Thursday, June 29, 2017


Have read this somewhere and it's a good line to remember too, especially good to tell a friend who now is feeling quite down in the dumps with her bland boring day... thinking that life is just one heavy stack of tough luck. And believes that there’s nothing else one can do about the situation. 

Well, I hope that she's reading this now because that line tells us that we need not look far and wide because we can indeed hope to turn things around. 

How? With our innate and inherent -- creativity. 

If you’ll ask Mr. Webster, he’ll tell you that the word is about – ingenuity, cunning, intelligence, inventiveness, cleverness, resourcefulness, and imagination.

Wow! We’re all that!? And it’s right here in our hands to work out something better for ourselves!? That's Wow!! 

So who’s been telling us all this time that it’s out there whatever-it-is that we need to be or have to make good in life? Doesn't he understand that 'out there' is nothing compared to what's 'in here' --- in us, in you, in every breathing living person on this perceived 'supposedly cursed' planet?! 

So why do we persistently think or behave otherwise? Why instead do we spend so much time bewailing the difficulty of our days and times when it isn’t really so hopeless and dire as we perceive it to be? Who’s been pulling the wool over our eyes now?! 

We can actually do something about bad days and bad lives; change alter or transform it -----from poverty to immense wealth of-and-in experiences, or challenges, opportunities, riches, learning, and wisdom. And this is not just all about the material. Sure it does not happen overnight (I struggled with it, I know - 'been there-done that' .. besides good doesn't come easy), but when you decide to get on that road decisively.... you will sooner or later certainly get where you want to go.

Why not give that a thought, my good friend? And while you’re at it, think about this --- 

We are indeed ‘creators’ as we are created in the image of God – THE CREATOR of all things then and now, visible and invisible! Yup, heard that before, right? But it's true. Remember our catechism? Yup, they started us early on that. It's His Will that we should and do something for ourselves, too. He knows it'll be good for us. And if you know your God, you'll know this to be true. 

So why not give life our best shot? Besides, don't you think that life is short to waste it with buckets of tears? 

And in spite of this you still think you can't ... I might as well bonk you on the head with a block of ice. The hot weather must be affecting your brain, dear friend! C'mon, shake yourself (harder please) and get back into the groove again.  

Tuesday, June 27, 2017


Here’s a little story….

At the center of admiring friends all applauding his achievement, the man glowed with pride and satisfaction even more so as he gazed at his work and creation and spoke… ‘I did this all by myself!’

My old friend and teacher stood next to me watching the proceedings at the side lines. I noticed his amused smile when he said in a small voice… 

“Well, if your focus is on the I-Me-My-Mine of things it would certainly look like you did it all by yourself indeed.” 

Then he looked at me and said…. ‘But you know, we know, that it’s a narrow way of looking at it because there is something greater than you. Much greater!” 

I looked back at him with tweaked interest for what he was going to say next. He smiled knowingly and continued….

“This something which many may not see or understand (or choose to ignore) has packed-in all the things needed or might be needed for this life journey. If you can understand this, know that one’s brilliance, power, resources, prowess or maneuvers, or genius is no match to it. Human effort, strength, and energy would fail dismally even if it tried. In fact, your very existence may be reduced to dust if it so decides.

You see, you didn’t get to where you are right now or will be if God didn’t start you there or won’t start you on that road first.  Everything that you see, touch, hear, and feel first started with God’s creation, with the work of His hands and His all-knowing wisdom. And then man learned to harness raw matter, recreate it, explore it, build it, expand upon talent -- and finally everything became all these inventions and man-made things which make our lives easier and comfortable. 

All that man created began with God-created first. 

GOD made you. 

So how can you say that -- I did this all by myself?”

Then he quietly walked away, without turning his head said --- “I’ll see you in class Monday.”

He left me with my thoughts.

(Thanks to the internet for this amazing quote and image.)

Wednesday, June 21, 2017


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Good morning, friends!
I found myself thinking these thoughts this morning ... re MARAWI

We are in big trouble. Marawi City (in Mindanao) seems to be far from us here in Luzon but it can get to us. The trouble in Marawi can pose a huge threat to the rest of the country and essentially to our freedom. That is the truth and the uneasy reality of the whole thing.

So the government is trying to contain it but the goal is to eliminate it. And why martial law in Mindanao was declared and why our soldiers are there fighting the visible and invisible enemy.

Their job, sure, but we have our jobs too as citizens of this country. We cannot just sit on the fence and watch the action akin to our sitting inside a theater watching an action movie while munching on popcorn with a cola on one hand.

This is serious business.

So what can the rest of us do? What can ordinary Filipino citizens do? Let's think about it.

Maybe we can..................

