Tuesday, February 26, 2013



Last weekend, my daughter and I went malling at a shopping mall just about 10 minutes away. The best part of this activity for me is not really about the shops nor shopping. But I do love the food trip part of it and a good movie squeezed in. Second to that is 'people watching'.

At this section on the second level of the huge mall I saw an old man parked between a book store and a games entertainment center in his wheel chair. Now you know by now that I get easily irked by any show or form of negligence towards humans or animals or nature including the environment. Now this one hit the bell with a big bang!

You know why? Because the old man silver-haired, wrinkled, thin, stale luster in his eyes, was loaded with paper bags of shopped goodies also parked on his lap. What's the message here? The family of this old man -- maybe his sons, daughters, grandchildren - are inside the book store or at the entertainment center and having a good time! While the old man is set aside at some lonely corner like a family car at the parking lot waiting to be picked up again in an hour or two or so........  or like a convenient human package center to hold packages for you while you go shop for more.

Wouldn't it be nicer and kinder and loving to bring in the old man to share with the fun and laughter enjoyed by the rest of the members of the family? He could still enjoy it all just watching. Or perhaps have him try the games too.  Wouldn't it be so nice to know or see your old man laughing with that familiar gleam in his eyes you thought had gone a long time ago? Wouldn't it be nice to reconnect with the fond memories of your youth when your dad took you to the carnival or amusement park?

Is it a perception that being old ends everything else about being human and alive?

I don't think so. Life is still there... but it could wither away before its time if not nurtured or helped along lovingly in its journey. That's what a family is for. Don't you think so too??  A family is a gift from God. Be that gift in its truest sense.

Have a blessed day, everyone. Be blessed; stay blessed.


  1. Not true always.Whenever I visit a mall in US(I did it frequently) with my daughter and her family, I always chose a lounge with comfortable and big sofa and prefer to sit with my iPad.You know malls all have WIFI facility.I also enjoy watching people instaed of window shopping.I request my daughter to leave all things in the cart by my side.I am also a silver haired old man with lack lustre eyes but enjoy heartily my short stay there amidst the walking crowd.As you always say,different people,different strokes!!

    1. That's right, KP, different folks-different strokes. :-)

      As for me, I enjoy being with my family walking the long corridors, window shopping, trying the restaurants, checking out every shop, trying out some games at the entertainment center, or buying stuff at the supermarket. I watch for every twinkle in the eyes of my children or listen to their laughter or feel their touch and hugs. Or simply sit down at our favorite coffee shop and chat over a cup of cappuccino or a mocha frappuccino. :-)

      Blessed day to you and yours.

  2. True. We do that because we don't remember that life's going to take a full circle and we will be there where someone older from our family was.

    1. Welcome to the blog, ambeekaa! You are right about -- '..life's going to take a full circle and we will be there where someone older from our family was.' - Beautifully said.

      You have a blog? I'd be delighted to visit you.

      Wish you a lovely day. Blessings!


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