Monday, February 15, 2010

BORACAY FAMILY HOLIDAY - Strolling down the beachfront

We arrived at Boracay Island late afternoon -- at last! We were dropped off by the resort shuttle at the beachfront and our guide walked us to our hotel (The Club Manila East), passing through many shops clustered in an area called 'DMall'. In our room we hastily deposited our backpacks and rushed back outside eagerly to catch up with the slowly ebbing daylight. And the first thing that I did was get unto the sandy shore, took off my sandals, and felt the sand. Oh wow! clean white sand, fine as powder and amazingly cool under my ecstatic feet.

'C'mon, guys, let's check out the place and find ourselves some dinner.' called Christine. And off we went down the long sandy stretch filling our eyes with the sights and sounds of the Boracay beachfront. I must admit my head was swirling on overload taking in everything I saw. Hotels to suit any budget, same with restaurants, coffee shops, token - trinket - souvenir shops, tattoo shops, massage shops, fruits, shells for accessories, wide brimmed sun hats, shops inviting you to snorkel - dive - surf - sail - banana boat ride - paragliding too. Also the ATV (All terrain vehicle) which I'll tell you about later -- my first ATV experience.

My daughters, camera freaks that they are, took pictures, of course. I've chosen from the bunch for this particular segment those pictures which I think would initially interest a traveler. The rest of the pictures will come in later posts. So here they are.

What a lovely day! That last picture --- We're off to dinner and starving. Yet with grateful hearts we say 'Thank you, God, for such a fantastic day.' Okay guys, that ends the story for today. More in the next 'ish. :-)


  1. Wow.It is a sumptuous feast of pictures bringing alive the magic and beauty of the place.The pics are sharp and cover many interesting spots.These made up for the short but crisp narration. I hope the weather was salubrious.Looking forward eagerly to the succeeding posts

  2. Hi KP,

    You've done it again -- being first in the blog. :-) Thank you for your nice comment. Glad to know that you enjoyed the pictures of Boracay. There're more coming up in the succeeding post (or posts). I hope that someday you would choose Boracay Island too as your vacation destination with your family. I'm sure that you will truly enjoy your stay... as I have enjoyed it with my children.

    Have a good week and God bless.

  3. Hello! Thanks for visiting my blog today - thought I'd return the compliment. I enjoyed seeing your drawings in particular, as I once spent five years at art college. You weild a mean pencil!

  4. Dear Ellen,
    Felt like feeling the sand under the feet an dto roll down the sand.
    lovely pictures and they spoke stories of your trip.
    Wishing you a happy stay,

  5. WELCOME, Jinksy! :-)

    Yes, I have enjoyed my visit to your interesting blog. So pleased to see you here now. Thank you for your visit and for liking the drawings. :-) Take care and have a blessed day. God bless you and your family.

  6. Hello, Anu! :-)

    Oh you would certainly love frolicking on the white cool sands and clear waters! It was truly a lovely vacation with family. :-) Thank you for coming by and I wish you too a lovely day. God bless you.

  7. Hey Ellen,
    Really sorry, couldnt keep track of your posts , got a bit busy , but read all of them today!
    Loved what youve the place and the beautiful scenic views :)
    Thanks a ton for sharing!Have left my comments for other posts too :)
    Have a great time!

  8. Dear dear Sana,

    don't apologize for anything at all cos I know how life can keep us mortals so busy with lots of things. Lols! It's a relentless task master. :-) But am so delighted that inspite of your hectic day or days, you found the time to come over and view the blog and leave me wonderful messages. Thank you. I remember a very nice quote which says -- 'the person who takes time for you is the one you can call --- friend'. :-) May God bless you with his grace, love, and happiness.

  9. where are my gorgeous pics? these are all about boracay. hehehe. let's go back! this time we'll stay at station 1 so that we can sleep soundly. hahaha! darn that club beside our hotel. hmp. or better yet, we'll do more clubbing next time! hahaha! where's friday? the cute resident of boracay. :) i miss the papaya shake and mango yoghurt square. haay. we NEED to go back. :)

  10. where are my gorgeous pics? these are all about boracay! hehehe. another trip should be in the works. we'll stay at station 1 next time so that we'll be able to sleep! darn that club beside our hotel. hmp.

    where's friday? the cute resident of boracay? :) i miss the papaya shake and the mango yoghurt square and the breakfast at real coffee. haay. we NEED to go back! you also need to do another round of ATV. :) glad you enjoyed the vacation! malen and i are great vacation planners. hehehe. love you!

  11. Hey Elen,
    I must admit I am feeling very envious of you. You seem to be having a great time in these pictures. Great pics - looking forward to more pics and words.

  12. It seems like you had a great time in Boracay :) I've never been there yet. I'd like to feel the fine sand beneath my feet too! :)

  13. once again, very good pictures. And memories too.

  14. sand... a lot of sand.... yeaaaa... like to go there someday.... mere words cannot express the beauty of Boracay.... :)

  15. Oo nga, Tina, the all night long partying at the next door bar gave me a hard time sleeping. :-) But 'twas an experience that's part and parcel of Boracay.

    Ah okay, your gorgeous pic (sez who? lols), the papaya shake, the mango yogurt square, and Friday the cute resident of Boracay --those pictures will come in the next post. :-) :-)

  16. Hi Indra,

    Yup, it was indeed such a great time with the family. The place was simply gorgeous. You'll get more pics and words Lols! in the next post. See you around!

  17. Hi Kikit,

    Oh you will love it I'm sure! Have that on your wish list. :-) Thanks for dropping by. God bless!

  18. Hi LostPatrol,

    Great to see you! Another round of pictures is underway. Just about done with Boracay memories in one or two posts. Thanks for your wonderful visit. God bless!

  19. Hi Sharin,

    But of course... and bring your camera! You'll have a holiday of photo shoots on about anything. Lols! Thanks for coming by. God bless!

  20. Envy & Happiness - both for you. The post is a temptation for vaccations & holidays!!

    Good to see the pics...and here's wishing you and your family..many more such holidays :-)

    Keep Smiling

  21. Hi Jigyasa! Delighted to see you. :-) Oh yes, the post was meant to nudge everyone to take a vacation -- that which has so long been planned, shelved, procrastinated on, and yet never carried out. Lols!

    Thanks for your wonderful wish for me and my family. :-)

    Likewise I wish for your family and too tons of blessings for a good life.

  22. Lovely photos, where did you stay in boracay, is it good facilities there????

    Tanya Gemarin

  23. Hello Tanya,

    Welcome to the blog! Let's chat in facebook. Yes indeed, Boracay Island is simply gorgeous. Loved and immensely enjoyed our vacation there! :-)

    Thanks for dropping by.
    Take care and God bless.


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