Sunday, February 17, 2013


I just finished watching 'Happy Feet 2' in HBO with my daughter. Have probably watched this twice already; it's an old movie. Oh yes, I finished the movie both times. Here's a wonderful line I picked up close to the end of the movie, to quote...............


I like that. Very much. You see, it reminds me of people who I have been so blessed to cross paths with at some point or points of my journey, people who amaze me with their awesomeness. People who go by their awesomeness without even knowing that they are. They live simple ordinary lives, nothing earth-shaking to rock our world. But there they are just being their awesome selves..... in their tiny corner of the world living their light and touching lives with it.

People who think nothing of going the extra mile for someone, friend or stranger.... people who selflessly bring out the good of another.... people who inspire and encourage... people who stand courageously against the onslaughts of life's bad..... people who live each day infecting others with Hope and Love ..... people who hold on steadily to their beliefs and faith in the midst of trials or difficulties..... people who live their humble ordinary lives with honesty and pride..... people who believe in their own abilities to do a good job anytime anywhere..... and the list goes on and on.

The message is clear -------- you don't have to be titled, rich, popular, privileged, famous, or soar up in the skies of high achievement or abundance to be awesome. It's just by being authentically you and genuinely human, by God's design -- by being selfless towards others -- and by giving life your best shot with who you are, where you are, with what you have -- and by living an honest life giving glory to the ONE above from whom all good things come. That is AWESOME!

God bless you, awesome people! Have a great day and life.


  1. Can there be two opinions on this?Whatever one does be it a lowly job or high profile job, it is the sincerity,the spirit of service and in the best manner that counts in the eyes of God.You last para succinctly conveys the message

    1. Thank you, KP... those are my thoughts indeed. I appreciate your sharing of insight and wisdom here. Have a good day. Be blessed. Stay blessed.


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