Thursday, July 26, 2012


Before you think that it's just one for the movies, the truth is it's also what life is about. A wise old man once said (his name skips me at the moment) ... 'joy only comes after we have crossed the threshold of pain'. It's the same as saying with positivity ... 'when you're down the only way is up'.

The threshold of pain is where things that go wrong.. do go wrong.  As expected or unexpectedly. Fortunes fail, jobs lost, marriage breaks down, relationships sour, communication flounders, health crisis, heartbreaks, and other things more which cause the heart to bleed... visibly or not.

These things and more push us to that emotional ledge -- the breaking point.

If you stop to think about this, Somebody has been there before. You know the story. Things didn't turn out the way He expected, people misunderstood Him.. betrayed Him, and He bled with sorrow and heartbroken in a garden alone and lonely. But He prayed on --- persisted in prayer, and stood up once again to bravely face the lonely and hard road ahead. This new strength led Him to His glorious reward .. sitting at the right hand of His FATHER in Heaven.

That's a lovely story. And so much like it will our own stories end. Life as we all know it to be is never easy and there's no way we can skip that part of our lives where we find ourselves standing on that dreaded emotional ledge. But this I know .. that if we listened well to that story it tells us there is a way out. There is a way to step away from that tricky dangerous ledge. It is not the end... but a much needed pause (for lack of a better word but it seems good). The needed pause to take stock of our lives, to reflect, to be renewed recharged energized. And essentially to PRAY. HE did it and succeeded.

We may at some point in our lives find ourselves standing on that lonely ledge... but certainly not alone. And we cannot do anything less than what HE did because truthfully ..... HIS is the blueprint of our earthly lives. Courage and hope is God's message to us.  Too HE promised that HE would always be with us. Such blessed comfort!

Hope you're all having a lovely and blessed week.
Blessings to everyone.

Sunday, July 22, 2012


Read this in my inbox this morning but it's good that I thought to bring it here to share....

"Entire water in the ocean can never sink a ship
Unless it gets inside.
All the pressures of life can never hurt you
Unless you let it in."

Now that's a tough one. Who wouldn't be affected by the pressures of life. Everybody is touched by it in some big or small measure. It can hurt. You just have to look at the status lines on a social site --- it's there life as reflected in every printed word or emotion. Sometimes a person without even saying much reveals even so much more ----- you would see and understand the ripples of the heart beneath it.  How do I know that? Simple. I'm a human being too and whatever it is you're going through I have my share. Maybe differently and in some other measure, but it has the same name..... the pressures of life.

What to do?

Let it roll. It will happen, like it or not. Because it was meant to happen for a reason. Oh you know that. But strangely when in the throes of hurt or pain the brain is numbed to a stop --- it won't think, can't think. So take a deep deep breath... breathe deep -- and exhale all that toxic energy out of your system. Once, twice, several if need be but do it! No it will not make your worries disappear but YES it will recharge you, energize you, give you a lift -- and then say  'THANK YOU!'  to  WHOEVER  it is you always thank when feeling good. No matter if it's just a wee bit good or the teeniest-weeniest good that you feel. It's still good! It's something to be truly thankful for.

Now feeling better, you can start from there. You can change your day, your life, or the world if you think it needs changing. Nothing can hurt you if you won't let it. It's as simple as that. You are in control of your responses to life, you have the power, and most importantly you have the prayer. Pray away!

Have a blessed Sunday, everyone.

Friday, July 20, 2012



Honestly, I look to the sunset for inspiration. And I guess most people do as I see them setting their gaze wistfully on a sunset afar. You'll never see what goes on inside their hearts nor be able to read their minds but this I know --- Hope springs eternal. And none best signifies it than a sunset. Because you certainly know that it will come again in the morn. It never fails. Aside from sunsets being so awesome wherever its setting, it sends off a message of hope and promise ---- for a new beginning, a new day, a new life, a new challenge, a new rising. That as it appears to me is God's message to everyone. Be of steady faith and of good hope.

Now the sun rising in the morn tells you this -------- 'this could be the big day of your dreams -- of your life'. Embrace the day. It's God's gift to you. That's the message of a gorgeous golden SUNRISE. Here are two awesome pictures taken by brilliant professional photographer and friend Larry P. Concepcion.


As a lover of nature and sunsets, I love these two wonderful pictures. Photographer Larry's subjects are as diverse as nature is, of people, or of national issues. Quite an impressive collection there on his fb page. Sheer eloquence and clarity as seen through the eyes of his camera. Thank you, Larry, for these and for sharing.


