Wednesday, March 30, 2016


That was a long vacation, wasn't it? (Lenten season) Now we're back down to our regular normal routine. Live, work, play, pray, and love. I'll add one more thing to that --- write.
Awhile ago with nothing much to do I sat on the sofa and watched the CNN interview of US presidential candidate Kasich. I was impressed in some by the man but what truly stuck to my mind was this line.....
Kasich: "We need to live a life bigger than ourselves.".
I like that. He spoke my own thoughts. You see, after we're done with our personal pursuits (all are good; don't let anyone tell you that it's bad) and come to that place in our lives wherein we feel content, happy, accomplished..... then the time becomes ripe to set our sights on something else other than ourselves. Or bigger than ourselves.
We now should begin to put to use what we have become (mature, wise, learned, educated, enlightened, smart, etc) .......and with what we have (talents, skills, wisdom, resources, wealth, etc) for something bigger. Or in service to a bigger cause..... or with each other.
But wait...... When we speak of 'serve'... you must be thinking along the lines and likes of ----- philanthropists..... Mother Teresa..... charities..... NGOs..... medical or humanitarian missions..... or tangible substantial donations to a worthy cause..... and more. Yes, to all that -- Well, maybe one or two or a bit of everything on a grand or grander scale, if you can. All is well and good. But really not necessarily in that manner prescribed every time. Admittedly some can and some cannot.
Maybe this is what it means, too....
- A nurse who goes out of her way to care for a patient or who never lacks a kind word to say to his family
- A doctor who goes the extra mile to help restore his patient back to health without thought of added compensation
- A teacher who on seeing a student's potential pushes him or her to become better or best in class
- A person who does not throw his trash unto his neighbor's garbage can or gutter or yard or property
- A driver who obeys traffic rules and respects the rights of fellow motorists on the road
- A pedestrian who crosses on the proper lanes set for pedestrians
- A taxi driver who turns over to the proper authorities a bag left behind by his passenger
- A businessman who does not overprice his goods
- A person who does not cheat or steal or lie or bully someone
- A person who understands and cares for the environment
- A person who cares for our four-legged friends
- A person of faith in thought, word, and deed
- A person who strives constantly to give his best to every task
- A person who is kind and compassionate to the underprivileged
- A parent who disciplines and teaches his children to embrace good character values
- A politician who works for the greater good putting his interests last
---- and many more.

Deeds or actions which may even be considered by many as insignificant or taken for granted ofttimes unnoticed but truly in serious retrospect are worth more than all the gold in the world combined!
"Take time to be of courage and be kind." ---- Beautiful lines spoken in the movie "Cinderella" shown on TV two nights ago. I watched it with my eldest daughter. In fact, we saw that movie twice already.
I also remember this from Mom long ago .... " Caring for others is caring for yourself, too. But caring for yourself does not always redound to caring for others. "

Oh but we need to live a life bigger than ourselves. We are children of God and we are created for greatness, right? Don't sell yourself short.
May God bless you with good health, great opportunities, and joy for every good reason and in every measure big and small. In Christ. 

This photo was taken by my eldest daughter at the Shrine of St. Therese (in the airport and Resorts World area) .. one of the seven churches we visited (Bisita Iglesia) during this Holy Week observance.


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