Saturday, February 13, 2010


From the Aklan airport to the jetty port is a two-hour bus ride running through good roads, several towns, scenic green fields and lush mountains, and a bridge spanning over a gentle river its waters glistening in the sun as it flowed out to the welcoming sea. Lovely view except that my b__ felt stiff sitting that long. No stop breaks so I gave up on the hope of stretching my stiff back and legs. Turning round to the other passengers I could see that they had settled to sleeping out the long journey in their quite comfy seats. Oh okay, so that's how you do it but I'm not you guys.. so I purposely shifted my position every now and then in my seat just to get the circulation going there. But truth is -- it didn't really bother me much because I honestly had a lovely time with the fascinating view passing swiftly by. Yeah, that's how fast our bus was going. Lols! Finally we arrived at our destination -- the Catiklan Jetty Port and Passenger Terminal. And on to the next leg or last part of our journey to the island. - If the bus ride took us all of two long hours... this motorized boat ride was an exhilarating 15 minutes journey over mild deep blue waters, cool sea breeze messing up your hair, clear azure skies, and such breathtaking scenery. Oh let the pictures tell you all about it.

And the last picture there shows our ride which took us to the resort. All throughout the long journey I begun to realize that we never really had time together like this after their father passed away two years ago. I felt a fleeting sense of sadness. But I guess one does not get to have everything one wants in life. Yet God in his great goodness sends something to make up for the lack and to fill one's heart with deep joy. Maybe not comparable to preferred dreams but certainly one you can say is the best. God sure knows how to give. I'll bet my last peso on that one! :-)

Note: In the next 'ish --- Boracay Island Family Holiday


  1. An excellently written post.The wonderful pics embellish the post bringing vividly before reader's mind the scenes as enjoyed by you.The description in detail gives a feeling of having personally seen the place.We are waiting eagerly for the meaty portion of your serial on Boracay Island with more pics to add to our joy

  2. Hi KP,

    It was really something that fascinated me no end. Maybe the journey was boring to some but it sure was a feast to my city weary eyes and mind. Yes, there's more to share in the next several posts... with more engaging pictures from my album. :-) Thanks for dropping by... and for such a nice comment and compliment. Thank you. God bless you and your family.

  3. I came back to be mesmerized by these pictures

  4. Nice blog ! LOVE reading it, its very interesting !
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  5. Hi LP! Delighted to see you here. Oh but there's more pictures of the place that will be posted in the next few days. Stick around for more. :-)

  6. WELCOME to the blog, Naina!

    Glad that you enjoyed your cruise down the blog page.

    You have an interesting fashion blog too. The fashion updates, events, trends, and product tips in your posts do make for a good read for fashion-inclined ladies. I hope to see in a post the different takes by your designers on the traditional Indian sari. That's fascinating to see. :-)

    Thanks for your lovely visit.
    Have a pleasant week.

  7. WOOOOOO hOPE you have a great time Ellen :) thanks for sharing such a wonderful experience with all of us here!Happy Holidays!

  8. Hi Sana! :-)

    Lols! Yeah, I sure did a wonderful time with the family. Quite a rare moment when their schedules jive with the plan. I'm looking forward to a repeat. hahahah :-) Thanks for coming by. Sharing with you is a pleasure. God bless you.


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