Monday, February 1, 2010


It was just an ordinary afternoon -- warm, breezy but it felt right for a walk. So I told my daughter to stop whatever it was she was doing in the kitchen and come with me. We dressed and put on our rubbers and hied off to our one hour of escape... she from her chores and me from my reading.

Out on the street to begin our first leg of the 'journey' we looked up at the sky as we would always do to check for rain. Oh but it was such a lovely sky -- the clearest of blue and cotton-like clouds traipsing across the wide azure expanse. We literally basked in its glorious beauty.

Then we walked. Finishing one block of our huge neighborhood and rounding the first corner we were met by two barking dogs trying to run us off like we had stepped on forbidden ground -- their ground. But we paid them no mind. My daughter herself said Hi! to one which apparently was caught by surprise and left bewildered. We both caught that expression and laughed with great amusement. I'll give it to her -- she knows dogs.

Then the walk took us to higher ground and thick foliage seen lining the right side of the road while opposite it were rows of houses. Nothing new there, seen them many times before in other walks.

But not when you see Mother Nature.....

Exquisite flowers wild and free. A rust colored leaf softly drifting down from a tree. The new sound of birds' song filling the air. The interplay of light and shadow on leafy branches here and there. Or the grace of a clingy vine rising up the gnarled bark of an old majestic tree. Always she gives us new reason for falling in love with her again and again you'll agree.

And my daughter saw these with her eyes. She lost no time to record each discovery with her phone-cam taking countless pictures while I stood by watching. Then I thought if she can see and appreciate beauty from ordinary settings then I know that it won't be difficult for her to see good where good can be found whatever the circumstance. It is important for her to learn this.

As it was getting close to sunset we decided to head back to the house. It was at the last incline before walking down and back to our street that my daughter called my attention and excitedly pointed to a glorious sunset on the far horizon.

Ablaze with the brilliant colors of red-orange-yellow it was one of the loveliest sunsets I have ever seen. It took our breaths away standing there gazing enthralled at such a magnificent display. Until the sun finally bid adieu and made its graceful exit home. Thus the afternoon walk came to an end. With hearts full we walked back home content and happy..... and so in love with Mother Nature once again.

(Pictures courtesy of my daughter)


  1. Is this prose in poetry or poetry in prose? Either way it is delectable.You hv written with magical charm as ever an ordinary evening walk amidst the natures abundance and glory that God always endows us all with.I wish you both savour daily this experience sans the dog menace.But Amchit would hv them won over soon though you may be still their target!!

  2. Hi KP,

    Oh my, such a nice comment! I'll take that as a wonderful compliment from you. Thank you so much. :-)

    hahah yeah, am beginning to suspect it's me they (dogs) want lols! I guess I have to learn quick Amchit's way with dogs. :-)

    Thanks for coming by.
    Take care. Blessings to you and your family.

  3. Hi Elen,
    Nice post. You seem to have a nice neighborhood. You have drawn the picture of it very well.

    I am slightly taken up with office work so I don't get to visit your blog very often nowadays.

    But it's always refreshing to visit your blog. I always may not have a great deal to say after reading a blog but I do enjoy them. The food pictures you have posted are nice too.

  4. Hi Indra,

    You know what, it's enough that you take time whenever you can to drop by. That alone is such a delight for me. And whatever you write as a message is enough to bring a smile to my face. :-)

    Oh but work is fine, just don't forget to squeeze in time to smell the roses, so to speak. lols!

    Take care.
    Tons of blessings to you and yours.

  5. Dear Ellen,

    Oh My it has been so long since being here. What a breath of fresh air reading your post as always. My life has been caught up in getting caught up. Moving to Ohio and beginning anew has certainly been an adventure. Yet I never cease to find the time to rest in the arms of love.God has been holding my hand throughout all trials and tribulations.

    Through this walk my marriage is being healed, my broken heart and mind are on the mend as well as my husbands. Many transitions are happening but through them all the beauty remains my focus.Each day is an adventure of learning more about me, learning much more how to handle life situations with grace and ease as never before.

    My living conditions have improved so much that I actually am in love with this new life that I have been blessed with. We do not have much in the material world but we have so much more on a personal level that far surpasses any material gain we may acquire.

    I have yet to post about this incredible life that we have been blessed with as I am still basking in the presence of God and Love which envelopes us each and every day. At first I thought that it was simply because I am getting older but I see that it is so much more than that. Yes age does play a big part but it is the change in heart that is doing all of the work.

    Thanks for posting your thoughts and feelings. It is so nice to sit back for a moment and get lost in your writings. Remembering just how blessed we all are.

    I do pray that you continue to be blessed along with each of your family members. Always remain you Ellen there are none like you and all who are blessed to have you as a friend are being blessed by you.

    Take Care Always

    Loving You Always


  6. I love your nature walks. Mother Nature is a beauty. A wonder to behold. I like your site and the photos of your family. Very lovely space you have here : )

  7. That was a wonderful post..amazingly enchanting. I love wild flowers..theres something in them that gives one a sense of belonging....doesnt mean Im wild lol!!But these flowers are just so carefree, beautiful, simple, free of the claustophbic thoughts, smeared with a desire to touch the sky..thanks for giving me something to think about :)
    Have a great day!!!

  8. Dear Dearest Berverly,

    It is indeed an incredible life and you, my dear friend, an incredible lady. You have gone through so much and yet it has not defeated your spirit. Praise God for a wonderful human being as you. I admire you for not giving up, for learning as best as you can with what is placed on your tray, and for not allowing life's tests and trials to break you.

    You're my hero. A shining example of courage strength and faith.

    God bless you, dearest one.

  9. WELCOME, the Write Girl!

    So glad to see you here in my blog home. Thank you for appreciating the blog and putting a smile on my face today. I needed that! lols! :-)

    Blessings of joy and peace to you and yours.

  10. Hi Sana,

    Oh this is lovely --- "..But these flowers are just so carefree, beautiful, simple, free of the claustrophobic thoughts, smeared with a desire to touch the sky.." I so agree with you! They are such lovely feast for tired eyes and weary souls, don't you think? :-):-)

    Thanks for this visit, Sana, and for your lovely message. Take care. God bless you and your family.

  11. Take a dab of colours from the sunflowers and mellow them with the fanciful flight of the mighty imagination of a child and mix it with the dreams granted by the our mother divine and what have you, but nature in its true pristine bliss.

    Thnx for coming by Ellen, May god bless you:-)

  12. Hi Khalid,

    I like what you wrote -- "..Take a dab of colours from the sunflowers and mellow them with the fanciful flight of the mighty imagination of a child .." :-) Wonderful!

    Thank you for the pleasure of your visit. Wish you a blessed day and week ahead.

  13. Ellen,

    Very nice description of what you observed while on relaxed walk with subtle message that one can always see good under any circumstances. Too true. Nature offers such nice beauty every time no matter how often one may have traversed that route but we are most of the time in a hurry to get where we are headed to notice such magnificient gifts.

    Take care

  14. How beautifully you have said it >> -- "Nature offers such nice beauty every time no matter how often one may have traversed that route but we are most of the time in a hurry to get where we are headed to notice such magnificient gifts."

    And why we should learn to stop and pay attention to Mother Nature as she speaks to us everytime.

    Thanks, Jack, for this wonderful visit. Always glad to see you and your wisdom notes. God bless.


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