Monday, April 20, 2009

LIVING IN PEACE - Our pets MIKO the cat and MAXIE the dog

Yes, Miko and Maxie live together in peace and great friendship. Sometimes Miko thinks he's a dog and Maxie thinks she's a cat -- a case of confused identity, we guess :-) But it's adorable to see them smash to smithereens those age-old tales of cats and dogs as 'mortal enemies'.

That puts us humans to shame. We pride ourselves in being intelligent and smart -- exquisite creatures of God but we can't even learn to live in peace with each other. Instead we feverishly build create invent or put up huge walls - barriers - boundaries just to keep other people at bay. We don't want to touch them... nor do we want to be touched by them. We suspect them, anything, everything --- cultures, religion, policies. education, size, shape, color, habits, intentions, standards, motivations, and everything else we could think of under the sun.

We can't even talk straight or honestly express our true sentiments over important issues -- without being subjected to doubts or suspicions or judgments. We don't even know how to engage in friendly disagreement. Impossible? Nah, it's possible if only we want to.

Don't you think it's wearying putting up numerous walls, visible or invisible, and fighting fiercely to keep them there?


  1. That's awesome! I love pictures like this. Very inspiring. One thing I learnt from having a cat was that they always surprise you ... which can be bad sometimes :D ... but most of the time it's good.

    Take care now. :)

  2. Joel! What a lovely surprise! :-)

    Yeah, these two always manage to surprise and delight us. My daughter took those pictures at different times of the day. There was this one time when we saw Miko with his paw gently touch Maxie's face. Aargh! we weren't quick enough to catch that on cam. Then this other time when Miko was quietly lounging by himself when Maxie ambled over and nestled her nose in his fur. Such bond simply takes my breath away. :-)

    Have a blessed day, Joel!
    My best regards to Michelle too.

  3. Those 'walls' you mentioned do have some windows in them. Its our job to find them, open them and let the sunshine and fresh air in.

    Our own as well as other people's windows !!

  4. omg, sooo cute & adorable!!
    Am so loving it :)
    And salamat sa reply mo ha, nakaka-touch naman (emote)
    sensya ka na, di ako marunong mag-comment na masyadong seryoso, but I do take all your messages passionately with respect & love.seriously, because it helps me realized and appreciate so much things in life :)
    ayan naging seryoso na (lol)..

    thanks ulit ha :)

  5. Hi shoOOonya,

    How true! That's just what a positive minded person (like you) would say. :-) And that is one thing we all have to learn... to find them, open them, and deal with it in a most creative and positive way.

    Well sometimes, some just don't see it. So then it is up to enlightened ones to show them the way, right? I believe there is so much that you can share. No doubt about that. How bout writing on the subject of --- windows of opportunity and hope. :-) I, along with your constant readers, would surely be looking forward to reading it soon.

    Thanks for dropping by.
    Have a blessed week.
    God bless you and your family.

  6. C'mon, gratitude,

    Hindi naman dapat seryoso ang mga comments dito. I love it just as much to read warm and lighthearted commentaries. Nakakasaya ng puso.

    Gosh naman, am honored that you consider me that way. Such a wonderful compliment. Thank you. :-)

    You know what, may napupulot din ako sa blog mo ah. For instance, some aspects of life na hindi ko natutunan ng pansin. Napapa-isip tuloy ako. lols! Thanks for that pleasure. Maganda ang blog mo; I like the feel of it. Gusto ko rin ang mga pictures dun. Am glad that we've met.

    Take care okay? See you around.
    Blessings to you and your family.

  7. Ellen,

    Don't you know we are superior species so how can we have such simple thinking? How I wish there are more persons like you then we may expect some change in the thinking of people.

    I had seen similar pets - 2 dogs & 1 cat, in a friend's house more than a decade ago and it was cat who behaved like dog even when out of the house.

    Not seen you in my space for a long time. I think I told you that I write here too under the same name.

    Take care

  8. Good thoughts, NG. And that was a nice compliment. Thank you. :-)

    Am sure that many are trying to bring in some change to adapt to our continually moving and changing times and thoughts. Paradigm shifts. Change comes in many different ways but we still learn from each of them, no matter how ofttimes we find it hard to catch up with the change. And as we know it to be, change comes slow -- because not everybody welcomes it, not everybody would love to leave their respective comfort zones. Leaving comfort zones is that part of change that is hard to deal with. But we can always learn to, can't we? :-)

    By the way, 'went to your o3 blog. That was good. Keep writing. You have much good wisdom to share. Blessings to you and your family.

  9. lovely post Ellen...
    how to b open n frank n yet close to others???
    how to not hate anyone?
    i m learning...
    u keep inspiring...
    u r the mentor...Ellen...

  10. Hi Amit! So nice to see you again. :-) Thank you for the kind words. But you know what, we all are both mentor and student to each other. There is so much I learn from you.. and I am delighted to know that you have picked up stuff from my blogs too. You see, nobody has the monopoly on wisdom or knowledge. We all are given our respective shares by God with the sole intent of using it to help each other live good lives. :-) But then such benefit is only possible with people who are willing to listen and learn. Just like you, Amit -- never ever once rejecting an opportunity for learning. An honor and privilege to be your friend. :-)

    Best regards to your family.
    Wishing you all the best in life, family, and work. God bless!

  11. @ ellen,

    wonderful pictures ... its like tom and jerry have become friends !

    now coming to your observation about we humans quarrelling with each other taking the excuses of color, religion, etc. ... can i suggest we wear masks of miko and maxie, when we deal with each other ... what say ?

    cheers !

  12. Hi Vamsi,

    hahahah I got a good laugh with your suggestion! :-) It is nice seeing you here.. in fact so delighted. 'Been quite a long time. So how are you? I hope the weekend's been good and blessed for you and your family. Take care okay? Catch up with you later. Have to give the dogs a bath - got three of them Lols!!! :-D


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