Friday, November 25, 2016



 --- Do you know why I love road trips,especially out there in the provinces? It's the pleasure of gazing at a wide expanse of meadows and fields and of the blue skies that I love. Blue skies punctuated with clouds white and light, stationary or in flight. Add to that the landscape of mountain ranges and the rich greens of trees and forests and the magnificence of the plant kingdom. There's nothing like it.

These were my thoughts when I painted this back then. And it has been a constant theme in my paintings.... the diversity of Mother Nature's landscape. She's a beauty and always will be to my eyes, heart and mind. I love her and always will.

I'm bringing this here to share with you who, I believe, also share the love for Mother Nature.

Thank you.



--------- We know that life is short. That all that is given us by the Divine is ... today. The present time wherein we live our truest selves... good or bad. Yet I also think that we still are given the choice to plan or manage it according to our preferences or likes or dreams or goals. But when you or me or they are through with all of that and soon realize that, like it or not. life is not all about us though it seems or appears to be --- we come to a halt and think about it. Because life is truly not just all about you or me..... not about our individual preferences in clothes, shoes, books, cars, hobbies, talent, career, profession, food, vacation, job, travel destination, people etc.... Life is so much more than that!
Because life is also about sunsets and sunrises... seas and oceans... forests and mountains... plants and animals of such rich diversity... countries and their domestic concerns... universal problems... diversity of culture and race... differences in all the areas of life and living where people inhabit... and so much more.
These things fill up our day. With and through all these we learn... unlearn... and relearn. These are the very things that make up a day in the life of a person. And the very things which help or make us grow. But that also depends on you .. on us.... respectively. We alone can make our day matter... or not. We alone can make the day and life worth living... or not. We alone can decide whether to continue living in our ivory towers and comfort zones or go down and out where real living is.
Still..... whatever may be there in our minds and hearts gathered through the years, we must each strive or aspire to live life today as if it was our last day on this lovely planet. Live ---- love ---- learn ---- and grow not just the self but for others, too. Because today... the present day... is indeed special. Special means, I think, living it with the rest of humankind. By God's design.

Friday, November 11, 2016



I certainly agree with the above quote.

It's the person not the circumstance, not his money nor connections, not his education nor titles.  These temporal material things don't matter really where it matters most although these may have their uses, too.  But when you are up with tough challenges, it's really who you are which will define how it's all going to end.  Or how the battles will be won.. or lost.


Sunday, November 6, 2016



I remember this from long ago........

One day I was at the window just looking out and watching the world and people go by.... feeling relaxed and good with the day. That's when all the chores are done, of course, and Mom's already at the kitchen cooking up something for the evening's meal. Oh yes, she always starts early; never on rush mode whenever preparing for the family's meal. 

Well, I was enjoying the view of lush trees at my neighbor's yard across the street ... quite amused by the lively chirping of birds flitting here and there among the branches ... when a group of people came walking by. Men and women in their middle ages and gauging from the chat going on have just come from a meeting at the chapel three blocks away. There was no missing that as they spoke in voices similar to that of teenagers with their voice boxes turned on 'loud' while chatting!

I sat there quite amused though admittedly mildly irritated too as they blew away my calm and peace. Oh well, another day........

So then my attention was riveted to them now. I saw this woman who was vigorously pressing a point she considered very important with hands flailing in the air as she addressed the group. One guy simply smiled and looked away. Another bearded gentleman argued without waiting for her to finish. The silver-haired woman walking beside her with deep frowns on her forehead shook her head slightly in apparent yet unspoken disagreement. Another woman in wedge shoes (I noticed because it looked too heavy for her thin small feet) listened intently behind the woman speaking. While the short heavy-set woman beside her walked poker-faced, not listening, I could see. Dead-ma. And this gentleman a few steps behind them (on purpose I thought) looked at them with or in utter amusement.

I turned towards Mom and said.... "What's with people?! Can't they at least agree to disagree?"

"Hold it there, young lady." she quipped still not leaving the kitchen as she could very well see the street from where she stood. Obviously she noticed what I was seeing outside the window and I was even sure that she caught the loud voices, too. She never misses anything. Are mothers all like that!?!

"Each one in that group is who he or she is because something or someone put it there. There is always some bias... prejudice... preference... judgement... insight... preconceived notion... expectation... perception... experience, or understanding behind every thought, word, or deed coming out from that person.  Those things and more have influenced or shaped that person and will continue to do so for the rest of his life. Perhaps adding some more, both good and bad, as new opportunities and challenges arise.

There is a story in all of us. This is what we're all about.

The exchange you saw were simply the display of responses by every individual in the group each lifted from their individual and personal memory bank of information gathered from day one of life. They respond according to what they know or to what or how they were programmed from birth.

Two things: 

One is the mechanical response. You turn it on like you do a car.... turn the key, it starts, and it runs. The other is the thoughtful response. You turn on your memory bank, sift through the data, select what is appropriate, and set it to work.

Experience will tell you that a well-thought out response will give you an edge of success over a problem. A thought response will help you evaluate the problem better and might even see the solution contained therein. A thought response gives room for creativity and a better-defined course of action."

"Wow! Mom, who wrote that? I'd like to have that book." I exclaimed wide-eyed and impressed.

"Experience." she smiled with a special glint in her eye as she turned back to her cooking. Oh it's a smile I'm familiar with whenever she scores a point. Bigger points, bigger smiles. I get that from her all the time. But you know what, I'll take that smile anytime-anyday-anywhere..! Happily!!
Through the years, she was always there for me. Thanks, Mom!

Love your mothers. Learn well from them

Friday, November 4, 2016


This post is in remembrance of kind hearts and gentle souls who have touched my life through the years.  With their hearts spilling all over the place they gave me a glimpse of rainbows, moonbeams, lovely meadows, heaven, hope and faith where at times there seemed to be none.  They gave me so much with so little. With just being their simple, sincere, and humble selves they showed me and taught me about the beauty of the soul... of life... of the world... of a Magnificent God.

Thank you from my heart to yours.
God bless you.