Sunday, August 5, 2012


I thank an online friend for this wonderful quote seen on his page.................

"God works through us 
to meet the needs of those around us."   
-----  -ODB

Earth angels.... I believe we've got plenty here on earth. Nope no wings, no shining halos, not even a rose scented presence, nor a trail of light from the skies above. But we surely have them.

How do I know that? Simple. Because at several times in my splintered existence angels have walked on my turf and space. It's that encounter or moment when something beautifully awesome happens... It's that moment when hope resuscitates... strength is renewed... faith is emboldened... courage is regained.... darkness is made light again.

And all because of a person who looks, can you believe this, so ordinary.. in fact even resembles you -- a human being. And yet does something so special which you can only measure by heaven's standard. And sometimes it may just be a look - a touch - a word - or one tiny thought or gesture, or a prayer ..... and yet it spells the whole world in unexplained joy and fulfillment. Like a void within has been filled and that it simply just fits!

I love earth angles and I think that I have been luckily blessed with many... both near and far.... online and in real time.  Loving this journey but who wouldn't. It's one great company to be traveling with. All thanks to dear Daddy God up there!

Blessings, everyone! Love your angels. :-)


  1. Ah So true, recently one of my total useless chats with friends I was telling him People seem to be angels for me and you have written about it :D same topic different corners of the world!!!

    1. You know what, human thoughts are ages old. When an idea comes to a person's mind, you can be sure that it's been said before or is being said elsewhere and certainly will be repeated a thousand times over or more by generations down the line. A single thought said in many different ways.... as every person it alights on breathes new life into it.

      Wonderful seeing you here, Ramya. Thank you for dropping by and commenting. So appreciate it. Have a lovely day!

  2. Ellen,

    That is why world has survived. May the tribe of earth angels increase.

    Take care

    1. Beautifully said, Jack. :-) Amen to that.


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