Sunday, July 1, 2012


There are a lot of things we generally do in life. But topmost on that list is our relationships. Be that with family, social friends, business friends, and even strangers. To it we tend to do different approaches cos as they say 'different folks, different strokes'. And that is true. There is no set rule that tells you to behave in a standard manner as you move through the continuing stream of people each day. So what you do with John is not the same as your friendship with Bill. There's always a shade of difference somewhere there. That though makes it quite brilliantly unique. Because 'different folks, different strokes' is a beautiful and interesting diversity that lends interest to life and living.

But if you are allowed a choice how best to handle relationships.... a friend told me that it's best with the heart. Initially I had mixed emotions with his statement because I knew from experience that you do that and you're up to the Hall of Broken Hearts in no time at all. But nope, this is not all about the romantic heart though it is the same human heart we speak of.   

I think though that I know just what he meant. The heart is where all things authentic and true reside, it's always real coming from the heart's core.

My friend knew this ... as I have learned it too that .....

The heart is more true, does not make excuses as our minds or intellects do, feels more what the mind does not understand nor grasp, responds truer to the quiet ripples in the core of another human being. I believe that no other instrument in our physical make-up can do such an exquisite job as that.

And you know something else..... the heart is where God sets his eyes on --- not our beauty or intelligence or how much money we have made or how brilliant and talented we are. He looks to our hearts and sees what's really going on. And too in our hearts are the best prayers we could ever utter.

Our heart is our best friend. Let's take good care of it. Shape it after God's heart.

Have a blessed Sunday, everyone! Blessings!


  1. it would make us very happy if we could do what our heart decides, but sometimes relationships break that way, we have to use our mind for that..

    1. I think I understand what you mean, Renu. What my friend must be referring to is that point when the heart means to do something but then the mind is intent on another helped along by misguided choices. In this case it is the mind which stunts the growth or expression of feelings by its strong adherence to what it believes is right. One can sometimes be wrong with one's beliefs... but rarely with one's feelings. Relationships break in this sense when the mind insists in its perceived rightness.... while the heart begs to be understood with what it feels to be right. This results in conflicts or clashes. The goal is not exactly happiness but rather should be genuine communication. Relationships break for the lack of it.

      It's so nice to see you and thank you for sharing your thoughts. Blessings to you and your family.

  2. Ellen,

    Don't we say so & so has such a pure heart or heart of gold. Do we ever refer to mind like that? Mind, yes, for calculative issues like business but relationships it is heart which is needed.

    Take care

    1. Oh yes indeed, don't we all know that! Thanks for dropping by and for your sharing. A blessed day to you!


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