry. When you're done, give the day.. life.. your best shot once more. And do it again tomorrow and the next and the next. Okay?"

I love my mom --- my hero.❤️πŸ’•πŸ’–πŸ’–
God and mom..... quite a team, aye?πŸ˜‡πŸŒΉ

Saturday, September 8, 2018



--- My mom held expectations for me in her heart. Perhaps the same way her mom had hers for her daughter in their time. Mom, though poor, persevered and graduated, but I didn't know if teaching was her dream job, and she married before 30. 🌷

I think I've missed a few things in her list. Life had other plans for me and laid down challenges on the table which were stoically meant for me to hurdle. Not always easy; I had my share of hurt and pain but something was undoubtedly happening. I sensed my life moving... evolving.  I can  understand it now as I look back to it all. 🌷

Yes, I better understand it now that a mother's expectations though with good intent and love isn't the only formula to life and living. 🌷

Because life is not all about what others may think is best for you. Rather it should be lived according to you in your own lived circumstances... in your own allotted time and space and moments... in your best of who you are and what you are, by God's design. God, by the way, always knows best.🌷

Happy in the heart. I hope wiser too. It's still an imperfect life --- but, Mom, it's a good one.πŸ’•πŸŒ·πŸ€—

Sunday, September 2, 2018


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-- Youngest daughter took me out on a date Sunday @Power Plant Mall, Makati. My first to go that far in the big city. Well, I hate the famous monstrous traffic down Edsa, that's why. But this time I got a big surprise as we easily cruised along Edsa in good time. Maybe because 'twas a Sunday?πŸ˜‰ Anyway, lots to see -- new buildings that weren't there before. Heyy when was the last time anyway?!?! 

😁But I was more entertained by people-watching. Funny, they seem to look the same...a pair of eyes, a pair of ears some having them sticking out the sides of their faces - others falling flat you wouldn't know they're there, a nose that would be very Asian and in some revealing a streak of foreign intervention, and lips that are either thick or thin..droopy or curved up eternally in a smile. They passed my view like a movie as we drove past them. And all amused me in great measureWon't miss it for a million dollars.. hala sigue pesos na lang😁

At the mall..when you see one you've seen them all. Noticed that nobody really goes there to buy. Not everybody really. Not many are seen with packages tucked under their arm or shopping bags hanging down their side. Instead the mall becomes something like a make paseo with the family, lovers, barkada, or by your lonesome self or eat in choice restaurants which abound to suit every taste and pleasure. It has become a go-to place for some rest and recreation or to relieve stress.

Wish that we had honest-to-goodness natural parks for that purpose. Business always finds a way of diluting our senses of fun, leisure, and pleasure. We stand helpless as government decides on the side of money and revenues. Plus the fact that we don't have much open land left for it after the huge buildings have been built.πŸ€” That's the downside of city life and living.

On the upside part of our mother-daughter date, I can say that lunch was scrumptious @Dean and Deluca. Malen's beef was tender and juicy although a wee bit spicy to my taste. My truffles pasta was savory with every bite.🍽😊

Feeling sated and content after that hearty meal, I ticked off quite a list of Thank You's in my mind to the wonderful guy upstairs🌷for the million-and-one things we often take for granted. Count in the wonderful weather, the fun and laughter in the car, the music played which accompanied the long drive, the beautiful sky above, and the gift of family. The gift of a daughter's love♥️🌷

Saturday, July 14, 2018


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Cruised down the TV channels this early morning and stumbled on this program of Bo Sanchez of the Kerygma community. Many things he said but one line caught my attention......

"Do not pretend to be strong"

What he meant was not to choose to be alone in your misery. Reach out and connect, seek help. Prayer is fine but God also sends out helpers to help you.

Then again here's also from other preachers who say "Be strong" with such conviction.

But then.......

'pretending to be strong' and 'being strong' are two things different. Right?

Made me think....

We know that 'pretending to be someone or something which you are not and don't feel' won't get you anywhere. We know that. But still some do dip their fingers into that sea hoping that they would catch tons of fish for themselves. The fact is the sea of pretense and falsehood is what it is... false. Whatever you build or create out of falsehood stands on flimsy foundation. As a result... relationships crumble, trust is destroyed, businesses flounder, respect disintegrates, love demolished without any thought. Nothing is real or lasting nor enduring. And you'll find yourself so much more alone that you ever planned to be.

Being strong is who you are when in-spite of bad fortune and bad relationships, you stand with both feet on firm ground unafraid, authentic and true. You make choices which lead you to a better life, help you heal, take you to higher ground of accomplishment, lead you to new doors of opportunities, and connect with people who truly care and love you. Being strong is knowing your own weaknesses and strength and working on that which helps you grow, progress, and mature. Being strong is deciding to live life on your own terms and not those dictated or imposed upon you by anyone or by some dire circumstance. Being strong is being you..... by divine design. And that makes God truly happy and proud.

By the way, if and when in your life you go through some difficulty, big or small, just say this with your heart ---- "I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength". (I should know because I have tried it often and it works all the time)πŸ˜‡

God bless you, friends. Remember you are never alone. Never🌹 And remember also to be kind. Pay kindness forward.