Friday, January 20, 2017


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Started early today with my morning walk. When I looked up to the sky, I saw that it was the least inviting... overcast, cloudy, a bit moody and all that. But I had to have my walk, so thus commanded my feet to get moving quick! Not a very long walk this time though because I was a bit worried that it might suddenly rain and certainly wouldn't want to get caught in that. 

The neighborhood looked the same.. but who knows really! Much is happening in Mother Nature's wonderful world by the minute-by the hour. Birth.. growth... and decline. So much like the human world and existence, too. Not many familiar faces out on the streets now. I guess the weather has something to do with that.

So finally got back to my house, but before I could take off my walking gear.... a strong wind blew, rattled the treetops, hinawi ang mga ulap, and out came the sun!! Shining brightly! Oh yeah, Mother Nature knows how to play jokes, too, doesn't she!? This one she played on me! 

Well, I missed out on my morning sun... but I got my morning walk still. Beautiful pleasant day to start with! Despite the initial bump to it.

There's a balance of good and bad in life. Certainly we get affected by that. Delighted are we when in the midst of misery suddenly some piece of glad tidings glide in. On the other hand, it crushes us when our happiness gets its shower of bad news unexpectedly.

An old friend said this long ago..... "When that happens, you only have to ride the wind... go with the flow... because it will pass. Both the good and the bad. In whatever degree it will affect you it will pass. Still."

I guess that was what Mother Nature was trying to say to me this morning. But I also know this --- that even on a cloudy day the blue sky is still there. Right, Mother Nature? Lesson learned.... and thanks!

P.S. Just now I looked out my window...... and a gorgeous lovely blue sky I see! 


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Heard this spoken by a friend on the phone....... 

'Huy, mahirap mag-Facebook ah, kelangan smart ka at sumakay ka sa trend dito. Makisabay ka at wag kang papalag.' - (Not easy doing Facebook. You've to be smart and ride on the trend or bandwagon. Blend in.)

That made me think but also remembered that I had heard that line from another friend before. So I hastily made my way back to my files to rummage for this particular post. Found it! I was about to read it to her on the phone but she stopped me with..... "Ipadala mo sa email ko yan. Antayin ko!" (Send that to my email. I'll wait!) So I did.  I'd like to share it with you, too.

Whatever one says here, I believe, comes from one's history. A person thinks-speaks-acts according to, dictated by, and gathered from his past - his personal history - which shaped and continually shapes him in the present.
Everybody has a story to tell. It could be light, heavy, sad, scary, silly, naughty or nice. Everybody has something to say. Sometimes you may not like what is being said nor appreciate the views being presented but he owns it. In the same manner that you yourself have your own version or understanding of things, of life, of people, and of the world... And because you respect the person you try to understand where all that is coming from. 

By listening to a huge diversity of personalities and characters, I think I have gathered enough to have learned that.....

What is essential perhaps is to learn how to say it right... so that people don't walk away embarrassed, disgusted, offended, belittled, diminished -- and will instead stop and listen to joy, faith, hope, love, courage, humor, comradeship, learning, and positivity.

The rule, as I understand it, is not to tear people down...but rather to build them up. The world has enough of wars to keep it busy through the changes of time and season and reason.. Surely we need not have to add to those things which we know only serve to destroy peace and harmony, within and without.

"Don't try to figure out what other people want to hear from you; figure out what you have to say. It's the one and only thing you have to offer." ------- Barbara Kingslover

Friday, January 13, 2017


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I was going through my old files, sorting through it with the intent of ridding it of non-essentials. This made me think. Non-essentials --– if you think about it you will understand that there are indeed plenty in your store of life and living… the accumulated bits and pieces that you might be better off without. But of course you wouldn’t want to deal with that when you are young for the simple fact that you are so attached to it. Even if conscience tells you to be done with it.

The thing is when you get older or have grown older you get this feeling that something inside of you has changed. What was isn't anymore. What may have been important to you back then may not be anymore many years after. It’s sad but its importance or relevance has waned or diminished, its attraction fizzled out or maybe gone in some. It seemed to have lost its life. Holding on to it, you get to realize, has now become dead weight.

So I am now on a fresh and determined journey of ridding my store of dead weight. Some people may have a name for it but I am calling it change.

Change is something you cannot fight. Maybe you can delay it, dilute it, mask it, or give it another name perhaps but change it still is. And I’m starting with my files.

This morning’s activity though came to a brief halt when…….

I stumbled on this piece of writing paper and on it were printed these words. Now it made no mention of its source or of who wrote it so I guessed that it was quoted from something. Here it is by an anonymous writer. A wonderful piece that made sense back then, still does in the present and I guess will continue to do its job of imparting its precious wisdom to anyone who stops awhile, pay attention, and learn.


Some of us have our prejudices, some of us have our biases. Some of us, no matter how old we become, remain childish. We continue to select only those things we want to listen to.

But in doing this, we also lose.

Everybody is in the same boat. All of us do not know everything but, we can listen.

Because we have a lot to learn from people for whom we think we have no respect.

Who are the people for whom we have no respect? For whom we have incorrigible biases? People for who we think we have nothing to learn from?

Think well and hard.

We will have a lot to learn from these unexpected teachers.

(Author Unknown)


Have a great and blessed day, folks. Siksik, liglig, at umaapaw pa!


