Sunday, March 11, 2012


I was going through my old stuff.. notes taken down some time back meant for writing but never got down to that point I don't know why. Well, I believe that everything has its own time, including scraggly notes that seem not to hold any meaning when first taken.

Anyway I saw this one, a quote -- with snippets of words I've written down below it (but won't be shown here)......

"If we learn to open our hearts,
anyone, including the people who drive us crazy,
can be our teacher."
---- Pema Chedron

I've discarded the snippety words but the quote I bring here. Because it is true. Through the years I have had a huge number of 'teachers'. And they all come from unexpected places, sources, events, situations, and characters (the good, the bad and the ugly).

All these have given me my life lessons, well, part of. Because truthfully a huge portion were lessons from Big Daddy above (and he is not done with me yet). I have learned what to like and not like (being true to myself).... what to believe and not believe in the multitude of opinions presented.... what to appreciate or not of the myriad of diversity of choices.... what my limitations are and what I can do to nurture my own god-given potential (bestowed on all people by a wise God). They, both the living and non-living things, have shown me that not all good things come from great packages but it too can come from the tiniest thing in creation ---- a tiny seed planted in my small pot and which has grown into a lovely flowering plant delighting my heart all through the day. All have taught me that as much as everything is essential to life and living, there is ONE who stands above them all on which my life totally depends on.

These were and are my teachers and always will be because their work continues in me -- a work in progress (just like everybody else is). Life, as they say, is simply one huge university and we its eternal students. It's the wheel of learning that continues to turn..... learning, unlearning, relearning. That, my dear friends, is by God's design. It never stops.

But mind you it will..... if you close your heart.
Be blessed and stay blessed.


  1. Ellen,

    I fully agree that learning is never ending process and we are given lessons by each & everything in the world. Remember the story of King Bruce and the spider?

    Take care

  2. It sure is, Jack. Thanks for your sharing. Hope you have a wonderful day. :-)


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