Monday, July 28, 2014


You know what, there isn't really much one can do with a rainy day. Oh, maybe you can cook up a nice dish... or paint something new and creative... or take down a book you probably have enjoyed reading for the __th time.... or watch a movie on DVD -- something you may have seen for the __th time too!! Have I mentioned all of the options? I guess not. Because we each deal with a rainy day in so many different ways wherever you are in the world. Oh well! :-)

Well, this time I got out my file of old notes. But first to explain why I have a 'file of old notes'.....  You see, I have this tiny habit of writing down anything I have heard or read which would ring a big bell in my head. Wherever I may be ... Starbucks or some other coffee shop which has a convenient magazine stand for its cafe habitues, or in some restaurant with great writings on its walls as part of its decor, or in a book store browsing through rows and rows of books and stumbling upon a nice phrase or line, or in a movie theater listening to a character's dialogue which strikes that big bell in my head. They're all down on paper, that's for sure. And which explains why I always have a note pad or notebook inside my tote bag... and two pens. Why two? Just in case one runs out, the other fills in quite conveniently.

Now that's the 'why' of it, the 'what for' is simply to feed the writing bell in my head. As you may have guessed it correctly, it then translates into the posts I write here or in the blog.

So this one was written on a piece of paper, a page off the familiar note pad beside my bed,.... and to quote

"There are two ways you can change your life", he answered. "You can change your environment or you can change your mind.  Sometimes you can change your environment.  Always you can change your mind.  It's the one thing you have always power over.  Successful people find ways to shine where they are." -------  the character Mr. Everit in the book 'What I Learned From The Richest Man In The World' by Alan Cohen.

Further, Mr. Everit says (on that same chapter) that.....  "Upgrading your life is an inside job.  If you make cosmetic changes only, you're just rearranging chairs on the deck of a sinking ship".
By the way, get hold of the book if you can. It's a terrific read, rain or shine, with pen in hand or none. Blessings, everyone! :-)

Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Woke up to a rainy and cold morning today. So what does one do on a day such as this? Well, that would depend on your mood, right? We each have our diverse ways of coping with it.  All good as we wait for the rains to stop while looking forward to Mr. Sun's  coming out  bright and warm.

For me, I would try to find something to read. Not a book this time because I don't feel like sitting hours reading one, not this time anyway. Found this old newspaper (I didn't bother to check its date) and leafed through its pages casually hoping that something would catch my attention which now  was tipping dangerously towards boredom.... and even closer by every minute that passed by.

And then I found this....  allow me to quote ----

'If you have something good to share, share it because these small acts of kindness may inspire people to do good.  If you just rant, nothing will happen.'  --  Rey Bufi, founder of the Storytelling Project

That's a good point, don't you think?

I also found this on the same paper's Daily Gospel corner. Something on a similar note... which says -----

'Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable,  if anything is excellent or praiseworthy ----- think about such things.'   ---  Philippians: 4-8

As I put down the paper I looked out the window and saw the rains had finally stopped. The day looked gloomy with gray skies and hid Mr. Sun who I strongly suspect might have been fidgeting behind it wanting so much to come out but isn't allowed to... yet.

And then I heard this brave wonderful bird perched on a tree in my neighbor's yard across the street..... he thinks it's still a great day chirping merrily away --- A lovely bird song.
I agree it is a lovely day! 

You see, it's what you put into your day which makes it what you want it to be. The weather has nothing to do with it actually. It really is all up to you.

Have a lovely day, too. God bless you all!

Sunday, July 20, 2014


Thanks, Beverly. You have put out one most terrific fantastic amazing post I have ever seen here in fb. Thanks for this lovely share, dear friend. Keep 'em coming!

I think I'm going to repost the text below to be easily read. Can't read much of (original) light blue text; it's faint and bland and isn't eye-catching... so I'll darken it a bit. Because this is one piece of wisdom I think everybody must see and understand, men and women-young and old alike. So here it is again..........

  “Knowing what to overlook is one way older adults are typically wiser than young adults. With age comes what is known as "positivity effect". We become more interested in positive information, and our brains react less strongly to what negative information we do encounter.” ---- Meg Jay,

And some friends wonder why I don't get angry at things I should be angry with. Well, now we know that it depends on what things. I must admit that taking such an attitude has worked to reduce stress in huge measure over many things which could easily push my anger button. Of course there is such a thing as righteous anger, but let's reserve that for another post. Meantime, I'm good where I'm at... where life is like a garden of roses. Why roses? Just like the plant.....  The thorns are still there but the flowers now more vibrant and gorgeously beautiful. Lovely life!

POSITIVITY EFFECT --- that's a good thought and attitude, don't you think so too??