-- Raise up notches higher awareness of patriotic and nationalistic pride. - This is our country and the only one we've got. We belong here. This is our land and our culture. God's gift to us.

------ Be pro-active towards problems and issues assailing our country and our people. - The country's problem is the problem of every citizen who live, breathe the air, swim the seas, walk the meadows and mountains, and fly the skies. Whatever happens to it concerns us all. We can help; we can if we put our minds to it. No to 'kibit-balikat lang' ..... Yes to 'may magagawa ako para tumulong; sa maliit o malaking paraan may magaggawa ako'.

------ Cast aside our political views in times of national strife. - No matter our geographical divisions as a group of islands comprising the whole... no matter the diversity of the many peoples inhabiting the many regions... no matter the differences of insights and opinions... no matter the differences of religions and beliefs... no matter the division of the rich and the poor..... we must act as a whole to address the common good. (To quote Malen: 'Hey guys! Let's set aside our political views muna😊' )

------ Be supportive of one another in good times and in bad whenever the country needs it.

And our country needs it NOW!!
Our president needs it NOW!!
Our soldiers need it NOW!!
Our future depends on what we do... TODAY!!

God blesses and watches over you..... everybody. In Christ. 

Wednesday, June 14, 2017


This morning....... I had an early call from a good friend and along with it a long list of misery and unhappiness. Younger than me by a few years but old enough to own a senior citizen card, she bemoans her life and everything that’s in it. Except her children and grandchildren, but of course typically the doting parent and grandmother that she is. . We each have our stories, our history. She has hers. This time she’s feeling old and sad. Well, we chatted for a bit, until she had to go back to her morning chores and I went back to mine.
She reminded me of a neighbor and a post written a year ago. Here it is…….

With the sun shining warm and bright, puttering in my tiny pot garden on the patio was pleasurable made even more so when a tiny cool breeze came blowing my way. I was in the middle of trimming dried-up branches in one pot when a neighbor living just across the street strode down casually to the side of the patio facing the street and happily extended an invitation to her birthday party on Sunday which she’d rather call her Thanksgiving Party. She further added that she’s so grateful to be 75 and healthy. Indeed Amen to that! Bless her and do have many more!

50, 60, 75 or beyond ... admittedly it is that time in life when everybody, both young and old alike regard you derisively, condescendingly, patronizingly, sarcastically, mockingly, irreverently......‘old’. It means just one thing to them --- old... and that to them means shriveled, bland, boring, useless, ugly, and irritating to their perceived landscape of life and living. Really some people can be both mean and cruel sometimes. That is sad.

Allow me to say something.....

Well, I think they just do not understand. A good friend once cheerfully said ….... 'It’s not how they look, it’s what they have made of themselves. It's essence not form, mi amiga!'. .....So then never mind the aching bones, the weak joints, the slowness, the failing eyesight or hearing, the pills nestling permanently in one’s pocket-bag-drawer, and the embarrassing memory lapses. All that and more is just the natural physical journey of the human body.

Rather it's what or how a person has made of himself or created for himself from the snippets of life presented to him that truly defines the person and his life. There is something special in 'old'. Here's why…

It is special....... have better learned to consider a fellow being as an equal and loved by the same God. To see him not only through human eyes but through the heart of God and thus understand the struggle, burden, misery or pain behind those sad eyes. And then quickly shoot off a prayer to the heavens above which in turn creates a grace-filled path leading back to that person. It’s special because you have understood well. have better learned to act kindly and patiently towards the young whose brazen and foolhardy behavior often get on your nerves. And instead seek to help, enlighten, uncover their potential, unobtrusively train them into the way that they should go, as designed by a good God. It’s special because you have learned to understand the young as they should be understood. Been there-done that.
. have better learned to accept life with both the good and the bad in it, to have understood that both are requisites for growth. That failing can be a stepping stone to greater success. It's okay to make mistakes, too, but not over and over again. Perfection is not the goal; excellence is. It’s special because you have learned to move in step with the music of life’s universal dance and essentially to God’s design for your life. . have better learned to be friends with the sun, moon, stars, trees, seas, rivers, oceans, and the animals of land-sea-air, all the seasons and its changes and that you have a part in its preservation and continuance. It is special because you have understood your role as a steward of God’s work. have better learned to separate the wheat from the chaff, to recognize those of true value in the midst of those things which only serve no good thing but waste. It is special because you have gained the ability to peel off unnecessary layers or masks which hide truth. Truth is and always will be the better choice. have better learned that everything in life passes through heaven’s doors. Joy, sorrow, misery, success, failure, laughter, tears, and fear --- all can find its solution – hope – inspiration – comfort and consolation when it is passed through faithful prayer. It’s special because you have understood very well that nothing is or will be without GOD.

