Monday, February 4, 2013


Outside my window I see a sunny windy day, blue skies and playful clouds. This got to my mind a phrase an old friend was fond of saying... 'go where the wind blows'.

So I looked out the window observing because I wanted more of this gorgeous wind (silly thought yeah). But nada... because it was blowing everywhere that there was no direction to it at all. Well, not today at least it seemed. Sometimes I would see it blow in one strong direction until another strong gust blows it into the opposite direction and then another stronger burst splits it in the middle! It simply blew... and blew... and blew... (kaya nga windy eh!) But it was pretty. You think that if I did figure out its direction that I would hie up to there for more of it, you think wrong because I would not! There's no guarantee what I'll find. Oh yes maybe more of this wind but which already is what I am getting right here where I stand-where I am.

'Go where the wind blows' ... I think means being quite flexible or adaptable to certain life situations which sometimes you perceive to be insurmountable. A temporary thing while you haven't a better solution in mind yet. My friend wisely or unwisely did that in most everything.

But my other friend would not. She would rather stop and think. 'I want to see it now for what it is and not just what it shows me on the surface.' (Wow, and lalim ah!) So she studies the situation or circumstance. Weighs her options. Images possibilities and potential. She does this while all around her people are scrambling in chaos, with undirected bursts of energy, and high emotions. Then... she finally makes her decision as those around her are now down to the ground with the wind beaten off their sails. With this kind of approach to problem solving she averages about 80% success while the remaining mostly delve on stuff beyond her control.

Nice huh? Sometimes it pays to be just cool and sane. The winds of life around us may blow crazy but it does not have to mean that we go crazy too.

It will help to remember too to ....... 'Be still and know that I am GOD.' - Psalm 46:10

Hope you're all having a great Monday to start the week with. Blessings to everyone! Now I'm going out to the patio and enjoy my windy day :-)


  1. True for most occasions.But when informed warnings of threatening weather conditions come,sitting quiet may prove risky.Generally most scary prospects pass off.Yes trust in God but keep your gun powder dry said Oliver Cromwell.Certain circumspection will not be amiss in all situations.

    1. Nothing wrong with the weather that fine windy morning, KP. It was just what it was... a fine windy morning!

      A thinking person like my friend has somehow managed quite convincingly a good balance between one's inner strength (more like being in control rather than being controlled) ... and an abiding faith in God. A rare combination if I must say so myself.

      Thanks for dropping by and for your comment. That was a good quote from Cromwell. Wishing you a good day! :-)


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