Friday, April 1, 2011


The times of my life. This is just one of those memories..... Wrote this some years ago. I'm bringing it here for my lady friends.. working moms in their own respective corners of the world. You're fantastic, ladies!

When my three daughters were just perky kids running here and there all over the house and I, as a working mom, was working my butt off at the office, there were days when the maid would call me up and tell me that one of the kids was running a fever or the other wasn’t eating her food, or the eldest won’t go to school.

Well, in matters of illness, I’d have no second thoughts bout rushing home. My boss would have to put up with that one, like it or not. Other than that, I’d have the maid bring the errant little one to the phone and we’d talk. In this instance, the naughty little angel would spill her heart out in an endless chatter only a mother would understand .. I’d be there glued to my seat listening while the clock was ticking off the minutes like a taxi meter. Yet it was worth it all. I knew she felt better when the conversation finally ended. So did I.

I wasn’t trained to be a mother; no woman is ever prepared to become one. Even if you have seen your mother, aunts, grandmother, and lady friends do it… it’s never until you are in it yourself that you learn.

But the one great lesson I have learned is this --- be available. No matter if you’re late in the night preparing for a sales meeting the following morning, when she comes to you for whatever reason – stop what you’re doing, listen and be with her. She’s the number one person in your life --- so let her know it! Let her know how much precious she is to you.. that she is the center of your universe.. that she makes your world spin happily. Because she is!

In my case, with three daughters.. they know that they are my life -- that they are God's gift to me... that because of them I am a frantic, frenetic, basket of frazzled nerves, with a dried up purse but a happy contented working mom!! Won't have it any other way. But of course it won't harm if I had a big fat paycheck too. :-)

You can’t be Perfect Mom, but you can be Available Mom! It's just a matter of choice. And a choice like that is certainly perfect, no matter how you look at it. --------------

There's a nice weekend coming up ahead, Working Moms..... make it count! Bless you.


  1. So true, so true, so true...being available is the one crucial thing! I definitely wasn't the perfect Mom but I was available even when I worked. I had a very nice boss who when I said my kid needed me he said "go"!

  2. What a lovely morning seeing you, Theanne! And bless that kind boss and gentleman. Mine was like him, too. May their tribe increase! :-) Thanks for coming by and sharing your thoughts. Pleasure is all mine. lols!

  3. Hi Ellen, i think for the working woman like me this post is a good one.. am not yet married but am thinking abt life after marriage..Ur lucky Three daughter wishes to them

    Availability is very important thing that kids want from their parents.. its the best way to keep things together ..:)

    Thanks fr the post :)

    Best wishes

  4. So good to see you, Prams! :-) When you do settle down, you will see how different your world becomes with husband, family, and children. I wish you all the best and tons of blessings now and in that much awaited future.

    Thanks for taking time to drop by.
    It's appreciated. Delighted!


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