Friday, May 16, 2008


I would like to write about this today. I look around me and at the world at large and see how much the world has got us all entrenched in things material and external. Come to think of it, people judge me for what I wear or with the choices I make, good or bad. People measure me for how much I got in the bank or how high up the corporate ladder I’ve gone. People label me for the company I keep or my choice of friends. People size me up for the glitter and glitch I have hang up on my body or to what schools I send my children to or whether my car is of the latest model.

If that be the measure I would certainly stand no chance and those who have everything that pleases the eye would make the grade. But don’t get me wrong, wealth or position serve its own uses and purposes too. And if people work hard for it, it becomes a prize or just reward for achievement.

Yet there must be much more to that.

You see, I’d like to be appreciated for who I am and not for what I have acquired for myself no matter how exquisite it may be, in physical or material terms -- Because I am definitely more than what I possess or do not possess.

This is the same gauge I use in people and life and the bigger world outside. There is more to what I see -- Positively more.

Those things which truly matter are hidden to the eye. Sometimes these things do not translate itself outwardly for some reason or another. It gets bundled up inside the person who has to tend with overwhelming odds or resistance or rejection or neglect. But it’s there quietly beating in the heart, waiting for its own true moment. And yet again because anything true and genuine cannot be muffled or stifled a hundred percent of the time all of the time, it somehow slips out in small gestures or snippets of expression too minute and often go unnoticed.

You can’t see these with the eye. Certainly cannot know how much hurt or pain or suffering is bottled up inside. Or how much good intent there is and why that person would concede to suffering. What if a person acts the way he does which may appear quite odd to others but because he seeks to protect a loved one or ease the burden of another and so does it anyway? When someone rubs you the wrong way and goes against your grain and pisses you off big time, but do you know what’s pushing him to be that way? Most people put up a lot of facades or masks or fences to hide things which they feel would not be accepted or understood by others. They build high walls to keep out other human beings who they think are out to fry them and break them down to pieces. And some pretend that they don’t need people at all – that self is sufficient and all that’s needed to live life with. More often than not, what you see in people isn’t what you get.

I see people – human beings who breathe the air I breathe, walk the roads I walk, dream the dreams I dream, play the same games I play, work the same jobs I work at, and know that we are all the same in our similarities and differences.

But the eyes of my heart can see well and better. It sees what goes on behind the facades and masks --- and understands. It can sift through the grain and pick out gems of feelings, thoughts, values, ideals, and intent. It understands that these are the things which truly matter. It knows that it is the person inside which is real and true and worthy.

It is only with the heart that one can see clearly,
for themost essential things are invisible to the eye."

-- Antonie de Sainte Exupery

(The picture here is courtesy of Malen, my youngest daughter, who took it with her phone cam. The subject is Maxie, our pet dog.)


  1. Dear Ellen

    Once again very clear and rational presentation of observations about others and own experiences!!

    Again I will request you to upload your voice as well. Shall I request your daughters (may be the youngest one) to persuade you to do so? I am sure they'll cherish this-----.

    well You did not reply to my comment dated 25th April, that you promised that you come back and reply----

    You may enjoy the company of your great-great grand children--



  2. Hi Mann,

    Oh I haven't forgotten that.
    To quote:
    Therefore, the question is "how to
    develop alternative methods to make THE IGNORANT PEOPLE to
    understand the IMPORTANCE of this

    But I have to take some time in replying to it; requires some deep thought. Well, I will be forwarding my observation to it, simply as a matter of opinion. It's great to be exchanging views with you. :-)

    You'll be hearing from me very soon. It's so nice to see you here again, Mann. Wish that you could come more often. :-) Love talking with you.

    Take care okay? God bless you and your family.

  3. I dont have words to say anything. You are so good at observing and expressing almost make everything so simple to understand about life.

    I truly could relate to it. I too would try to share something I had written long back about 'eyes'.

    Untill then, take care n keep smiling.

