Tuesday, September 27, 2016



So what do we do when that comes to our day and life?

Maybe I will be hearing replies like.... 'not much' - 'I don't know' - 'who cares' - 'so what' - or other soul-wrenching remark such as 'life is mean and cruel'.

Some of us will simply grit their teeth - shrug their shoulders - or feign strength and courage as they carry their burdens and woes inside their backpacks while traveling down life's weary road.

Others will pray.

Allow me some thoughts.....

Whoever you are or may be... no matter your brilliance, wealth, beauty, power, or influence.... no matter your race,color, or creed

I believe that Someone still stands over you.... watching, guiding, protecting, and making sure that everything comes out right with you and your world.


All according to His design, reasons, and plans for you. Do not try to read His thoughts or reasons or plans because these are way beyond your own understanding. Way beyond human understanding.

We, as mere puny individuals or people, are reminded every now and then in a diversity of ways He can devise (painful or not) of one simple task He asks in return ---- to have faith. He would be mighty pleased even with just one tiny-mustard-seed-size of faith!

That is all that would take to open the gates of heaven and release bountiful blessings as He promised. That kind of faith which keeps its eyes firmly set on Him... no matter what the world does to shake it up. No matter what the world does to make you think and feel that there is no Divine Presence in this ugly world, ugly people, and ugly life

And we struggle with that.. simple as it may seem. Why? Because we are a culture of 'instant coffee' ---- we want everything pronto! Solutions must come with a snap of our fingers and it must solve our problems ... instantly!! .We don't want to wait because waiting would mean suffering some more. .We don't want to suffer. I know this to be true. Life has shown me much of suffering.

Our greatest enemy is ourselves.

Yet, He does not give up on us so easily. Pheww! .. thank God for that!

Instead..... He says (and I am quoting this from my favorite book)

 "How I love you! How I lavish my love upon you in great generous helpings! The love of God is boundless, unequaled, in all the universe. None can slip from my grasp, none can go beyond my love, for there are no limits, no conditions to the tremendous love of God. Rest easy in this love. Curl up and rest easy each and every moment of your life. I am with you, I am beside you, I am with you. I am the great 'I AM'. Never do you walk alone, never do you work alone, never do you breathe a breath without Me, without my watchful love surrounding you, cushioning you from all of life's blows."
(Quote lifted from the book "Good Morning... God", by Pamela Steinke)

TREMENDOUS LOVE. Where else can you find that?

And because of His magnificent love we continue to have hope... keep on building new dreams... persevere with our faith... renew our strengths and courage... and believe again and again.

I hope this helps you with your not so peaceful day or days (when it comes). As it has helped me in mine. God bless you.

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  1. A good article.Surrender unto Him in full faith that He will protect you.This unshakeable faith in Him will take us smoothly in the life's journey.He knows what is best for us, good or bad,Never question Him for it indicates your faith is not total.Surely,it requires lot of effort and practice to achieve this state of surrender.

    1. Your wisdom is most welcome and appreciated, KP. Your words here shine like a diamond to the eyes of the mind and heart. Typically you! Thank you for your lovely visit. God bless you and your family.


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