Friday, April 8, 2016


Life is not all fun and stuff. You know that. I know that. We all know that. There are the times when you wished you were somewhere else... perhaps the moon or mars!? I do. Particularly when people come into my space without the slightest good intent. Oh yes, the world is made up of both the good and the bad. A famous writer (whose name I forgot now) once said that "..... a person has both the good and the bad in him and he is defined by the choices he makes".
Okay, following that line of thinking -- then when that person who with all of his sanity and humanity chose to be mean to me -- therefore he is a bad person. On the other hand, another person who chose to be kind, sympathetic and helpful to my plight -- therefore is a good person. And then when I want to bash into smithereens the head of the bad person and reward with kindness the good person --- I am then both good and bad. Simple lang noh?!!
But... I chose not to be bad in my responses to such situations; I wasn't raised that way. Besides I believe in a Divine Presence who sees everything and gives to every person according to what he or she deserves, both good and bad. So there!
I have learned so much from Mom. She was all-patient, forgiving, generous, tough, resourceful, long-suffering, but of such staunch faith in her belief in the Divine whose fairness in all things can be depended upon. The results she may have expected or prayed for may have come not promptly as she hoped for but her faith always was proven right. God has His ways, in His time. I saw that in her life. I was made sad though that she didn't live long enough to see her vindication. But I was glad that God honored her faith. In all things.
I have loved this from the first time I heard it from the movie "Cinderella" ---- "Be of good courage and be kind". That movie now is among the very top on my list of favorites.
It reminded me of Mom... the story of her life. Courage in a tough life and kindness of a heart which knew how to understand.
Never mind the bad people and things and stuff which come into your life. But choose your responses to it. Your responses will define who you are. And.. God sees what people may not see nor understand. That is sufficient.
God bless you.


  1. Hello,

    Fantastic quotes and a very inspiring post. I agree that we have both good side and bad side and everything depends on the choices that we make.

    Our life is certainly made of choices and if we make good choices we will be rewarded and if we make bad choices we will be punished.

    All great people have made good choices and all evil people have made bad choices.

    God has given us the power to choose among many alternatives and our position in life depends on the choices we made. It is imperative that we make good choices.

    You mum is a great person and worthy of emulation.

    Best wishes

    1. Hi Jack!

      I agree to those things you've said... and especially this -- "God has given us the power to choose among many alternatives and our position in life depends on the choices we made. It is imperative that we make good choices."

      Thank you, too, for your kind words about Mom. Delighted by it.

      God bless you and your family.


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