Sunday, January 27, 2013


I walk through scenery similar to these in my early morning walks in my neighborhood. The tree-lined paths are my favorite. Morning walks are not only beneficial to health as widely prescribed to but undoubtedly do far more than that. It's not just the fresh morning breeze, the sight of the bluest of skies, the lush greenery, or the friendly smiles of neighbors you meet down the road which give you a great feeling of being one with the world, with the day, with life. And not only does it flush out stubborn calories but also toxic negativity trying its best to establish residence in your soul.

It's just thirty minutes sometimes an hour but the best time of the day for me. Here I throw away all worries and cares and woes to the wide expanse of the blue yonder and nothing else seems able to touch me or even try. My mind stronger and free gets back its clarity and ability to see beauty, good, awesomeness, creation .. and my soul is restored.

I walk through streets some paved some graveled but I understand how it resonates with what life is all about --- highs and lows, smooth and rough, good and bad, the regularities and the irregularities. Neither do high walls nor thick fences succeed to block my seeing through to the houses and the people living within its walls as I understand how so much we are all the same in both life and in living. We stand connected to one another in our basic similarities and even in our differences. And that no matter how much you would choose to ignore this it always gets us back to this quintessential wisdom -- we are the same.

Everything seems to fall in place, in perfect unison to a divine plan. Even my morning walk is part of that plan if its design is to make me grow more and more towards becoming a better person. I feel it being achieved as I walk uphill, downhill, round corners, and straight down the roads as creation unfolds before me in every smallest detail or its biggest displaying in full grandeur or magnificence every treasure I am made to gather with my soul.

When I finally arrive back to my house and before I enter the door, I look back and up to the sky and see in my mind a smiling God content to see that I have learned. I guess it's not just with the early morning walk but it's something which I understand I should be doing with the rest of life and living. Thank you, God!


  1. Ellen,

    So true. That is the best time to connect to self and God. You make new friends too. One day you nod at an unknown face and get a surprised smile with nod back. Thereafter it become regular whenever you meet. Beautiful way to start a day. I go with our dog and it is all the more interesting as she also recognizes regulars by wagging tail.

    Take care

    1. How nice to know that we both view the matter similarly. Walking with your dog indeed lends it even more interest.

      Thank you for your lovely visit and comment. Wish you blessings for today and always.


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