Monday, May 30, 2011


If I were to say something about this kind of weather we're having now, I'd say that it sucks. Big time! because I love weekends...... and sometimes I plan my weekends way ahead of time. The big plans with families and the small ones with myself.

But these unpredictable rains are just keeping me so grounded. Even if I do manage to raise some bravado to go out there.... it's not going to be pretty or fun. One has to contend with monster traffic snarls, pot holes especially around here in the long stretch of Marcos Highway now undergoing a huge makeover, wet shoes and feet, people scurrying to and fro trying to escape the heavy downpour, and the sudden scarcity of taxis just when you needed one.

We planned to see the movie 'Kung Fu Panda 2' but considering the 'panda'-monium that these rains bring... we've decided to stay home. Maybe next time...

But there still is something about a rainy day I must still say.

Whatever arguments other people may have as to its negative impact on ordinary and not so ordinary lives, I still think it's got something we can or should be thankful for. Mom would say that sometimes you just have to wrest your eyes and mind and even heart away from the unpleasant things of the day or life. You got to put your effort where you can rise above it or soar up way above the gray clouds hovering above you. Simply put... when your feet gets wet you have to go somewhere where you can dry it! When your heart is burdened with the irritations of the day, you go find something to bring the smile back to it. And she further adds, you surely will find it if you try hard enough.

That's where I am at right now. In the stillness and quiet of a rainy day I find my thoughts and it runs over meadows hills and valleys of wonder and awe at the beauty of things and life even on a rainy day such as this. Peace prevails, within and without.

Take care, folks. Don't forget your umbrellas.

(Above photo courtesy of youngest daughter, Malen.)


  1. yeah...rain can be so irritating at times.... but sometimes they make u feel so beautiful :) with the droplets in ur window pane and u sitting beside it with afresh cup of ginger tea... its just feelss wooow :)

    take care :)

  2. That's such a lovely moment you've described. And oh yes, I love ginger tea too. :-) Indeed a WOW moment to cherish!

    Lovely to see you again, Chakoli. :-)
    And hey that was a lovely piece you wrote in your blog. I liked it so much.

    Take care too.

  3. " when your feet gets wet you have to go somewhere where you can dry it! When your heart is burdened with the irritations of the day, you go find something to bring the smile back to it" I liked this part very much and how practical to follow
    Your road is in sylvan surroundings, all green and shaded. Must be a great place to walk when there is no rain

  4. Yes, KP, lots of trees around... I do early morning walks around the neighborhood in summer. Except this summer that passed when the heat got so intense even at that early hour of the day.

    Hey thanks for coming by and for your comment. By the way, that was an interesting post you made in your blog... in your usual storyteller style which has endeared you to your blog fans. Looking forward to seeing more like it in the blog. :-)

  5. Hey Ellen, I love rain... and this season. It makes everything so pure and fresh :)

    'when your feet gets wet you have to go somewhere where you can dry it' awesome, couldn't have been put in a much better way. Love it. :)

    ...and I won't take umbrella, I want to get drenched, soaked in the freshness of nature ;P

  6. Ellen,

    Rains may disrupt normal life as people get confined to shelters but still it has own charm. I love to get drenched and at times do get a chance to have fun with grandchildren for that.

    Take care

  7. Delighted to see you, Aby :-) Glad you found time off from your blog to come over... rain or shine ...thanks! Hope all's well at your end. And have fun with your days and with life. God bless you.

  8. Hi Jack! I used to scurry to safety at the first sign of rain... lols... but not anymore. I love rain showers and the pretty rainbow that comes after it. :-) Thanks for this lovely visit. Blessings to you and your grandchildren.

  9. We get very little rain here in Southern California, USA. If you want to send some of yours our way... we'll take all the rain we can get! :-)

  10. Hi Ron! :-) Sunny Southern California! Has its blessings. Well, I'll let Mister Wind blow down some rain clouds your way!

    Hey I loved that piece you just wrote... sure tugs at many familiar strings. And you made it so funny and entertaining but so true! Thanks for the pleasure. :-)


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