Monday, April 20, 2009

LIVING IN PEACE - Our pets MIKO the cat and MAXIE the dog

Yes, Miko and Maxie live together in peace and great friendship. Sometimes Miko thinks he's a dog and Maxie thinks she's a cat -- a case of confused identity, we guess :-) But it's adorable to see them smash to smithereens those age-old tales of cats and dogs as 'mortal enemies'.

That puts us humans to shame. We pride ourselves in being intelligent and smart -- exquisite creatures of God but we can't even learn to live in peace with each other. Instead we feverishly build create invent or put up huge walls - barriers - boundaries just to keep other people at bay. We don't want to touch them... nor do we want to be touched by them. We suspect them, anything, everything --- cultures, religion, policies. education, size, shape, color, habits, intentions, standards, motivations, and everything else we could think of under the sun.

We can't even talk straight or honestly express our true sentiments over important issues -- without being subjected to doubts or suspicions or judgments. We don't even know how to engage in friendly disagreement. Impossible? Nah, it's possible if only we want to.

Don't you think it's wearying putting up numerous walls, visible or invisible, and fighting fiercely to keep them there?