Wednesday, June 20, 2012


 Image courtesy of BishopDunnel1972

 As everybody does with his life I do get all kinds of days too. But on days when that sunshiny feeling goes on full throttle (my favorite) ..... the day  is like one big ball of 'everything-is-so-nice-and-wonderful'. My senses heighten up in experiencing what a great day usually brings in sight, smell, sound, and touch. And I never get disappointed more often than not. Too if you include the soul it simply fills up to the brim with spiritual nuggets of wisdom so effortlessly and divinely. But of course we do know just WHO's putting that all together for our benefit.

But then it's not everyday one gets that kind of high, nope not everyday I can assure you.

Because things can take a bad turn unexpectedly, and life is so that it does in such an unwelcome manner, then truly unhinge everything that we have managed to put into our day.  And that alone speaks much for itself, doesn't it?  It could be a small thing or a huge life-changing one but it all works on the same agenda of making your day a bad b-a-d day. Then it tends to make us forget about being nice, kind, sweet, funny, or even of being brave. We seemingly lose our ability or abilities to function as intelligent or smart creatures.

Bad things or bad days won't change overnight nor is there a miracle cure for it. Still tell yourself that it can't be so bad not when you know that far more worse things can happen to you or somebody else somewhere.  You may have broken your left leg -- but you still got the other leg; you lost your job but you can always find another one; the fire gutted down your house but you got the family out; you failed in the exams but you can make it better next time; you have lost in love but you can love again.... There's always some good thing in there if you just bother to look or seek it out. Besides like my mom would tell me....  'When bad things happen, like it or not, it means that there is some lesson you should be learning. So learn..'

With this encouraging thought you learn to relax which in turn lifts up your myopic view of your sorry state a bit. Look for that proverbial silver lining. It's there, it's always there. 

"Everyday may not be good, but there's something good in every day."  -- Author Unknown

So make it happen!

Sunday, June 10, 2012


I slept and dreamt that life was joy.
I awoke and saw that life was service.
I acted and behold, service was joy.

---  (Rabindranath Tagore )

Some people think service means getting in there and getting your hands dirty big time. Well, it's a yes and a no. Yes as some wealthy benefactors personalities or celebrities do with such a show of philanthropy or having so much drama in its execution.... banners waving, drums rolling, cameras flashing, media exposure.

No because service can also be just where you are, who you are, and what you have. Simple ordinary things which often are considered insignificant. It can mean a simple kind word... or a cold glass of water to the peddler passing by your house selling his wares... or a helping an old lady pick up parcels which fell from her grasp... or a sympathetic listening ear to a friend's tales of woe... or just being compassionate to the struggles of others trying to make it in the big tough world out there.... or helping an old man cross the street... or help your neighbor take his sick baby to the hospital in the middle of the night... etc.

Small acts of kindness, sympathy, compassion, care, affection, understanding... these things matter. Maybe not much to a world which is more inclined to recognize big effort, big ideas, big thoughts, and everything else grand and grander.  But if you in your heart know that you're doing the right thing.... doing your teeny weeny best to help ease somebody else's burden  ------ then you are up on the list of God's favorite people. Because to a watching God -- small is big. 

And the reward is authentic JOY in the heart. A joy so blessed a hundredfold by a very pleased God. And he'll bless you with even more. Of that I'm sure.

Wish you bountiful blessings of joy to your weekend.