Thursday, July 26, 2012


Before you think that it's just one for the movies, the truth is it's also what life is about. A wise old man once said (his name skips me at the moment) ... 'joy only comes after we have crossed the threshold of pain'. It's the same as saying with positivity ... 'when you're down the only way is up'.

The threshold of pain is where things that go wrong.. do go wrong.  As expected or unexpectedly. Fortunes fail, jobs lost, marriage breaks down, relationships sour, communication flounders, health crisis, heartbreaks, and other things more which cause the heart to bleed... visibly or not.

These things and more push us to that emotional ledge -- the breaking point.

If you stop to think about this, Somebody has been there before. You know the story. Things didn't turn out the way He expected, people misunderstood Him.. betrayed Him, and He bled with sorrow and heartbroken in a garden alone and lonely. But He prayed on --- persisted in prayer, and stood up once again to bravely face the lonely and hard road ahead. This new strength led Him to His glorious reward .. sitting at the right hand of His FATHER in Heaven.

That's a lovely story. And so much like it will our own stories end. Life as we all know it to be is never easy and there's no way we can skip that part of our lives where we find ourselves standing on that dreaded emotional ledge. But this I know .. that if we listened well to that story it tells us there is a way out. There is a way to step away from that tricky dangerous ledge. It is not the end... but a much needed pause (for lack of a better word but it seems good). The needed pause to take stock of our lives, to reflect, to be renewed recharged energized. And essentially to PRAY. HE did it and succeeded.

We may at some point in our lives find ourselves standing on that lonely ledge... but certainly not alone. And we cannot do anything less than what HE did because truthfully ..... HIS is the blueprint of our earthly lives. Courage and hope is God's message to us.  Too HE promised that HE would always be with us. Such blessed comfort!

Hope you're all having a lovely and blessed week.
Blessings to everyone.


  1. Ellen,

    A post which should benefit many. Life plays it's tricks when we least expect and that is the time to know that one small slip can make one fall of the ledge.

    Take care

    1. There's a saying that goes this way --- 'forewarned - forearmed'. Have a blessed day, Jack, and thanks for visiting and commenting. It's so appreciated.

  2. Thank you.I needed this message of hope and encouragement.I feel better after reading your crystal clear message

    1. :-) So did I. You know, writing about things helps for more understanding. It rewrites itself in the mind with even more clarity... and so I've learned. You and I in our respective corners of the world will be fine.. just as others will be too in theirs. God is our guide. Keep the faith.

      Thank you for coming by and for your comment. Blessings to you and your family.

  3. Oh yessssss Ellen nice message, we should lose ourself, its all about gathering ourselves and starting it all over again. A very nice advice from you... Thanks

    1. Beautifully said, Ramya -- 'gathering ourselves and starting it all over again.' Thank you for coming by and commenting. Blessings to you and your family.


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