Thursday, June 9, 2011


-- So what's on my mind today?

It is this.... on the subject of attitude

"Our attitude toward the world around us depends upon what we are ourselves. If we are selfish, we will be suspicious of others. If we are of a generous nature, we will be likely to be more trustful. If we are quite honest with ourselves, , we won't always be anticipating deceit in others. If we are inclined to be fair, we won't feel that we are being cheated. In a sense, looking at the people around you is like looking in a mirror. You see a reflection of yourself." ----- Lifted from the book Maybe It's Time To Laugh Again -- by Charles R. Swindoll

Grandma would always caution her grandchildren, that's me and a dozen others, to take care of our attitudes. The world is how you see it and how you see it is dictated by your attitude. Whenever there was a misstep from any one of us, that would incur her special look. A look which all of us hoped and prayed wouldn't be directed at us, singly or collectively. She got us straightened out alright, a good support to the training we already had in the home.

But soon enough children grow up to be adults and the world has its ways with them. Attitudes take on a different color, become diluted or dissolved, change skin and tone, get replaced, or erased (now that's a sorry state). Sometimes sadly one discovers that what was once .. isn't anymore. Attitudes change, so I've been told.

Maybe, maybe not. I can't speak for others but only for myself. I still am that kid who stood before grandma listening to her lectures and ofttimes getting her special look. I see the world and understand that there is both good and bad in it. I understand too that other people will reflect both the good and the bad in me. And vice versa. It's true, the mirror works both ways. But if perfection is your goal, that can only be seen at the end of our earthly journey. I think God isn't finished with anyone of us yet.

But I have the choice to choose what to believe or trust or cherish. And try as hard to be what I believe. And if the world would speak up and tell me that isn't right. I won't believe it. I only have to remember grandma who knew better. Thanks, grandma.!

It's a rainy Thursday today but blessings still abound in it, maybe just a little bit soaked and wet. :-) God bless you all!

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