Thursday, February 23, 2012


My computer at home is situated by the front window. On this particular morning while thinking what to write, I unthinkingly looked up in the direction of the skies. Amazing blue skies! Clear... soft blue.... with distant patches of cotton-like clouds. And a warm bright sun shining with such gusto making everybody it shines on sweat buckets. That's the downside of a glorious sunny day.

Anyway, easily I could have paid no attention or it would probably just have simply passed me by just like that. Oh yes, we do let it go by unnoticed. Our fault, not nature's.

Who in his human mind and attitude would go through his or her day looking for amazing blue skies such what I had this morning? Normally we would not because there is so much down here below that engages our attention. Rushing to work, taking the kids to school, doing the laundry, running after deadlines, cursing the traffic, hating the government, wrestling with our problems, and a thousand-and-one other things we'd rather do in the name of living. Added to all that we have this queer attitude of expecting the bad or worst in our lives thus pushing ourselves even harder to raise a buffer or shield against it.

Funny, it all started in the home, with our parents. When everytime our mothers would say..... 'eat this.. sleep early... do your homework... behave... don't cry... clean your room... or the monster will come and get you!' So the child in his young mind would certainly think that if he doesn't do as told, something bad will happen. That's a thought carried forward unto to adulthood. Translated as ... 'if I don't do something good, I will be seen as a failure..' So the crazy chase for wealth, success, achievement, positions and titles... and others more.

It can be both good and bad, depending on how you look at it. But it certainly is sad. Because in that crazy chase we tend to push aside that which is essential... a process which dries up the soul. Life is not just the chase, getting, or acquiring. It's part of it yes ... but not the whole of it.

The following lines which I'm quoting here may or may not have anything to do with what I've just written..... but it struck me as lovely. It's from an old movie "My Life In Ruins", a light romantic comedy. Enjoyable. But I liked best this line said by one of the main characters Irv (played by Richard Dreyfuss, my favorite) ------ 'Don't look for obstacles..... Look for magic!'

Look for magic. In blue skies, in rainbows, in the rain, in a rosebud, in the distant mountains, in a baby's smile, in your doggie's loving eyes, in lovely sunsets, in all of nature, and in people.

May your day be filled with magic ... and blessings by the dozens.


  1. thank you for sharing true..often times because of our busy life we tend to be so fast in everything we do and sometimes become slaves of our is really good to stop for a while and just ponder and thank God for His awesome move in our lives ;)

    1. Hi Sie! The pleasure's all mine. And I agree with what you say. So much to thank God for. Blessings to you and yours.

  2. Ellen,

    Read 2 posts now. I agree with you on previous one. One does not find fault with others if he or she has achieved perfect mind. This post shows what goes on in life making us miss out on small things which not only bring smile but also are motivating in own ways.

    Take care

    1. Delighted to see you again, Jack. Hope that your day is coming out fine. Lots of blessings have been put into it by a loving God. Meant just for you and your loved ones. Thanks for the lovely visit.


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