Thursday, February 11, 2010


The voice told us to get ready to board Philippine Air Lines flight no. 323 bound for Kalibo, Aklan. My family and I were on the first leg of our journey to Boracay Island for our big family holiday -- all of four days! I was already running images in my mind of the sun, sea, sand feeling the excitement gurgling through my veins followed by the quick rush of anticipation of lovely times waiting for us ahead.

Inside the plane, after tucking in our backpacks in the bins overhead we then settled into our seats. My daughters understandingly let me have the window seat. But of course even if they didn't I would use my maternal authority to wrest that privilege from them and have that priced seat for myself. Selfish old lady! hahahah.. But I wouldn't miss that for the world.. and we all knew it. Lovely kids!

After the usual checking and instructions by the crew, the plane taxied on to the runway and poised itself for take-off. I took a glance at the sky above and said to it --- 'I'm coming to you, be ready for me.' Then the engines roared to life and like a huge dragon spitting out fiery energy balls it thrust us forward and lifted us up - higher and higher - and off to the gorgeous blue highway at 26,000 feet.

Clouds! In different sizes and shapes. I could also say colors but this time it was only white, pure white. And cruising at this height there was nothing for you to see but white clouds and the blue sky yonder. Taking my eyes away from the window for a bit, I looked at the long row of seats ahead. We have a full house in this flight I thought and the flight stewards were busy with serving snacks to passengers. Most of the passengers seemed to doze off apparently already bored by the sight outside.

Bored! So okay I turned back to the window and got ready to be bored too myself. But couldn't. Out there I saw bustling cities of clouds, skyscrapers of clouds, mountains hills valleys islands of clouds, and many figures and faces. I saw a horse galloping on two legs -- a child's button nose and puffy cheeks -- Casper the Ghost's adorable round head -- a pirate ship with broken sails -- an old man with long flowing beard -- a bird with one wing -- an ice cream cone of white chocolate (tho dark chocolate is healthier so they say) -- and cotton balls popping out from nowhere! And I saw this cloud which seemed like an uneven closed hand with a jagged finger pointing upwards. I followed it with my eyes expecting to be surprised again... but nothing there -- just the blue wide space... limitless border-less, timeless. Then the thought struck me -- but of course... GOD. My eyes grew misty as my cup of joy flowed over the top in my grateful heart.

Oh yes, the sky was indeed ready for me. It put up a wonderful display and extravaganza of magic and too magical memories. It took me back to places and moments of joy and happiness. It showed me wonderful treasures. It gave me back my soul. It spoke to my heart about a God so magnificent and divine.

As the plane descended gradually geared up for landing, I looked back to the clouds and whispered a soft --- "Thank you."

The plane came to a final halt. We had landed at Kalibo Airport.

Note: In the next 'ish Continuing the Journey.


  1. Ellen,

    Clouds let your imagination run wild trying to give names to the shapes, whether you see from ground or air. It is fun. And when you fly into a thick cloud the only thing you see is while blanket all around and have to be dependent on instruments for flying. It is an experience beyond words.

    Take care

  2. I see angels skating on clouds, Did you miss them? good read and great pictures by the way

  3. Hello Jack,

    "It is an experience beyond words." That quite sums up the journey up in the air. :-) So delighted to see you. Thank you and too for your message. Take care. May God bless you and your family with all good things in life.

  4. Hi LP,

    "I see angels skating on clouds.." -- hahah How did I ever miss that?! But did you see St. Peter with his fishing rod?? :-) Oh it's nice to see you again. 'Been a long time. I guess CPlash has been keeping you quite busy lols! Thanks for dropping by. Tons of blessings to you and your family.

  5. Hey Ellen , just got the time to visit all your posts, must say enjoying every bit of it :) thanks a ton for sharing such a great experience!!

  6. Hi Sana! :-)

    Lovely to see you again. Oh don't we love sharing with our friends here on the blog?! All the lovely things in life isn't as much fun.. if one can't share it with wonderful friends like you. :-)


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