Sunday, December 25, 2016


To my wonderful friends/readers 
here in Blogspot, 
visible and invisible..... 

May the joy, peace and blessing 
of the Holy Family 
fill your homes this Christmas 
and remain in your hearts 


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Monday, December 19, 2016


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A good friend just recently asked this question on the phone...... "Asan siya kung kelangan ko siya?" Well, as the chat carried on I learned it was God she was referring to. Translated she meant -- 'Where is God when I need Him?' -- I countered though gently that I was the wrong person to ask that question to.
She became silent. And I got worried. So I encouraged her to talk... vent out whatever it was that was bothering her in that moment it seemed. I got what I asked for .... a long line of woes that if you strung each to the other it would circle the globe! Twice if you let it.
Well, that's as much as I can tell about my dear friend. Oh don't worry about her because after much nudging she finally went to see their family's friend-priest. She'll be fine.
My friend is so much like the rest of us... some of us.... most of us, in small or big measure, vocally or quietly in the silence of our hearts. We do it all the time...or at some time in our lives.. in dire situations of fear, desperation, hopelessness, anger, misery, and overwhelming loss. Punching bag natin lagi si God. We always blame Him for the seemingly unfathomable problems of our lives and of the world. We always blame Him for those things we do not, cannot or fail to understand. Why this? Why that? Why me? Why my loved ones?
But, I think, nobody alive can provide you with the answers you may be seeking, wanting or needing. Not from people anyway, I think. I understand it as something which is between you and your God. Like I pose my own share of mind-boggling questions to Him, too.
Now you might wonder, too, if I get answers to those questions. Well, I think I do or I did but not in the way I want it or wanted it. And not at the time I needed it. It doesn't happen that way. God does things HIS WAY.
I have learned that everything is all up to Him really. . We are only asked to ... believe, trust, and be of good faith. He answers but to see the answers we must learn to see them through His eyes. That is the real challenge.
Why am I writing about this now? I feel for my friend and I want to say that she need not feel strange or weird for feeling the way she does. She's not alone. People are the same everywhere, basically. We simply try to cope in a diversity of ways with who we are and what we know...... and how we relate to our God.
Blessings to you, everyone!