Monday, September 10, 2018


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One bleak afternoon long, long ago I was sitting on a weather-beaten wooden bench under my grandma's guava tree. Oh well, not even a lush green tree for some good shade but a guava tree with sparse foliage and nary a fruit in sight that I could even pick and munch on while contemplating the universe.

Life was rough and I wasn't even too sure that I'd get somewhere... anywhere. You know the feeling i.e. struggling uphill, coming up to a huge wall, or coming face to face with a dead-end. It's like you have suddenly become life's least loved child or life's favorite punching bag. I sat there defeated and brokenhearted. As tears rolled down my cheeks I suddenly felt a hand on my shoulder.

Mom sat down and said......

"I can't promise you that things will become better; I can't see that far nor I live that long. And my heart is just as weary as yours is now. But I have lived long enough to say that things will change.

What you need to understand is this.....

All of these about life, both the good and bad, are all meant for your shaping of character. Take it all in and learn where you should learn. Be strong where you should be strong. Be brave where you should be brave. Be good where you should be good. And be gentle with yourself, too. Learn to rest when you should.

Essentially, remember to be kind. Do not think that your pain entitles you to be mean at others or at the world. You cannot do that; you do not know what they are going through in their own lives. Everybody goes through some struggle or another. None exempted. But they sometimes keep it to themselves. Being kind means that you do understand. Reach out to them whenever you can and help ease their pain.

And for those who cause you pain, who make life miserable for you (it happens to the best of us), look at them with an open mind and heart and know that they too may be going through perhaps odd and tough circumstances in their own lives and lash out in the only way (unpleasant as it may be) they know how. Difficult as it may be turn your back on them for surely they will suffer the consequences of their own bad. That being the law of the universe. "Whatsoever you shall sow, so shall you reap."

Pray. Without God you (we) are nothing. With God, there is hope....potential....possibilities....miracles.... joy.... blessings.... continuity of life.

All these things you should be in your character. These are the very things life teaches you. Life's aim is to create a better you. It does this day after day after day. You will one day become your highest potential and good. On the condition that you learn all that you should be learning.

It is alright to cry. When you're done, give the day.. life.. your best shot once more. And do it again tomorrow and the next and the next. Okay?"

I love my mom --- my hero.❤️💕💖💖
God and mom..... quite a team, aye?😇🌹

Saturday, September 8, 2018



--- My mom held expectations for me in her heart. Perhaps the same way her mom had hers for her daughter in their time. Mom, though poor, persevered and graduated, but I didn't know if teaching was her dream job, and she married before 30. 🌷

I think I've missed a few things in her list. Life had other plans for me and laid down challenges on the table which were stoically meant for me to hurdle. Not always easy; I had my share of hurt and pain but something was undoubtedly happening. I sensed my life moving... evolving.  I can  understand it now as I look back to it all. 🌷

Yes, I better understand it now that a mother's expectations though with good intent and love isn't the only formula to life and living. 🌷

Because life is not all about what others may think is best for you. Rather it should be lived according to you in your own lived circumstances... in your own allotted time and space and moments... in your best of who you are and what you are, by God's design. God, by the way, always knows best.🌷

Happy in the heart. I hope wiser too. It's still an imperfect life --- but, Mom, it's a good one.💕🌷🤗

Sunday, September 2, 2018


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-- Youngest daughter took me out on a date Sunday @Power Plant Mall, Makati. My first to go that far in the big city. Well, I hate the famous monstrous traffic down Edsa, that's why. But this time I got a big surprise as we easily cruised along Edsa in good time. Maybe because 'twas a Sunday?😉 Anyway, lots to see -- new buildings that weren't there before. Heyy when was the last time anyway?!?! 

😁But I was more entertained by people-watching. Funny, they seem to look the same...a pair of eyes, a pair of ears some having them sticking out the sides of their faces - others falling flat you wouldn't know they're there, a nose that would be very Asian and in some revealing a streak of foreign intervention, and lips that are either thick or thin..droopy or curved up eternally in a smile. They passed my view like a movie as we drove past them. And all amused me in great measureWon't miss it for a million dollars.. hala sigue pesos na lang😁

At the mall..when you see one you've seen them all. Noticed that nobody really goes there to buy. Not everybody really. Not many are seen with packages tucked under their arm or shopping bags hanging down their side. Instead the mall becomes something like a make paseo with the family, lovers, barkada, or by your lonesome self or eat in choice restaurants which abound to suit every taste and pleasure. It has become a go-to place for some rest and recreation or to relieve stress.

Wish that we had honest-to-goodness natural parks for that purpose. Business always finds a way of diluting our senses of fun, leisure, and pleasure. We stand helpless as government decides on the side of money and revenues. Plus the fact that we don't have much open land left for it after the huge buildings have been built.🤔 That's the downside of city life and living.

On the upside part of our mother-daughter date, I can say that lunch was scrumptious @Dean and Deluca. Malen's beef was tender and juicy although a wee bit spicy to my taste. My truffles pasta was savory with every bite.🍽😊

Feeling sated and content after that hearty meal, I ticked off quite a list of Thank You's in my mind to the wonderful guy upstairs🌷for the million-and-one things we often take for granted. Count in the wonderful weather, the fun and laughter in the car, the music played which accompanied the long drive, the beautiful sky above, and the gift of family. The gift of a daughter's love♥️🌷