Saturday, July 14, 2018


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Cruised down the TV channels this early morning and stumbled on this program of Bo Sanchez of the Kerygma community. Many things he said but one line caught my attention......

"Do not pretend to be strong"

What he meant was not to choose to be alone in your misery. Reach out and connect, seek help. Prayer is fine but God also sends out helpers to help you.

Then again here's also from other preachers who say "Be strong" with such conviction.

But then.......

'pretending to be strong' and 'being strong' are two things different. Right?

Made me think....

We know that 'pretending to be someone or something which you are not and don't feel' won't get you anywhere. We know that. But still some do dip their fingers into that sea hoping that they would catch tons of fish for themselves. The fact is the sea of pretense and falsehood is what it is... false. Whatever you build or create out of falsehood stands on flimsy foundation. As a result... relationships crumble, trust is destroyed, businesses flounder, respect disintegrates, love demolished without any thought. Nothing is real or lasting nor enduring. And you'll find yourself so much more alone that you ever planned to be.

Being strong is who you are when in-spite of bad fortune and bad relationships, you stand with both feet on firm ground unafraid, authentic and true. You make choices which lead you to a better life, help you heal, take you to higher ground of accomplishment, lead you to new doors of opportunities, and connect with people who truly care and love you. Being strong is knowing your own weaknesses and strength and working on that which helps you grow, progress, and mature. Being strong is deciding to live life on your own terms and not those dictated or imposed upon you by anyone or by some dire circumstance. Being strong is being you..... by divine design. And that makes God truly happy and proud.

By the way, if and when in your life you go through some difficulty, big or small, just say this with your heart ---- "I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength". (I should know because I have tried it often and it works all the time)😇

God bless you, friends. Remember you are never alone. Never🌹 And remember also to be kind. Pay kindness forward.


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-- Gratitude is such a feel-good-feeling from the top of your head down to the soles of your feet. It transforms how you look at people, things, experiences, the bigger world outside big and small. It lends fresh enlightenment and understanding on how every part and speck of creation tangible and intangible fits into the bigger tapestry of life and how it shapes your own tiny world.

'Thank you'. It's a wonderful word. Say it often. Specially to the BIG GUY upstairs.

And yes, thank you for dropping by my page. God bless you.  


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--- Sometimes I would look up for no reason. More often than not I get pretty good surprises. Like this massive tree with its branches spread out wide making such interesting images against the sky. It took my breath away. 😙😚😗

(This photo was taken by daughter with her phone-cam while we waited for our ride outside the gates of the Pink Sisters Convent)🌷