Wednesday, February 6, 2013


A friend asked recently 'what do you do on a boring day such as this?' I would like to think that she was referring to her boring day as we shared a good meal in a nice resto at the mall. Because my day was getting along just fine, with her in it.

Nope, I didn't take offense on her remark because apparently she was having trouble coping with her so-called 'boring day'. I took a good bite of my cheesecake and asked my best friend .. 'Ba't mo nasabi yan?' ('Why do you think it's boring?')

'Walang magawa eh!' she replied with eyes rolling. (Nothing to do!)
'Eh anong ginagawa natin dito?' I replied. (So what are we doing here?)
'Ala lang!' she retorted with a big sigh. (Nothing!)

That's as far as I will tell you about that chat with my good friend. Of course that chat was longer than usual for obvious reasons.

We do have days like that, don't we all? I do, rather I used to, and I reacted just like her some years ago. Until someone special told me this............... 'Boring is just a perception. Look deeper into the day -- you might be surprised yet.'

So I learned. Better yet ---- create a wonderful day!

And a huge chest of treasures I found right there inside a 'boring' day! On my own time or with my dear family, I learned to blog.... do fb.... painted in watercolor.... designed gowns.... rode on an ATV.... strolled down the white cool sand on the beaches of Bora.... rode on a bus to the Baclaran Shrine.... found great books at my favorite bookstore.... ate a Vietnamese lunch.... enjoyed a late evening snack at Bancheto.... went joy riding through the streets of Manila.... had a delicious lunch at Sonya's Garden in Antipolo.... another lunch at the Buon Giorno restaurant at The CliffHouse Tagaytay.... admired the awesome Taal Volcano.... went to see a great movie at the mall.... had lunch with my three best friends.... bought gorgeous fresh flowers at the flower shop.... painted a wall in the living room.... clipped off weeds in my small patch of a garden.... watched and listened to great music videos at YouTube.... watched the Lights and Sounds show at the Ayala Gardens.... played with my dogs in the garage.... sew two bags out of two pairs of old blue jeans.... sat through my favorite TV shows (National Geography, LifeStyle Network, Food Network, Hawaii Five-O, HBO...) .... and many more I have yet to discover.

So you see there is no such thing as a boring day because that is all up to you. The thing is don't put to waste what God has prepared for you with each day with every hour with every moment. He means to give you a great day and live life to the fullest. Show Him that you agree to that wonderful plan. Thank you, God!

Blessings, everyone!


  1. Ellen, I love your long list of things you have accomplished with no boredom! God gives us so much opportunity, yet we waste our precious time noticing only "what's in it for me," instead of "what can I do for others."

    Great reminder...

    1. Hi Deb,

      That's lovely the work that you do for the kids at the Bulamu Children's Village in Kampala, Uganda. Mom said this long time ago.... 'if you can't help a hundred, at least help one'.

      You are blessed with the task you do for a hundred or more. As some others are too as blessed to help the few or one person God sends their way.

      It is indeed a wonderful world when willing hands come, singularly or collectively, to help another or others in every unique sincere and humble way. Our task is to serve with who-we-are with what-we-have. This I believe is by God's design.

      Blessings to you and the work that you do for them. Thank you for dropping by.


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