Wednesday, June 21, 2017


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Good morning, friends!
I found myself thinking these thoughts this morning ... re MARAWI

We are in big trouble. Marawi City (in Mindanao) seems to be far from us here in Luzon but it can get to us. The trouble in Marawi can pose a huge threat to the rest of the country and essentially to our freedom. That is the truth and the uneasy reality of the whole thing.

So the government is trying to contain it but the goal is to eliminate it. And why martial law in Mindanao was declared and why our soldiers are there fighting the visible and invisible enemy.

Their job, sure, but we have our jobs too as citizens of this country. We cannot just sit on the fence and watch the action akin to our sitting inside a theater watching an action movie while munching on popcorn with a cola on one hand.

This is serious business.

So what can the rest of us do? What can ordinary Filipino citizens do? Let's think about it.

Maybe we can..................

-- Raise up notches higher awareness of patriotic and nationalistic pride. - This is our country and the only one we've got. We belong here. This is our land and our culture. God's gift to us.

------ Be pro-active towards problems and issues assailing our country and our people. - The country's problem is the problem of every citizen who live, breathe the air, swim the seas, walk the meadows and mountains, and fly the skies. Whatever happens to it concerns us all. We can help; we can if we put our minds to it. No to 'kibit-balikat lang' ..... Yes to 'may magagawa ako para tumulong; sa maliit o malaking paraan may magaggawa ako'.

------ Cast aside our political views in times of national strife. - No matter our geographical divisions as a group of islands comprising the whole... no matter the diversity of the many peoples inhabiting the many regions... no matter the differences of insights and opinions... no matter the differences of religions and beliefs... no matter the division of the rich and the poor..... we must act as a whole to address the common good. (To quote Malen: 'Hey guys! Let's set aside our political views muna😊' )

------ Be supportive of one another in good times and in bad whenever the country needs it.

And our country needs it NOW!!
Our president needs it NOW!!
Our soldiers need it NOW!!
Our future depends on what we do... TODAY!!

God blesses and watches over you..... everybody. In Christ. 


  1. I do not know about the problem but could gather it is a menace to all regions.The patriotic fervour in your appeal to all fellow citizens is loud and clear.

    1. My country is divided into three major islands -- Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. Martial law has been declared in the third island of Mindanao. This to contain the threat of terrorism from the Maute muslim group of rebels (perceived to be tied up with ISIS) who attacked the city of Marawi... and further eliminate it in the shortest possible time.

      Thank you, KP. I hope many would pay attention and understand. With that understanding be moved to positive action against the threat of bad hanging over our heads.

      Thanks for dropping by. God bless you.

  2. Thank you so much Ellen for this article, may our brother and sister, shall give attention to this. Let us support our President for this battle, let us pray together for peace. May our God in heaven shall protect our country and we as Filipinos shall unite and support our dear president tatay Digong, our soldiers, AFP, Airforece, Marines, PNP and those who fights for our country. May God mercy shall be with our country, and healed the heart of those families affected especially the family of our heroes who died fighting for our country.

    1. Hi Star-chuu,

      Those are wonderful words you have written. Thank you for sharing your own thoughts on Marawi. It's precious. We stand together --- so let it be our rallying call as a country and people.

      Thank you for dropping by and for your comment. May God bless you and your family.


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