We usually take clouds for granted.... until we come across exquisite photographs such as these. Then we pay attention. Maybe that's the reason for a Larry P. Concepcion and the rest -- to nudge us to pay attention to God's masterpieces in the sky. (Once again, thank you Larry)

Thursday, July 12, 2012


Love this picture and I fully agree. It's the same thing with the talents God has gifted us with.  Nobody is without talent.. God made sure that each one would be equipped and able for his or her long life journey on earth.  We have it but isn't it strange that some of us can't quite make up our minds what to do with it or how. We seem to be confused. 

You see, this we call life -- it's not so much about us really although it seems to be ..... rather it's all about the love of our Father. And this love HE wants us to image or reflect to one another, with one another.

How we do this is all up to us. He has provided, now we must do our part. Talents, resources .....  it's all there for our taking, for our use.  So then we are also given the chance to take care of our talents, of our selves (nurturing, education, trainings, opportunities, experiences, etc.)  because doing so molds or hones us to become the best person we can ever be. Thus more ready to love well and better or best.

I understand that there is far more that we should be doing that does not have to refer to us (our beauty, intelligence, brilliance and the like) -- but one which will serve as our gate pass to the eternal kingdom.  That's what we all should know in our hearts .. no matter what our minds tell us otherwise.

We have our mission order from the Most High ---- to reflect the love of our Father for all of his creation.... man, animal, living and non-living, good and bad, beautiful, ugly, rich or poor, etc.

But we must and truly must learn how to use our talents and resources for good drawing grace and guidance from the words of our Father.....

John 15:12
New International Version (NIV)

12 My command is this:  Love each other as I have loved you.
May God's blessings beyond measure pour out on everyone. Lovely day!

Thursday, July 5, 2012


It is so true. I can say all I want to say but there is no assurance that the other person would understand my intent very well. Undoubtedly he may come from a different emotional environment or history as mine that his perceptions would certainly differ. We may be looking at the same things but we each would have a different view or interpretation of it. That's so much what transpires in a conversation normally.

I alone am responsible for what I say. My mom would tell me long ago.. 'be careful what you wish for..' -- in the same sense I would be careful what I speak. Besides the other person may be following his own journey to learning what's right or wrong.... something which God and Life are its best teachers .... not me. Be kind to his journey.

The only assurance I can give is that I would honestly try to understand what he would be saying to me. That I shall as best as I can refrain from trying to inject my own personal perceptions (no matter if I was right or tempted to) which could inconsiderately undermine his own beliefs. Mom once asked me this ----- 'wouldn't it be sufficient to yourself to know that you are right?' That made me really think and seriously. Hard as it may be, I believe it still is the best road to take in social interactions. Although it may seem being untrue to oneself, yet it is much better to be kind than correct at most times.There is more to gain with kindness.

But on the level of true friendships which could be said as above the cut, most certainly I would be free to be me in my truest self ... trusting that I would be understood as I intend to be understood. And I would do the same in return. A mutual give-and-take intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually. That's why you're called 'friends'.

Yet on either levels as mentioned above, I believe kindness is and should still be the norm. Why aim to be always right when you know you can't be sure how the other would feel about that.  Besides if you insist, there is a kinder and nicer way to do it. There always is. Be kind anyway.

If God is so kind and patient with me, I guess I can learn to be just as kind and patient with others too.

Wonderful blessings to you and yours. Have a great day.

Sunday, July 1, 2012


There are a lot of things we generally do in life. But topmost on that list is our relationships. Be that with family, social friends, business friends, and even strangers. To it we tend to do different approaches cos as they say 'different folks, different strokes'. And that is true. There is no set rule that tells you to behave in a standard manner as you move through the continuing stream of people each day. So what you do with John is not the same as your friendship with Bill. There's always a shade of difference somewhere there. That though makes it quite brilliantly unique. Because 'different folks, different strokes' is a beautiful and interesting diversity that lends interest to life and living.

But if you are allowed a choice how best to handle relationships.... a friend told me that it's best with the heart. Initially I had mixed emotions with his statement because I knew from experience that you do that and you're up to the Hall of Broken Hearts in no time at all. But nope, this is not all about the romantic heart though it is the same human heart we speak of.   

I think though that I know just what he meant. The heart is where all things authentic and true reside, it's always real coming from the heart's core.

My friend knew this ... as I have learned it too that .....

The heart is more true, does not make excuses as our minds or intellects do, feels more what the mind does not understand nor grasp, responds truer to the quiet ripples in the core of another human being. I believe that no other instrument in our physical make-up can do such an exquisite job as that.

And you know something else..... the heart is where God sets his eyes on --- not our beauty or intelligence or how much money we have made or how brilliant and talented we are. He looks to our hearts and sees what's really going on. And too in our hearts are the best prayers we could ever utter.

Our heart is our best friend. Let's take good care of it. Shape it after God's heart.

Have a blessed Sunday, everyone! Blessings!