Thursday, February 21, 2013


Yesterday I was inspired to write a short story, a very short one, about a precious moment lifted from my 'learning moments with Mom' long long ago. But I first posted it in Facebook with the intent of testing the waters there...  if it could hold a niche for short storytelling from this here little old lady. Well, it earned its own share of 'likes' quite amazingly. Thank you. But it's here in the blog that I tell my stories... of how I see life, of what I see as it happens to others, or as it happens to me.

The story below was my learning moment with Mom.... just one of many golden nuggets through the learning years,

A mother seeing her 6 year old daughter sitting at the front steps asked:  'what are you doing here by yourself?'
The daughter replied with a faint smile:  'I'm waiting for Peter.' (a neighbor's son)

The mother followed up her question with:  'why? and where is Peter?'

The young girl replied:  'I gave my doll to Peter cos he said that he could fix her broken leg... He is home now.'

'When was this?'   asked the mother again.

'Yesterday'  answered the child now beginning to show impatience on her pretty face.

'Come, child, into the house.'   and the mother took her little girl's hands and both went in.
'But, mom, will Peter come with my dolly soon?'  wondered the child.
'We don't know that. But remember this, don't leave your precious things or problems in the hands of other people who may or may not have time for you. Your dad can fix it for you if you ask him to.'  
The mother smiled and kissed away a tiny disappointed tear falling from the child's pretty little brown eyes.            
End of story.
As you can see disappointments come to anyone and everyone, even children. When your child has a disappointment or two, be there and help ease her or him lovingly and gently through that experience.

Have a wonderful day. Blessings to you and your families.


  1. Beautiful short story with such nice message in it, loved it Ellen

    1. Delighted to see you, Ramya! :-) Just been to your blog and enjoyed the new post... very funny I should say :-) :-)

      Take care now. Blessings to you and yours.


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