Monday, November 22, 2010


This question comes from a friend...

I read this line in a blog.Do you agree? It is like this.
We have been forgiven by God many times, for the mistakes that we made.
In the same way, we have to forgive others. That makes God smile.
Then all kinds of miracles can happen
Is it possible to forgive always?

As God's children, we are instructed to forgive in the same manner that God forgives us. But then it's easier said than done because we, bigger fools than we think ourselves to be, are more inclined to harbor hurt and pain longer than we should. We think too much pouring in reasons and excuses not to forgive. Funny but I don't understand where this comes from despite the repeated exhortations---- we're more inclined towards huge egos, so much pride, hate fear vindictiveness and suspicion. Such dark feelings will leave no room for love's light to thrive or flourish. Remember how often we've been told that 'we can't give what we don't have'.

I think my pet dog Maxie has a better understanding of forgiveness. Because no matter how i scold her for some mistake, she would always come to me and offer me the same love over and over again, regardless if i had hurt her or was deserving of it or not. If that isn't a show of forgiveness, what else is! I love my dog; even if she were naughty repeatedly i would love her still and too forgive her mischief each time. I learned that much from her. Oh but there is much that people can learn from animals. Things such as devotion - loyalty - unconditional love... Dogs can teach us a thing or two about that. Just as nature teaches us about the art of life and living. Teaching is not and never is the monopoly of human beings. Everything is a teacher or teaches ... to one who is eager to learn. All that is required is an open and welcoming mind.. and to see with the eyes in one's heart.

Yes, 'it is possible to forgive always'.... it springs from a heart that loves.

I guess that is how Jesus lived his life on earth.... loving people. Love makes forgiving easy. God's love is the greatest love of all. Tough act to follow for mere mortals like us... but nothing is stopping us from ever trying.


  1. I can relate to that. My 2 yr old & 7 yr old kids in fact have a lot to teach me. They show me what unconditional love is. They teach me patience. They are unselfish. And such else...

    If we can appreciate the good things around us and try a little harder to be good, do good and think good, the world will be a better place.

  2. Ellen,

    True, teaching is not a monopoly of us humans. King Bruce learnt lesson of Try, Try, Try Again from spider, isn't it? Don't we fogive our children for mistakes as we love them? Yes, love does make it easy to forgive.

    Take care

  3. What a wonderful insight, RGB ---- appreciating good, doing good, being good, thinking good, Blessings to you and your family!

  4. How are you, Jack! King Bruce and the Spider -- that was quite an inspiration. Yeah, even the ants can teach us a thing or two about one-track mindedness in a good sense. Cooperation is one other thing.

    Take care too. God bless you and your family.

  5. Many questions arise in my mind.I can forgive a person who has done a wrong thing to me.Do I have the right to forgive a man who has done greivous injury to a society, sa a mass killer.

    Forgiveness does not mean acceptance of the wrong act and forgetting it.The act is not condoned but the indivdual is forgiven but the pain of hurt would linger long after forgiving depending uponthe magnitude of hurt.

    It is easy to quote "to err is human ,to forgive is divine"Yes for unintended errors forgiving is a must.But for calculated hurt/injury the society should not condone such acts and punishment should be meted out.What is applicable to an individual would not hold good for society.

    1. 'Hate the sin, not the sinner'. --- Hating sin --- Sin requires its own punishment.. the reason why we have laws.

      Forgive the sinner -- The sinner God understood and always forgave and we as God's children can do no less no matter how difficult it may be. We are instructed to understand and not to quickly crucify. We have been forgiven by God for our grievous sins through Christ on the Cross. We should learn much from that example. We are told to grow in understanding and forgiveness.... the mark of children of God. Not always easy, that is true, but it is the road we must travel in this life journey. We must learn to forgive as we hope to be forgiven by God.

      Hate the sin, not the sinner ---- is God's command. And Jesus made an example of it by forgiving His captors on the Cross. 'Father, forgive them for they know not what they do.'

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts, KP. It is always good for learning. Blessings to you and your family.


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