  4. Therefore, the question is "how to develop alternative methods to make THE IGNORANT PEOPLE to understand the IMPORTANCE of this philosophy??? - Mann

    I think it's rather being 'unenlightened'. Somebody just has to make it clear to them. If understanding is lacking, one cannot fully appreciate nor comprehend something or anything at all.

    But what I would try to point out is the inherent impact and/or potential of having this essential knowledge and full understanding from within – of knowing this potent power which lies within oneself … that it can change a situation or with it even try to change that of the world.

    Enlightened or unenlightened – the potential is still there. The first one moves on to bigger and greater things for himself and the world because he understands what is happening and grasps the promise of better things. The second one just survives and continues to live in his small life and world because he knows nothing on how to make it much better. But he can learn these things --if he wants to. One can’t just do things without fully understanding what it is; that won’t and can’t take him anywhere. One has to know what there is to know or where to start or where to end up.

    You want to know bout ‘alternative ways’, Mann. I don’t think there are any except for what we already know. Seeking 'alternative ways' to teach this would depend on the person's creativity, really --- on how much he wants to learn, on what he does with the new information gained or acquired, on how he would move this information forward. This is as essential as learning it from one’s parents, elders, or peers… or from seminars, trainings, books and school.

    True learning always begins with self. And good learning is when you creatively move this knowledge forward and outward. Knowledge or wisdom is not meant to be solely hoarded by self but shared out to others too where it can be useful and beneficial in more ways than one.

    Thank you for your message. It is a pleasure to exchange ideas with you. I hope we get to do this often. 

    Take care. Blessings to you and your family.

  5. I will be looking forward to it with much eagerness, Jigyasa. :-) You have a good mind and you write well.

    Thank you for your lovely message. I am humbled and honored by it. Hope you can visit again. Until then, take care. May God bless you and your family.

  6. Thanks for putting your valuable efforts to reply my earlier comments ---- Now I am busy-- I will come back and then share my views---

    It is always my pleasure to interact with you---

    With "the Same wish" I close it here to come back--


  7. hi po. you have a very nice blog here. enjoyed reading it. link ko po kayo ha so i can come back and read it from time to time. thank you.

  8. Hello Lei,

    Kumusta? Salamat sa pagdalaw mo sa blog page ko. Although out of curiosity, I would like to know how did you find my blog? I would surely be interested to know how. :-)

    Alam mo, natutuwa ako kung may nagbabasa sa mga sinusulat ko. Kasi alam ko na in some way it could lead to new friends and friendships. Di ba ang sabi nila --'strangers are simply friends in disguise'? :-) So friends na tayo, that okay with you?

    I'm delighted and honored that you decided to link to my page. It's one of the nicest things I've had today. Ika nga "you've made my day!" lol

    Again, thanks for dropping by my page and I hope it won't be your last. :-) Take care. May God bless you and your family.


    P.S. Wag mong titigilan ang blogging mo -- kasi simple kang magsulat atsaka sincere. Keep writing.

  9. Hi Ellen,

    I dunno if I had intimated you on my change of blog. I have moved to blogspot.

    - suddentwilight

  10. Hi suddentwilight,

    Thank you for letting me know now. I went there a few minutes ago and saw your recent post -- a very sad tale of a trusting wife and her unfaithful husband. We hear this everywhere around us; it happens to people in every race, culture, or creed. Life is strange why bad things happen to good people.

    I hope all's well at your end. May the good Lord pour down bountiful blessings upon you and your family.


  11. Hi Ellen, passionate writing you've got here. And a sunny chase for the Muse, of course. Can i add you up?

  12. It would be my honor and delight. And I will have you too on my blogroll, if it's okay with you.

    I like what you write. Your blog has a wonderful feel to it -- a gentle aura all its own. Something like coming to an oasis in the desert. :-)

    So then, my new friend, how should I call you --- Oasis? God's Light?

    :-) Do have a good day. See you around.


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