Tuesday, February 26, 2013



Last weekend, my daughter and I went malling at a shopping mall just about 10 minutes away. The best part of this activity for me is not really about the shops nor shopping. But I do love the food trip part of it and a good movie squeezed in. Second to that is 'people watching'.

At this section on the second level of the huge mall I saw an old man parked between a book store and a games entertainment center in his wheel chair. Now you know by now that I get easily irked by any show or form of negligence towards humans or animals or nature including the environment. Now this one hit the bell with a big bang!

You know why? Because the old man silver-haired, wrinkled, thin, stale luster in his eyes, was loaded with paper bags of shopped goodies also parked on his lap. What's the message here? The family of this old man -- maybe his sons, daughters, grandchildren - are inside the book store or at the entertainment center and having a good time! While the old man is set aside at some lonely corner like a family car at the parking lot waiting to be picked up again in an hour or two or so........  or like a convenient human package center to hold packages for you while you go shop for more.

Wouldn't it be nicer and kinder and loving to bring in the old man to share with the fun and laughter enjoyed by the rest of the members of the family? He could still enjoy it all just watching. Or perhaps have him try the games too.  Wouldn't it be so nice to know or see your old man laughing with that familiar gleam in his eyes you thought had gone a long time ago? Wouldn't it be nice to reconnect with the fond memories of your youth when your dad took you to the carnival or amusement park?

Is it a perception that being old ends everything else about being human and alive?

I don't think so. Life is still there... but it could wither away before its time if not nurtured or helped along lovingly in its journey. That's what a family is for. Don't you think so too??  A family is a gift from God. Be that gift in its truest sense.

Have a blessed day, everyone. Be blessed; stay blessed.

Monday, February 25, 2013


This early morning in the company of a warm glowing sun, blue skies, chirping birds on tree tops, and Mr. Wind,  I was at the patio watering the plants when I noticed three boys across the street sitting idly on the cement borders of my neighbor's tiny garden sipping on their ice candies. The street not wide but narrow afforded me the blessing of a special gem of wisdom from the mouth of babes. Oblivious to my presence not so far from them while I pretended to be busy with my garden shears, one kid said and which I clearly heard....

'alam mo, engineer ako paglaki ko...' (I'll be an engineer when I grow up..'

'paano kaya.. jeepney driver lang tatay mo eh...' another teased. (yah think?! your father is just a jeepney driver...')

To which the third kid replied..... 'malay mo naman, kung pagsisikapan mo ba eh pwede..' ('who knows, if you try hard you just might...)

Big dreams begin from small chats such as this. And you don't want to douse that tiny spark within with insensitive comments or remarks, no matter if said in jest or with good intention. If the third kid could think positive thoughts and show such enormous encouragement towards his friend's tiny dream, how much more could we with our adult wisdom compassion and intelligence?!

The difference between God and man is this -- God believes in us..... man does not!

'Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions. Small people always do that, but the really great make you feel that you, too, can become great' ----Mark Twain

Enjoy your day, folks; make your Monday fantastic to start the rest of the week with. Anyone having problems now, isumbong mo kay God --- (in faith take your problems to the Lord). My prayers go with you. God bless you and your loved ones.

Thursday, February 21, 2013


Yesterday I was inspired to write a short story, a very short one, about a precious moment lifted from my 'learning moments with Mom' long long ago. But I first posted it in Facebook with the intent of testing the waters there...  if it could hold a niche for short storytelling from this here little old lady. Well, it earned its own share of 'likes' quite amazingly. Thank you. But it's here in the blog that I tell my stories... of how I see life, of what I see as it happens to others, or as it happens to me.

The story below was my learning moment with Mom.... just one of many golden nuggets through the learning years,

A mother seeing her 6 year old daughter sitting at the front steps asked:  'what are you doing here by yourself?'
The daughter replied with a faint smile:  'I'm waiting for Peter.' (a neighbor's son)

The mother followed up her question with:  'why? and where is Peter?'

The young girl replied:  'I gave my doll to Peter cos he said that he could fix her broken leg... He is home now.'

'When was this?'   asked the mother again.

'Yesterday'  answered the child now beginning to show impatience on her pretty face.

'Come, child, into the house.'   and the mother took her little girl's hands and both went in.
'But, mom, will Peter come with my dolly soon?'  wondered the child.
'We don't know that. But remember this, don't leave your precious things or problems in the hands of other people who may or may not have time for you. Your dad can fix it for you if you ask him to.'  
The mother smiled and kissed away a tiny disappointed tear falling from the child's pretty little brown eyes.            
End of story.
As you can see disappointments come to anyone and everyone, even children. When your child has a disappointment or two, be there and help ease her or him lovingly and gently through that experience.

Have a wonderful day. Blessings to you and your families.

Sunday, February 17, 2013


I just finished watching 'Happy Feet 2' in HBO with my daughter. Have probably watched this twice already; it's an old movie. Oh yes, I finished the movie both times. Here's a wonderful line I picked up close to the end of the movie, to quote...............


I like that. Very much. You see, it reminds me of people who I have been so blessed to cross paths with at some point or points of my journey, people who amaze me with their awesomeness. People who go by their awesomeness without even knowing that they are. They live simple ordinary lives, nothing earth-shaking to rock our world. But there they are just being their awesome selves..... in their tiny corner of the world living their light and touching lives with it.

