Sunday, July 22, 2012


Read this in my inbox this morning but it's good that I thought to bring it here to share....

"Entire water in the ocean can never sink a ship
Unless it gets inside.
All the pressures of life can never hurt you
Unless you let it in."

Now that's a tough one. Who wouldn't be affected by the pressures of life. Everybody is touched by it in some big or small measure. It can hurt. You just have to look at the status lines on a social site --- it's there life as reflected in every printed word or emotion. Sometimes a person without even saying much reveals even so much more ----- you would see and understand the ripples of the heart beneath it.  How do I know that? Simple. I'm a human being too and whatever it is you're going through I have my share. Maybe differently and in some other measure, but it has the same name..... the pressures of life.

What to do?

Let it roll. It will happen, like it or not. Because it was meant to happen for a reason. Oh you know that. But strangely when in the throes of hurt or pain the brain is numbed to a stop --- it won't think, can't think. So take a deep deep breath... breathe deep -- and exhale all that toxic energy out of your system. Once, twice, several if need be but do it! No it will not make your worries disappear but YES it will recharge you, energize you, give you a lift -- and then say  'THANK YOU!'  to  WHOEVER  it is you always thank when feeling good. No matter if it's just a wee bit good or the teeniest-weeniest good that you feel. It's still good! It's something to be truly thankful for.

Now feeling better, you can start from there. You can change your day, your life, or the world if you think it needs changing. Nothing can hurt you if you won't let it. It's as simple as that. You are in control of your responses to life, you have the power, and most importantly you have the prayer. Pray away!

Have a blessed Sunday, everyone.


  1. You make it look so simple-breathing in deeply abd breathing out the toxic energies to leave one with a calmer mind and better attitude.This is far better than wallowing in pity and unable to overcome the pressures of life that keep cascading.
    You have a way with words and express your thoughts with telling effect.

    1. Ah but you're first this time. :-) Thank you for your comment... you have appreciated the gift from God. It makes Him smile to see it put to good work. :-) Blessings to you and your loved ones, my friend. Looking forward to your short stories in the blog... A gifted story-teller, if I must remind you. lols ... Have a good day!

  2. Ellen,

    You are right. I do not think anyone can sincerely say that he or she is never affected by pressures of life. So the best is to face it with calmness and go over what happened without blaming anyone but to find how best to retrieve situation.

    Take care

    1. '..find how best to retrieve situation.' -- True wisdom. Thank you for dropping by, Jack, and for commenting. May our good Lord bless you and everyone in your home.

  3. I've been hurt..still felt hurt...but everything goes ok. Through those hurt I've experience, I learned a lot, made me grew and strong. So, being hurt is not bad, as long as acceptance was in your heart. Thanks for sharing Ellen. I was here for a visit. God bless po.

    1. Time heals all wounds, Star. And you are right, going through trials make us even so much stronger. Most people mistakenly think that the trials we get in life are nothing but meant to break us. The truth is God makes us go through it for a reason --- that reason is for us to grow some more and become better persons.... a better version of our old selves.

      Thank you for dropping by and for commenting. It's so appreciated. May our good Lord bless you with His grace, peace, and joy.


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