Wednesday, December 19, 2012


"Everything in life comes to you as a teacher. Pay attention. Learn quickly." 
-- A Cherokee Saying

That's what my Mom would always tell me, too. Further adding, 'much of life is understood from thinking about it well...' One day a friend visited our home. Mom took her into the living room to chat and for some refreshments where I was also doing a bit of reading. I was twelve then. Her friend saw me and commented ... 'she should be out playing...' To which Mom replied with ... 'she enjoys reading and thinks much about what she reads...'  To this her friend said ... 'she thinks too much...'  I heard the conversation from where I sat but I didn't look at them, but from the corner of my eye I saw Mom smile and say.... 'oh she's a good kid and I'm mighty pleased. So all that thinking must be good... Besides she just came in from a kiddie pool party next door...'  Hearing that my heart smiled. I've never stopped thinking from then on. Thanks, Mom!

Our minds are a gift from God. He knows that we need one to go through this life. He knows that many things will happen both the good and the bad to which we should --- analyze... process... evaluate... understand... create and recreate.... and we can't achieve anything of that and more without first passing it through some great thought or thinking. It's as simple as that....  think and use your head. That was God's plan from the beginning ... a smart plan from a wise God.

Again.... Merry Christmas, everyone! God bless!

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Wednesday, December 12, 2012


This is a good morning to start with. Nice warm sun, cloudy skies ( I don't mind it this time because it shields me from the hot rays of the noonday sun which is just a few hours away), a slight breeze, and some birds chirping away also in appreciation of a new blessed day.

Let me ramble on but on this particular line lifted from yesterday's post.....

'...-- see life in its huge tapestry and not just a small thread of it. Appreciate your little corner of it and also in being an integral part of the whole. Respect others who are there too.'

We think in boxes, in compartments. We don't try to go outside the comfortable secure niches we have placed ourselves in. Thus called 'comfort zones'. Seems ideal; looks ideal. Maybe it's ideal... if a life of solitude, distant, unconnected, uninvolved, and isolated is your cup of tea. Just by your lone lonesome disconnected self. But life isn't like that at all. It is not. Actually where it truly counts you won't get to do what you want, at least not from the heart and eyes of God.

Soon enough, like it or not, you will see things happening close to your perimeter or right in your own backyard. And which seriously pushes you to move out for solutions or relief, escape, or even change. There's a Divine plan to that.

When these things happen, it's God telling you .... 'Wake up, child; I didn't create you for you. Because if that was the plan, I wouldn't have bothered to create others more.'

You see, we are simply threads in the huge tapestry of creation and life which God has created. That no matter how weird or unlovable or dysfunctional or loose-jointed we may be to ourselves and to others, we are those very threads running through the tapestry and have its purpose laid down for us from the start. And that purpose is to .....  'love one another as I (God) love you'.

We love with our uniqueness individually or collectively. We care for one another with who we are and what we were born with. We link, intertwine, interweave, and connect with the rest of creatures and creation to create a whole. We need not wait to be made special for the job. The job is already special and our doing it makes us special.

You see, the threads may go helter-skelter, run off the design at times, break at some points, lose shape and color... but still patiently managed by the Divine. Oh you bet He has His ways. Just that we pay good attention and work within the plan of the Supreme Being. And when everything is done, it will be hung up the holy walls of heaven as God looks at the final work with a huge pleased smile and say ......... 'EXCELLENT JOB!'

To my blog friends, God bless you..... be blessed, stay blessed, and be a blessing to others. Have a lovely day!

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Monday, December 10, 2012


And now the dust is slowly settling down and we are back to our normal lives. Or trying to. Many thoughts have come to my mind throughout these past events. This particular and final episode in the life of my brother was mercifully short. This is where you get to understand how God truly is a God of mercy and love.

As I sit alone by myself I began to gather these thoughts .. sorting them out to make some sense of it or discern lessons where there might be. Stuff which I've heard long ago through my Mom, but here it is again as a gentle nudge lest it be forgotten. Useful in our everyday lives I'm sure. Here they are as written by the heart......

--LIFE is short so don't waste time on foolishness and non-essential things. It's not a forever thing. Remember, life is a candle in the hands of the Divine.

-- LAUGH when the moment asks you to; in fact, have many such moments of laughter and joy. Live.. love.. laugh!

-- TELL someone you love.. 'I love you' ..a thousand times each day. Say it... say it... SAY it!!!

-- treasure your FAMILY no matter their imperfections. Only a family will and can stand by you through thick and thin.

-- COMMUNICATE.. speak.. talk; people are not mind readers.

-- KNOW when a moment comes whether it is your moment or not. Sometimes the event is not at all about you no matter how it may seem to be... but of someone else or of someone you love. Respond properly and accordingly.

-- DON'T make room for half-hearted choices or decisions. Clarity avoids confusion or distress.

-- when God asks you to grow -- that's what you should do... GROW.

-- BELIEVE in the power of PRAYER.

-- SEEK and see blessings with a prayerful and grateful heart.

-- PAY kindness forward. Just do it!

-- SEE life in its huge tapestry and not just a small thread of it. Appreciate your little corner of it and also being an integral part of the whole. Respect others who are there too.

-- GOD never fails. God is hope.

..... and many more.

Blessings to everyone! Have a happy week.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012



I now have lost a brother and his family lost a husband and father. He passed last December 01 after fighting a fierce battle with cancer at Cardinal Santos Hospital. May I humbly request my friends in the blog for prayers for the eternal repose of his soul.

Thank you. Blessings to you all.

 (Won't be around for a few days. Back soon.)