If we can be masters at one, at least, then life's journey would be a gem and truly worthwhile. For then we have served some greater purpose. By God's design.

Old is a journey we all take. None exempted. Better to create or recreate it to be the best years of our life yet. We can still be so much more. Blessings from on high. Living it well is our gift back to God.

So then here’s for a ‘Happy Birthday’ to anyone and everyone who may be celebrating a birthday today or in the days ahead before the year ends. Don’t count the years in numbers but in how much and how well you have lived and learned. That is by God's intent and design.

Blessings to you all! In Christ.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017


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If there is anything I, in my humble capacity, would encourage you to do... for yourself and for the world ----- it's to give. And give generously. Not so much materially. Oh but if you can afford it, please do so. But what I truly meant was ---- give of ... YOU!

At this point in our lives, at 40.. 50.. or older, we may have most everything in the I-Me-My-Mine of life already sated or settled. Now life may be subtly coaching or coaxing us to look outwardly, away from the 'self', and more on to others and to the bigger arena called the world. I say subtly because it is 'something that is hard to detect or that is not standing out or bold'. To quote Mr. Webster.

We may not notice it or sense it perhaps but it's there. A nagging presence, a biting dissatisfaction, a tinge of frustration or disillusionment about a lot of things in our world, outer or external world, which does not even concern us personally (or so we may think).

But translated in one word or phrase --- it is asking for 'something' from you and me. This 'something' may or could be the only thread that perhaps could or would keep it going in a crazy or tough world or life. And it's trying to find it in --- you, me, us. It may not or cannot say it out right... but it is sending out feelers, desperate feelers, directly or indirectly. But are we paying attention?

Like it or not we all stand connected. What happens to the other guy on the other side of the neighborhood could happen to you and me. What happens to places in other parts of the world could happen in our own turf. What happens to the world will affect everybody... everything.... touching our worlds within and without.

The next question would probably be ..."What can I give?"

If we think of great or grander expressions or responses, sure we can. In fact, there will be opportunities to do so and some of us in magnificent manner will respond gallantly. All good.

But stripped of that, we will find ourselves down to the simple ordinary puny individual and persons that we all are ..walking the face of the earth shoulder to shoulder.

So then ..."What can we give?"
And there is only one response to that --- give of ourselves.

As a line from an old song goes..... let me count the ways ---

Give with who you are and what you may have in your god-given-talent or skills... (Let's cast the material stuff aside in this one. Yes, it has its uses, too).

--- inspiration, hope, courage, compassion, empathy, encouragement, responsibility, good character, excellent values, kindness, humor and laughter, brotherhood and camaraderie, gentle hearts, sympathy, trust, faith, loyalty, friendship, talents in dancing - poetry - writing - sewing - acting - painting - teaching - healing - etc, ..... excellent skills in carpentry - house design - landscape gardening - pet care - care giving - leadership - organization - policing - etc.

At this point of our lives, life is not all about I-Me-My-Mine... anymore. Life is now seeing your fellow brother, sister, friend, or even enemy with the eyes of your heart. Respond to life with what it is and not necessarily with what you want it to be. Life is what it is; so is the world. Change will not come unless change begins with you. Give the best of who you are. You don't have to be qualified to give. Already you are, by God's design. And you begin with one small brave step at a time... one day at a time... over and over ... repeatedly ...for the rest of your life.

Give generously with who you are. That, I believe, is God's plan for the world. God's plan for you, me ... everybody.

God bless you with everything you may need for a blessed life. In Christ.

Sunday, June 4, 2017


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Thoughts Slid Into My Mind
And My Heart Responded

I may have wanted things moving faster today to get to the point I wanted to get to pronto. I wanted things to happen fast.... progress quicker..... and move along without delay.

But no, it would not do that. At least not today.

Instead today I was made to be still and watch the clouds go by..... listen to a gentle breeze blowing..... catch a yellow butterfly flit quickly by my window..... hear the chatter of humans going about the clutter of their day..... listen to a beautiful melody on the radio..... share smiles with friendly neighbors walking by my house..... and listen to my heartbeat saying "Be still."

So I did.

It took much effort because I was weary, exasperated, and drained by the slowness of the day..... of life.

And I met God. He asked me this question.....
"Why do you fret and worry?"

I replied, "There is so much to worry about. Life is not funny. I respond to it in the only way I know how. How else can I not be?"

He smiled and softly said, "Try responding with a little bit more of faith."

And added with a noticeable tiny yet gentle reproach.....
"Be still, my child, and know that I am God."

Indeed God is there even in the slowness of the day or hour. You will find Him when you seek Him with your heart.