Friday, November 21, 2008


Having the drive and being driven are two things different. The first one is good, we all know that; it takes you to your dreams; it provides you with the much needed push to plod on persistently towards ambition and dreams. The latter, on the other hand, can make you --- self-destruct. You don’t believe that? I don’t blame you. You must have seen people so driven in their desire to make good and got it. But, you know what, that’s not the whole story. Behind that you will find heartbreaking stories that will rend your heart --- broken families and relationships due to neglect, deprivation, false hopes, unmet expectations, with dear ones and fond ideals ignored – all cast aside as last on one’s priority list. Just because something else comes to you which you think needs you most does not give you the right to do that to the people you love. Because the people around you are part of you; you cannot leave them behind or shelve them, albeit temporarily, just because you are on something important. What’s more important than the people you love – they who mean the world to you – they who help shape who you are – they who stand steadfast and devoted to you regardless? So why not take them with you – involve them in your quest, share with them your joys and sorrows and hardships – keep them close because only they can love you best when you become possibly quite ‘unlovable’ (oh yes, that will happen) through that long arduous grueling demanding journey.

Have the drive, that’s wonderful. It can take you to great and greater heights. Don’t be too driven though because that can be your own downfall - it won’t let you think of anything else. Remember that life isn’t all about things; it’s mostly and primarily about people – especially the ones after your heart.

Monday, November 10, 2008


A small group of college kids sat at a table not far from mine. They were visibly glued to the screen of their friend’s laptop and seeing the expressions on their faces I could gather that something engaged their full attention. Now that pricked my curiosity - A weakness I must admit to having because it always becomes a good resource for writing. Luckily they were close enough for me to snatch bits of their conversation. Is that being nosey? Yes because it should be none of my business… and no because they were talking in loud voices anyway. It bothered the other folks around their table I could see. Oh well, but I was intent to gathering the ‘gems’. So then let’s continue. :-)

This exchange overheard got me particularly interested.

College boy 1: Hey this is terrific, makes sense. He’s got it all figured out that it looks so easy.

College boy 2: It’s a good one, yeah. But some big guy has said that before in a book. It’s not new.

Apparently they were viewing a blog (I caught a glimpse of the screen when the laptop was moved to a particular angle for their better viewing) and seemed impressed by it. But one guy’s remark though dropped the bomb.

“It’s not new.”

Oh but what is or isn’t new? When a person says something and the idea doesn’t seem fresh or original to us, must we straight away or hastily label it as ‘not new’? C’mon, don’t be too quick on that one because even if it were not new, literally, there is still something in there which we should give credit for.

When we see something which we like or appreciate so much and decide to embrace it, that thing becomes ours. This old idea or something takes on a new life with us - Because it will then gain or put on the thoughts, expression, passion, emotions, experience, or insights we would then be honestly pouring into it and as we use it in our daily association with others. Thus it will grow expand and become like new again in our hands. This is what we should try to see. Frankly, whatever we hear or read now has been spoken or written long before in our history. Our thoughts now were somebody else’s thoughts thousands of years ago but retold in so many different ways many times over and will go on and on unto generations coming one after the other. It will have many lives for as long as civilization exists.

I marvel at the many articles and books written on one same subject by different writers and authors but each brilliant as the other in both sameness and diversity. Amazing, isn’t it? You see, it’s not the story but the storyteller… not the song but the singer… not the writing but the writer … it’s the person behind the telling who lends anything its freshness every time. It’s always worth listening to. So then something old is something new too. Pay attention to who’s telling it.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


I just can’t seem to crack this hard nut who happens to be my nephew. You see he has this idea that his golden opportunity is out there in a faraway rich country. So he wants to leave his job and fly out to his perceived land of milk and honey. I told him that it’s not always true, now he looks at me like I was a two-headed monster from outer space – especially when I said that this much sought after opportunity is already there in him, that he doesn’t have to go far to find it. He still doesn’t get it, he thinks I’m weird. So then where’d he get that idea? --No, not of me being weird lols (but I think I am sometimes lols)… but of seeking elsewhere for that good stuff desired by many. So what’s wrong here? Did school do that to him - or did his parents - or media? Who told him that this opportunity can only be found in a strange foreign land just because your friend has gone there before you, in an unfamiliar job that sucks even if it pays well, in high ranking positions and titles which has ‘corrupt’ attached to its name, or in the connections or ‘padrinos’ we are told we must have? Oh those may have their uses as some of us know but look again please and see that these external things are not the opportunities per se but simply the tools with which opportunity operates to accomplish goals, ambitions, or dreams. One word of caution though – choose wisely your tools okay?

Yes, I’ll say it again it’s already there in you and just waiting to be raised to the fore of your life and be set to work in creating your miracles for you. The opportunity within you is that tough strength you possess in coping with life’s trials and tribulations… the diligence and perseverance you arm yourself with in staying on track despite insurmountable obstacles… the intelligence of discovering creating or paving new ways or roads towards your dreams… the patience and wisdom of knowing that life is indeed tough but that you are tougher. Whatever you possess within you and that which pushes you towards excellence and achievement is that thing called opportunity. It’s right there in you alone. So then why not harness that and get it working for you now instead of pining away for a far-off land which you can’t even be sure would give you your dreams. You alone have the power to make your dreams come true wherever you are whatever you do --- it’s not found outside of you but within. And in case you forget or have forgotten, God put it there!

"The golden opportunity you are seeking is in yourself. It is not in your environment; it is not in luck or chance, or the help of others; it is in yourself alone." - Orison Swett Marden

Monday, November 3, 2008


"The dinosaur's eloquent lesson is that if some bigness is good, an overabundance of bigness is not necessarily better." -- Eric Johnston

Let me interpret that on the context of an overblown-up ego. -Those whom the gods wish to destroy - they first make proud. I’m sure you have come across that famous line before. Ego and pride indeed has no merit in itself except turn a person into a stupid fool. Here’s this guy with a smug look on his face buoyed up by a successful sales pitch which his staff toiled over the night before. (Give credit where it’s due, man!) Or this young woman who clawed her way up the ladder and now sits in her own office on the seventh floor. (So how many heads did you step on --on the way up, kiddo?!)

You know, if a person is good then everybody will see that – the same thing when he is bad -- It’s easy. Praise or accolade must be deserved; you can’t steal or buy that. Let your deeds speak for you (not your power or position) or better yet let others do it for you. Besides you’ll get what you truly deserve good or bad, it’ll catch up with you sooner or later. So be careful cos that’s how the universe operates. 'Whatsoever you shall sow, so shall you reap!'

There’s just this one thing that you should understand, that we all should understand – that God made you (us) … so then you (we) must be special! Now with that said, let’s go back to the business of being special for others. If there’s anything which will make you feel good about yourself, it’s being a blessing to others. You’ll be surprised how the good vibes get back to you a thousand fold. Be blessed!