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Last night my youngest daughter nudged me to go out to the patio, sit there and savor my warm cup of chamomile tea, enjoy the early evening with my dog Maxie. So I pulled out the monobloc (that's what we call a two-sitter plastic chair), placed a sheet over it and ordered Maxie to get on it with an 'Up, girl!'.... and she did. Then we sat side by side on the monobloc with Maxie sending out an audible sigh of contentment as she settled in. This chair has been with us for years now, old and worn, but still in one piece doing its job well in providing us and our pet dogs rest and comfort. Has undergone a repaint job before but now looks like it needs another one and soon. Sometimes old things are a comfort to keep.
A slight evening breeze blew... so refreshing to the senses. Looked up to the evening skies and saw a solitary star shining brightly. I guess the others would be coming out soon. Just one star but it was enough to make me smile. Similarly, imagine what a single good thought or deed can do to someone, near or far.
Another year is unfolding in our lives. Should we be counting years? Again? Nope, not anymore. Yes, we used to do that with our old selves. I think we have gained wisdom through the years to learn to shed all that. Change.
This time we will be doing it differently. We will be counting moments. Precious moments which take our breath away.
Like last night.

Sunday, December 25, 2016


To my wonderful friends/readers 
here in Blogspot, 
visible and invisible..... 

May the joy, peace and blessing 
of the Holy Family 
fill your homes this Christmas 
and remain in your hearts 


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Monday, December 19, 2016


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A good friend just recently asked this question on the phone...... "Asan siya kung kelangan ko siya?" Well, as the chat carried on I learned it was God she was referring to. Translated she meant -- 'Where is God when I need Him?' -- I countered though gently that I was the wrong person to ask that question to.
She became silent. And I got worried. So I encouraged her to talk... vent out whatever it was that was bothering her in that moment it seemed. I got what I asked for .... a long line of woes that if you strung each to the other it would circle the globe! Twice if you let it.
Well, that's as much as I can tell about my dear friend. Oh don't worry about her because after much nudging she finally went to see their family's friend-priest. She'll be fine.
My friend is so much like the rest of us... some of us.... most of us, in small or big measure, vocally or quietly in the silence of our hearts. We do it all the time...or at some time in our lives.. in dire situations of fear, desperation, hopelessness, anger, misery, and overwhelming loss. Punching bag natin lagi si God. We always blame Him for the seemingly unfathomable problems of our lives and of the world. We always blame Him for those things we do not, cannot or fail to understand. Why this? Why that? Why me? Why my loved ones?
But, I think, nobody alive can provide you with the answers you may be seeking, wanting or needing. Not from people anyway, I think. I understand it as something which is between you and your God. Like I pose my own share of mind-boggling questions to Him, too.
Now you might wonder, too, if I get answers to those questions. Well, I think I do or I did but not in the way I want it or wanted it. And not at the time I needed it. It doesn't happen that way. God does things HIS WAY.
I have learned that everything is all up to Him really. . We are only asked to ... believe, trust, and be of good faith. He answers but to see the answers we must learn to see them through His eyes. That is the real challenge.
Why am I writing about this now? I feel for my friend and I want to say that she need not feel strange or weird for feeling the way she does. She's not alone. People are the same everywhere, basically. We simply try to cope in a diversity of ways with who we are and what we know...... and how we relate to our God.
Blessings to you, everyone!

Friday, November 25, 2016



 --- Do you know why I love road trips,especially out there in the provinces? It's the pleasure of gazing at a wide expanse of meadows and fields and of the blue skies that I love. Blue skies punctuated with clouds white and light, stationary or in flight. Add to that the landscape of mountain ranges and the rich greens of trees and forests and the magnificence of the plant kingdom. There's nothing like it.

These were my thoughts when I painted this back then. And it has been a constant theme in my paintings.... the diversity of Mother Nature's landscape. She's a beauty and always will be to my eyes, heart and mind. I love her and always will.

I'm bringing this here to share with you who, I believe, also share the love for Mother Nature.

Thank you.



--------- We know that life is short. That all that is given us by the Divine is ... today. The present time wherein we live our truest selves... good or bad. Yet I also think that we still are given the choice to plan or manage it according to our preferences or likes or dreams or goals. But when you or me or they are through with all of that and soon realize that, like it or not. life is not all about us though it seems or appears to be --- we come to a halt and think about it. Because life is truly not just all about you or me..... not about our individual preferences in clothes, shoes, books, cars, hobbies, talent, career, profession, food, vacation, job, travel destination, people etc.... Life is so much more than that!
Because life is also about sunsets and sunrises... seas and oceans... forests and mountains... plants and animals of such rich diversity... countries and their domestic concerns... universal problems... diversity of culture and race... differences in all the areas of life and living where people inhabit... and so much more.
These things fill up our day. With and through all these we learn... unlearn... and relearn. These are the very things that make up a day in the life of a person. And the very things which help or make us grow. But that also depends on you .. on us.... respectively. We alone can make our day matter... or not. We alone can make the day and life worth living... or not. We alone can decide whether to continue living in our ivory towers and comfort zones or go down and out where real living is.
Still..... whatever may be there in our minds and hearts gathered through the years, we must each strive or aspire to live life today as if it was our last day on this lovely planet. Live ---- love ---- learn ---- and grow not just the self but for others, too. Because today... the present day... is indeed special. Special means, I think, living it with the rest of humankind. By God's design.

Friday, November 11, 2016



I certainly agree with the above quote.

It's the person not the circumstance, not his money nor connections, not his education nor titles.  These temporal material things don't matter really where it matters most although these may have their uses, too.  But when you are up with tough challenges, it's really who you are which will define how it's all going to end.  Or how the battles will be won.. or lost.