People who think nothing of going the extra mile for someone, friend or stranger.... people who selflessly bring out the good of another.... people who inspire and encourage... people who stand courageously against the onslaughts of life's bad..... people who live each day infecting others with Hope and Love ..... people who hold on steadily to their beliefs and faith in the midst of trials or difficulties..... people who live their humble ordinary lives with honesty and pride..... people who believe in their own abilities to do a good job anytime anywhere..... and the list goes on and on.

The message is clear -------- you don't have to be titled, rich, popular, privileged, famous, or soar up in the skies of high achievement or abundance to be awesome. It's just by being authentically you and genuinely human, by God's design -- by being selfless towards others -- and by giving life your best shot with who you are, where you are, with what you have -- and by living an honest life giving glory to the ONE above from whom all good things come. That is AWESOME!

God bless you, awesome people! Have a great day and life.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013


A friend asked recently 'what do you do on a boring day such as this?' I would like to think that she was referring to her boring day as we shared a good meal in a nice resto at the mall. Because my day was getting along just fine, with her in it.

Nope, I didn't take offense on her remark because apparently she was having trouble coping with her so-called 'boring day'. I took a good bite of my cheesecake and asked my best friend .. 'Ba't mo nasabi yan?' ('Why do you think it's boring?')

'Walang magawa eh!' she replied with eyes rolling. (Nothing to do!)
'Eh anong ginagawa natin dito?' I replied. (So what are we doing here?)
'Ala lang!' she retorted with a big sigh. (Nothing!)

That's as far as I will tell you about that chat with my good friend. Of course that chat was longer than usual for obvious reasons.

We do have days like that, don't we all? I do, rather I used to, and I reacted just like her some years ago. Until someone special told me this............... 'Boring is just a perception. Look deeper into the day -- you might be surprised yet.'

So I learned. Better yet ---- create a wonderful day!

And a huge chest of treasures I found right there inside a 'boring' day! On my own time or with my dear family, I learned to blog.... do fb.... painted in watercolor.... designed gowns.... rode on an ATV.... strolled down the white cool sand on the beaches of Bora.... rode on a bus to the Baclaran Shrine.... found great books at my favorite bookstore.... ate a Vietnamese lunch.... enjoyed a late evening snack at Bancheto.... went joy riding through the streets of Manila.... had a delicious lunch at Sonya's Garden in Antipolo.... another lunch at the Buon Giorno restaurant at The CliffHouse Tagaytay.... admired the awesome Taal Volcano.... went to see a great movie at the mall.... had lunch with my three best friends.... bought gorgeous fresh flowers at the flower shop.... painted a wall in the living room.... clipped off weeds in my small patch of a garden.... watched and listened to great music videos at YouTube.... watched the Lights and Sounds show at the Ayala Gardens.... played with my dogs in the garage.... sew two bags out of two pairs of old blue jeans.... sat through my favorite TV shows (National Geography, LifeStyle Network, Food Network, Hawaii Five-O, HBO...) .... and many more I have yet to discover.

So you see there is no such thing as a boring day because that is all up to you. The thing is don't put to waste what God has prepared for you with each day with every hour with every moment. He means to give you a great day and live life to the fullest. Show Him that you agree to that wonderful plan. Thank you, God!

Blessings, everyone!

Monday, February 4, 2013


Outside my window I see a sunny windy day, blue skies and playful clouds. This got to my mind a phrase an old friend was fond of saying... 'go where the wind blows'.

So I looked out the window observing because I wanted more of this gorgeous wind (silly thought yeah). But nada... because it was blowing everywhere that there was no direction to it at all. Well, not today at least it seemed. Sometimes I would see it blow in one strong direction until another strong gust blows it into the opposite direction and then another stronger burst splits it in the middle! It simply blew... and blew... and blew... (kaya nga windy eh!) But it was pretty. You think that if I did figure out its direction that I would hie up to there for more of it, you think wrong because I would not! There's no guarantee what I'll find. Oh yes maybe more of this wind but which already is what I am getting right here where I stand-where I am.

'Go where the wind blows' ... I think means being quite flexible or adaptable to certain life situations which sometimes you perceive to be insurmountable. A temporary thing while you haven't a better solution in mind yet. My friend wisely or unwisely did that in most everything.

But my other friend would not. She would rather stop and think. 'I want to see it now for what it is and not just what it shows me on the surface.' (Wow, and lalim ah!) So she studies the situation or circumstance. Weighs her options. Images possibilities and potential. She does this while all around her people are scrambling in chaos, with undirected bursts of energy, and high emotions. Then... she finally makes her decision as those around her are now down to the ground with the wind beaten off their sails. With this kind of approach to problem solving she averages about 80% success while the remaining mostly delve on stuff beyond her control.

Nice huh? Sometimes it pays to be just cool and sane. The winds of life around us may blow crazy but it does not have to mean that we go crazy too.

It will help to remember too to ....... 'Be still and know that I am GOD.' - Psalm 46:10

Hope you're all having a great Monday to start the week with. Blessings to everyone! Now I'm going out to the patio and enjoy my windy day :-)