Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Do you think from your pocket?? - Don't! Because not everything in life has a price tag attached to it. Those things which truly matter in lfe are priceless. You can't buy love, loyalty, courage, hope, faith, family, friendship, wisdom, honesty, devotion, and other magnificent things which give genuine meaning and worth to life people and living. You can't buy a blessing.

Think from your HEART!


  1. I agree to what you have said.....but one can't do that always :-)

  2. Hi Jigyasa,

    Yeah it's tough. Maybe one can try separating the 'can buy (tangibles)'.. from the.. 'can't buy (intangibles)'.. and start from there. :-) It's worth a try - to give back to ourselves our true sense of worth and self-respect.

  3. Ellen,

    Read 4 posts now. To think positive is a must. So build not tear down. Career girl, they are better than man as they juggle their time so well between career and family. Mother, no words can do justice to tell what MOTHER is. I agree with you that we should not think from pocket but from heart.

    Not seen you in my space for sometime.

    Take care Niceguy251

  4. Hi Niceguy,

    Nice to see you again. Wow you sure did the reading in one full sweep Lols! Yeah, haven't been online lately; busy with lots of stuff in the house. But now that things have settled down a bit, I intend to cruise down your blog and see what you're up to Lols! :-)

    Take care too. See you around.
    Thanks for taking the time to come over. It's appreciated. Have a great day!

  5. Always good to see you, my dear friend AMIT! :-)

  6. Hey Ellen,

    so true and touching..!

    I glued to your lovely space..:)every post is touching and thought-provoking..!


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