Thursday, February 18, 2010


One thing is sure -- you will get a gorgeous view of Boracay's sunset right there on the beach. That's what I did (for the three days we were there).... I would sit on the beach, feet playfully sifting the cool sand, and my eyes keenly looking out at the distant horizon waiting for old Sol as she got ready to exit the day. I watched with greater interest and anticipation as the skies prepared itself setting the stage for the Grand Dame's performance.

And Lo! the show began. I was not disappointed, not at all. Here recorded in all of her glory -- magnificently different everyday with beauty unsurpassed -- are the many faces of the royal sunset of Boracay Island.

Do you know what a sunset tells me? It tells me that life is okay, that we can survive the many pitfalls strewn our way, that we need not bash our heads trying to figure out what to do because it always gets solved in the end one way or another by us or something or someone or Somebody up there, that we get more results with a jar of patience than with a huge truck of hustling and bustling until our heads and hearts hurt, and that when the chips are down let's trust in our inner strength hope and faith to make it one more day. Just one more day -- that can make a whole lot of difference. Anything is possible, so give yourself that one more day - Mom would always tell me that. Looking at a sunset always makes me cry.... not because I feel sorry for myself but because I know that like the glorious sunset I too am going to rest my soul for the night .... and too like old Sol will rise in the early morn and shine brilliantly so much more than ever before. Then I would see Mom smiling approvingly at me riding on the colors of a magnificent sunset. This time the royal sunset of Boracay Island.

Note: In the next 'ish.. family time :-)

Monday, February 15, 2010

BORACAY FAMILY HOLIDAY - Strolling down the beachfront

We arrived at Boracay Island late afternoon -- at last! We were dropped off by the resort shuttle at the beachfront and our guide walked us to our hotel (The Club Manila East), passing through many shops clustered in an area called 'DMall'. In our room we hastily deposited our backpacks and rushed back outside eagerly to catch up with the slowly ebbing daylight. And the first thing that I did was get unto the sandy shore, took off my sandals, and felt the sand. Oh wow! clean white sand, fine as powder and amazingly cool under my ecstatic feet.

'C'mon, guys, let's check out the place and find ourselves some dinner.' called Christine. And off we went down the long sandy stretch filling our eyes with the sights and sounds of the Boracay beachfront. I must admit my head was swirling on overload taking in everything I saw. Hotels to suit any budget, same with restaurants, coffee shops, token - trinket - souvenir shops, tattoo shops, massage shops, fruits, shells for accessories, wide brimmed sun hats, shops inviting you to snorkel - dive - surf - sail - banana boat ride - paragliding too. Also the ATV (All terrain vehicle) which I'll tell you about later -- my first ATV experience.

My daughters, camera freaks that they are, took pictures, of course. I've chosen from the bunch for this particular segment those pictures which I think would initially interest a traveler. The rest of the pictures will come in later posts. So here they are.

What a lovely day! That last picture --- We're off to dinner and starving. Yet with grateful hearts we say 'Thank you, God, for such a fantastic day.' Okay guys, that ends the story for today. More in the next 'ish. :-)

Saturday, February 13, 2010


From the Aklan airport to the jetty port is a two-hour bus ride running through good roads, several towns, scenic green fields and lush mountains, and a bridge spanning over a gentle river its waters glistening in the sun as it flowed out to the welcoming sea. Lovely view except that my b__ felt stiff sitting that long. No stop breaks so I gave up on the hope of stretching my stiff back and legs. Turning round to the other passengers I could see that they had settled to sleeping out the long journey in their quite comfy seats. Oh okay, so that's how you do it but I'm not you guys.. so I purposely shifted my position every now and then in my seat just to get the circulation going there. But truth is -- it didn't really bother me much because I honestly had a lovely time with the fascinating view passing swiftly by. Yeah, that's how fast our bus was going. Lols! Finally we arrived at our destination -- the Catiklan Jetty Port and Passenger Terminal. And on to the next leg or last part of our journey to the island. - If the bus ride took us all of two long hours... this motorized boat ride was an exhilarating 15 minutes journey over mild deep blue waters, cool sea breeze messing up your hair, clear azure skies, and such breathtaking scenery. Oh let the pictures tell you all about it.

And the last picture there shows our ride which took us to the resort. All throughout the long journey I begun to realize that we never really had time together like this after their father passed away two years ago. I felt a fleeting sense of sadness. But I guess one does not get to have everything one wants in life. Yet God in his great goodness sends something to make up for the lack and to fill one's heart with deep joy. Maybe not comparable to preferred dreams but certainly one you can say is the best. God sure knows how to give. I'll bet my last peso on that one! :-)

Note: In the next 'ish --- Boracay Island Family Holiday