Friday, July 20, 2012



Honestly, I look to the sunset for inspiration. And I guess most people do as I see them setting their gaze wistfully on a sunset afar. You'll never see what goes on inside their hearts nor be able to read their minds but this I know --- Hope springs eternal. And none best signifies it than a sunset. Because you certainly know that it will come again in the morn. It never fails. Aside from sunsets being so awesome wherever its setting, it sends off a message of hope and promise ---- for a new beginning, a new day, a new life, a new challenge, a new rising. That as it appears to me is God's message to everyone. Be of steady faith and of good hope.

Now the sun rising in the morn tells you this -------- 'this could be the big day of your dreams -- of your life'. Embrace the day. It's God's gift to you. That's the message of a gorgeous golden SUNRISE. Here are two awesome pictures taken by brilliant professional photographer and friend Larry P. Concepcion.


As a lover of nature and sunsets, I love these two wonderful pictures. Photographer Larry's subjects are as diverse as nature is, of people, or of national issues. Quite an impressive collection there on his fb page. Sheer eloquence and clarity as seen through the eyes of his camera. Thank you, Larry, for these and for sharing.


We usually take clouds for granted.... until we come across exquisite photographs such as these. Then we pay attention. Maybe that's the reason for a Larry P. Concepcion and the rest -- to nudge us to pay attention to God's masterpieces in the sky. (Once again, thank you Larry)


  1. Fascinating pictures of the sky in its varying moods.True the sky and the sun during different parts of day evoke different reactions in us.Your post was a very nice read

    1. Hello KP,

      Delighted to see you liking the pictures as much as I enjoyed putting it up here in the blog. Thank you for taking time from your blog to drop by and for commenting. Hope you're having a lovely day. Blessings to you and your family.

  2. Ellen,

    Very well taken photographs. True, sunset and sunrise give different feelings to everyone.

    Take care

    1. Thank you, Jack, for visiting and liking the pictures. Nice seeing you. God bless you and your loved ones.


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