Wednesday, July 9, 2014


A long-time online friend sent me this.......... (He always considers every note sent as a gentle nudge to write. Well, I have to honestly admit that he succeeds most of the time. Thank you, dear friend.)

"More things are wrought by prayer than this world dreams of."  --- Tennyson

That's true. I should know;  my anchor through life. But I have learned too that one must also understand that God answers prayer not always in ways we choose or want but in ways which we need. Also that God works with His own time and reason and why He asks us to be of good faith....  because without it we would despair in our prayer not understanding how this God works. It may look easy to the onlooker but it isn't. Faith is always a struggle. Because human nature wants it ...'now please' but faith says ...'perhaps later.' 

But He is a Magnificent God and there are no if's and but's to it. Blind faith? No, it's faith honed by experience which understands and despite some inconvenience and discomfort to it loves the Giver just the same. Admit it, without Him, we are nothing... down in the dust, nada, kaput, zero. I still believe in miracles....  happens everyday. In fact, you and I -- we're miracles. Science can't give a better explanation to who we really are. A power machine, that's what we are. God put in everything that we would need to live a life of Light and Power by creating us in His image.

Don't sell yourself short, you are not junk nor mediocre. You are his MASTERPIECE. We all are! Even that guy you see on the pavement... dirty, withered, tattered clothes, and begging for food. See him not as a human being gone wrong....  but as one of God's children (God knows how to take care of him). And if you think about it, we are no different from him --- we too beg for something or some things at some time or other in our selfie temporary mundane lives.

We are not junk; you are not junk.  See your self as God sees you --- Precious!

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So then let's enjoy our day. It's our birth right in Christ. Be of good faith and prayer.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014


Let me see, tonight a lot of things ran through my mind edging each other for attention wanting to see itself on print. But I hemmed and hawed .. even devised excuses, flimsy as it really were, not to write. To further escape the push I picked up the book (remember the one I bought last Friday? - The Art Of Thinking Clearly) and sat down on the bed to read it. Na-ah didn't work either. Because what I was reading even presented fantastic reasons to write! The book was that good that I wanted to share it with you but feeling unequal to the task I declined. (Well, sometimes I get that feeling or is it just a passing mood.) Yeah, another time perhaps, besides I'm not finished with the book yet. Why not paint? I asked myself. I have been trying to since last week but here's the truth, it takes more than just the desire to finally get out the colors and canvass to paint. And I wouldn't budge an inch in that direction either, so no go on that one.

So I decided to watch something on TV. Sat on the couch and turned on to different channels hoping that one would catch my eye. Finally..... saw Rachel Ray cooking up her 30-minute dish --- it looked simple and doable so I stayed and watched.

After a while a furry presence grazed my leg, slowly came up the couch, sat beside me so close that nothing could squeeze itself between us, and nudged her head to my side. I looked down at Maxie's pretty brown eyes. She gazed back at me softly and gently with a sparkle in her eye like she understood. And I believed she was telling me.....  'it's okay, you don't have to do anything today.... just relax, enjoy the moment.... just breathe...'  And my soul was restored .... and finally found serenity .. tranquility. Precious. I love my dog.

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Thursday, July 3, 2014


Have read this quote and it nudged me to thinking ........

 "We do not see things as they are.  
We see them as we are."   
---  The Talmud
Info: The Talmud (Hebrew for “study”) is one of the central works of the Jewish people.

Let's if that is true.....

We read the newspaper and see the world and the bigger life lived out there. We read about killings, kidnappings, abuses, cheaters, conflicts and wars, etc. and too on the other side of the spectrum the do-gooders. We react to whatever catches our eyes, mind, and heart. In total, from what we have experienced in our lives are formed or shaped our personal insights, perceptions, beliefs, feelings, emotions, the presence or absence of understanding and compassion, or the strength or lack of religion. These naturally influence or dictate how we see the events of the world... or of the parade of people before us... or on matters of heaven and hell... or of life in general.  We operate off this foundation and which defines our reactions or responses to that external world of which we see.

You may be pissed off at the world's chaotic and messy events.... because you believe in order.  As I myself would see the world coming to an awakening which could bring it to hope for a better world... because I believe in hope.  We separately and collectively in our respective reactions and responses see the world as WE ARE. A person of order and a person of hope.

These define our responses to and towards our external world.
I think I have learned something here.
:-) Have a good day, folks!  Blessings await you.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014


"If you have only one smile in you, give it to the people you love. Don't be surly at home, then go out in the street and start grinning "Good morning" at total strangers."   --  Maya Angelou, writer

She's right, you know. The people you love dearly deserve the best of you. And you know what else, I'd put family at the top of that list called 'people you love'. Because win or lose, succeed or fail your family will be there with you.... for you.