Monday, July 18, 2011


A cute 5 yr old girl came up to her mom, who was busy chatting with a visiting friend, and unceremoniously yet proudly placed a piece of paper on her mother's lap. On the paper was a drawing of a smiling little girl in pigtails which was named ME... and her tiny chubby little hands held those of an older woman named MAMA. In the background was a drawing of a smiley sun.. a blue bird, and a tree laden with red apples. The little girl happily raised up the drawing to her mother's face and said 'Mama, for you!". One brief silence... and then the mother told her daughter to 'Go and wash your hands... it's dirty!'

A young woman sat on a bench, one of other solitary benches at the park that afternoon. A slight wind blew and softly brushed her hair. Tiny birds flew up in the air and some flitted here and there on the ground and the pavement near her chirping merrily. She looked down, opened her bag and took out something to tie her hair with. That done she stood up and walked away from the bench and out of the park without looking back.

Little moments. Those ordinary oftentimes considered trivial moments that touch our days and lives but mean more than you could or would ever imagine. Taken for granted things which we often give no attention to because we never really understood.

Life's genuine treasures pass us by because we fail to understand that wonderful things don't always come in dramatic ways and means. Or that not everything is wrapped with glossy paper or colorful trimmings. We pay no heed to the little gestures of kindness.. gifts of joy... proud achievement... familial love and bonding... genuine gestures of friendship... unsolicited respect and admiration... courtesy and honesty.... thoughtfulness and consideration... awe for the beauty of mother nature... unabashed gratitude... quiet times of calm and peace... gems of faith... simple pleasures..... and many more. These fill up our little moments which definitively give so much more meaning to our ordinary lives. These little moments tie up our mundane lives in a beautiful package filled up with treasures beyond compare. These too lead us to discover self --- our long forgotten capabilities to become better individuals where it matters most.

It's the little moments that make life big.... and you bigger.

Hope this makes for a wonderful Monday to start the week with. Be blessed.


  1. It is not how much or what we have that matters ,but how much we enjoy that makes for happiness.An excellent post written in good style bringing out a nice message.Thanks

  2. Hi KP,

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts on the subject. It's truly appreciated. May your day be blessed with peace, joy, and love. Thanks for your lovely visit. :-)

  3. Ellen,

    In today's hustle bustle of life we tend to be blind to such little things which can bring happiness not only to us but to the one who shows this thing too. I pity that MOM and that YOUNG LADY for being too preoccupied in their own confined world.

    Take care

  4. Well, we often make the mistake of looking outward or to external things in search of happiness.. not realizing that it's right here infront of our very noses -- the often taken for granted simple joys of life. Right, Jack?

    Thanks for lovely visit. :-)


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