Tuesday, August 28, 2012


While going through some old files, I came across this old folder. Looking inside I saw several writings which went way back to the year 1996. I wrote them for the company newsletter then. Here's one....


'What makes God smile?' audibly mused my youngest daughter gazing at the ceiling in 'mock' seriousness. I know because she always does that when doing her homework.

'You won't find the answer there, Honey.' I teased her while adjusting my reading glasses and went back to the book I was reading.

'Oh! then maybe you do.' she retorted. Bingo! this foolish fish fell for the bait easily. And I thought I was so smart!

'Mom! Got an essay to do for tomorrow’s class...' she pressed on 'what makes God smile?' tapping her pencil on the table.

So then I bid farewell to my book and precious glass of cool lemonade... the gentle breeze by the window... my comfortable chair... and the nice piano music from my player... and shifted my attention to this little kid in pigtails with her pencil-tapping impatience. 

"Remember that day you gave me a lovely red rose for no occasion at all? You saw how much it pleased and delighted me as I gave you my biggest grin which almost tore up my face from ear to ear. What you didn't see was that I was smiling for seeing your heart all wrapped up in love and affection. That made me smile."

I continued...

"It's so much the same with God. No matter if you stumble and falter in your efforts to please him, he'll understand and instead will look to your heart to see the honesty there or the faith and love that struggles to keep in step with him.

You don't have to be brilliant, wise, knowledgeable, gorgeous, smart, perfect, so everything in the world to be able to please him. He knows we aren't all that. He created us; therefore he knows us. Yet in spite of our imperfections and flaws we try to love and obey him as best as we can still ----- now THAT MAKES HIM SMILE!”

‘Thanks, Mom!’ and she stood up and almost made a run for her room when I protested... ‘but you haven’t written down a word I’ve said!’ And she replied with a smile.. ‘Nope but I’ll remember’ and pointing to her heart ... ‘it’s all in here. Love you, Mom!’

May our good Lord bless you all, readers visible and invisible, with everything good in life.


  1. ohhhhhhh Ellen, thats such a wonderful thought you have put in your little princess's heart at that tender age.. she will remember it for her life and not just for then !!!

    Having done the debatable post of god and me! I feel peace seeing this post of yoursssssss thanks Ellen

    1. :-) You know what, man has always made the subject of God quite debatable. I think it's more because he finds Him so difficult to understand. He has lost the ability it seems to see God with the eyes of a child. I'm not saying be childish but rather childlike. Like a child is simple, honest, sincere, frank, and a believer. Nothing complex or complicated about it. No frills.. just honest-to-goodness simplicity of the mind, heart, and soul.

      By the way, I've read your post and liked it. :-) Thanks for your lovely visit and for your lovely comment. Blessings to you and your family.

  2. Ellen,

    Absolute truth. God listens to silent prayers of honest heart than the show off noisy ones. God would always be with the one who helps the needy in whatever way he or she can do instead of with one who spends long hours praying in place of worship.

    Take care

    1. I think God does not bother with external trappings of worship. He would rather look to the heart and see the prayer there.

      Thank you, Jack, for coming by and sharing your thoughts on the subject. Take care too. God bless you and your loved ones.

    2. By the way, Jack.... I can't come to your blog because when I do I get a warning on my screen that your url has a virus in it. Please verify this. Thanks and have a good day.


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