Monday, March 9, 2009


Afternoons like this take me to many thoughts and each wanting to be taken up, pursued and written. Thoughts which in a very special way take me to worlds I’ve never visited before or may have forgotten in the hustle-and-bustle of each day -- worlds of wonder, awe, discovery, truth, and learning. I like afternoons such as this because I almost always come out of it enchanted recharged and so much wiser than yesterday.

Come share with me this experience.


It’s a sunny windy late afternoon and soon the sunset. A sunset is such quiet soothing comfort. It is not a goodbye as others may want to see it or think it to be but rather it is a resting of heart and soul. After going through a rough-and-tumble day – being and doing what it required of you – it all comes to this point of the day when your senses try to unwind, ease up, seek to find that leveling comfort and peace. A lovely sunset eases you through that experience.

This is my sunset.. a gentle breeze blowing, mute glow of sunlight traipsing on trees, walls, and fences, misty clouds catching the scarlet hues in the sky, and the gentle smiling sun easing the lines on my furrowed brows with its soft gentle rays. And then my heart too smiles with Old Sol.


Walking down hospital corridors is something I would not want to do at any time. But life is darn crazy that one walks it for some reason or another but certainly not by choice I hope. Anyway while walking this corridor not long ago, I glanced at rows and rows of closed doors to my right and left. Sick people inside of course, I thought. But I wondered what thoughts were racing through their minds? What emotions were tumbling round and round in their hearts? How is it like for sick people looking out their windows to a world which is perceived not to care about you? Despite the presence of loving and supportive family and close friends, loneliness can’t be helped. Then I began putting faces to those thoughts – a father, mother, sister, brother, grandpa, a relative, a friend, or a stranger. Oh but there are certainly so many stories to tell if only those walls could speak. Stories of sadness, despair, loneliness, anger, desperation, doubts, disappointment, anxieties, frustration and on the other hand also stories of joy, happiness, trust, relief, courage, comradeship, steadfast bonds, provision, strength, prayer, faith, love, hope and so much more. Every story heard from behind those doors would revolve around that. It’s the whole spectrum of man’s struggles. It’s the story of man and mankind. Hospital corridors serve to remind me that I am a – human being and that this is what life is all about. And too it teaches me to be compassionate, kinder and gentler to people and to myself because undoubtedly we will all go through these long corridors or be there behind those closed doors at some time, far future we all hope. Hospital corridors... nothing else can teach you so much about life (and death) than this.


More in the next -ish! God bless.


  1. hello Ellen...
    during afternoons, i find time to concentrate more on my work...
    i feel its the best time to focus on ur acitivity...
    u r trying to capture routine moments and turn them interesting...
    i like it...
    wish u n ur family wealth n health...

  2. Hi Amit,

    :-) Oh you'll be surprised how much treasure can be found in ordinary things. Pearls of wisdom and discovery can be found anywhere, everywhere. But you know that already of course. Lols :-)

    Thanks for the visit.
    Loving it every time you do.

  3. Ellen,

    Thanks for wishing well for everyone. Few years ago I added this in my prayers - God please forgive everyone, God please bless everyone with wellness - as God takes care of everyone I get included automatically. Nice of you to share some of your thoughts. Only thing I may add is that I will not call them "sick" but unwell. Yes, if the walls could speak there would be so many tales of happiness or otherwise.

    Take care

  4. Nice to see you again, Niceguy :-)

    Ahh such a gentle way of calling them; it can only come from the heart of a gentle person such as you! Your prayers will always make God smile.

    Blessings to you and your family.

  5. awsome post ellen!!

    I always dose off during noon !:P :P :P :P

    I loved the second para of the post...IF ONLY WALLS CAN SPEAK!!! so intruing, and intresting!!!

    Take care...

  6. Great to see you again, Firefly! Glad to have you here!

    Hahah afternoon naps are a good thing. I too take a ten-minute nap during the day.. but with the fans, two of them, running on full blast lols. The heat here is way above its usual level. Summers have now become hotter. Aarghh!

    Yeah, Those WALLS are privy to plenty of drama happening inside. I think we can help by sending off a quick prayer for the people there as they go through their struggles and challenges. An earnest prayer sure goes a long way to help lift their burdens, through our God.

    By the way, went to your blog and left message there too. I like your new and interesting post. You write well.

    Take care too.
    Blessings to you and your family.


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