Wednesday, February 28, 2018


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As an old friend once said.... "You choose your wine." He loved wine, of course. And certainly pointed out to me that there are wines .. and wines. Meaning that there's a wide array of wines to choose from whatever your taste may be. Good wines, bad wines, mediocre ones, excellent ones. Top of the line or those pretending-to-be-wines. Haha if there is such a thing. But choose, he says.
But it led me to think.....
He said "Choose". Agree. Life is always about choices, like it or not. But it's only on two planes ----- the good and the bad. Choose. It's one or the other. No in-between.

From sunrise to sunset. With big issues or small issues. Everyday. Whoever you are-whatever you may be. Young or old ...and older. Smart or not-so-smart. Rich or poor. Working in the corporate world or on back-breaking jobs at the construction site. Local employment or as an OFW in a foreign country out there in the world. Hero or thief. CEO or street sweeper. Friends or enemies. Male, female, or LGBT. None exempted nor excluded. The rule of the universe.
Life is what we make it. We are tasked to choose wisely. Life goes good for us because we choose wisely. Life goes bad because of wrong choices. Thus called mistakes.
Can mistakes be undone? I don't think so. Instead, I think, we should better strive to learn from it and turn it into precious gems of learning - growth - development - improvement - progress. For our benefit --- in becoming better persons than the persons that we were yesterday. 👍And this, I think, we're also tasked to make by HIM above. By Divine Design.

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