Friday, August 3, 2012


“Character is what you do when nobody is watching. Character is how you treat people who can do absolutely nothing for you. Character is how you react when the pressure is on. Character is deciding beforehand that you are going to do the right thing.”   --  Every day we’re faced with decisions — many of which are made when no one is watching, at least no one we can see. But let’s purpose in our hearts to do the right thing — because character truly counts. We may not see the dividends immediately — but be assured that God is keeping track of our decisions, and He will make good on every one!   -- (Unquote)

Yes, same friend (let's call him Mr. Quote Man) sent it to me today. I think the quote does very well on its own; too bad my good friend didn't find out who said it.

That first line there --- 'Character is what you do when nobody is watching.' -- says it all. So if we think that we can get away with shoddy behavior or character within the four walls of our home....  think again. True.. human eyes may not see us (Except that of our family, of course. And our family loves us for better or for worse.... our worst.) But this one pair of eyes sees it all and even more. I'll leave that to your imagination.

Character isn't just  'how you treat people who can do absolutely nothing for you'  -- but is also how we treat the ones who love us and care for us with all of their hearts and souls. They who have put us up in the forefront of their lives or its center. They who have been the silent wind beneath our wings. They who serve with no thought of return.

Blessings to everyone, through Christ.


  1. Ellen,

    Very true. One can lie to everyone and get away with it but the day one lies to self it is the end of his or her character.

    Take care

    1. Thank you, Jack, for sharing your wisdom and insight. It's so appreciated. I hope that you're having a lovely weekend. Blessings to you and your loved ones.

  2. Beautifully is said the man's true character is tested when he is in darkness away from scrutiny.Character is something from inside and not determined by outward circumstances.Your annotations are sometimes better than original quotes.Thanks

    1. :-) KP, you always manage to bring a smile to the page with your comments. Glad that you appreciate the effort behind the writing. Thank you. I hope your weekend is coming along great. Blessings to you and your family

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    1. WELCOME to the blog, Anonymous! Thank you for leaving a comment. It's appreciated. Blessings!


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