Monday, November 10, 2008


A small group of college kids sat at a table not far from mine. They were visibly glued to the screen of their friend’s laptop and seeing the expressions on their faces I could gather that something engaged their full attention. Now that pricked my curiosity - A weakness I must admit to having because it always becomes a good resource for writing. Luckily they were close enough for me to snatch bits of their conversation. Is that being nosey? Yes because it should be none of my business… and no because they were talking in loud voices anyway. It bothered the other folks around their table I could see. Oh well, but I was intent to gathering the ‘gems’. So then let’s continue. :-)

This exchange overheard got me particularly interested.

College boy 1: Hey this is terrific, makes sense. He’s got it all figured out that it looks so easy.

College boy 2: It’s a good one, yeah. But some big guy has said that before in a book. It’s not new.

Apparently they were viewing a blog (I caught a glimpse of the screen when the laptop was moved to a particular angle for their better viewing) and seemed impressed by it. But one guy’s remark though dropped the bomb.

“It’s not new.”

Oh but what is or isn’t new? When a person says something and the idea doesn’t seem fresh or original to us, must we straight away or hastily label it as ‘not new’? C’mon, don’t be too quick on that one because even if it were not new, literally, there is still something in there which we should give credit for.

When we see something which we like or appreciate so much and decide to embrace it, that thing becomes ours. This old idea or something takes on a new life with us - Because it will then gain or put on the thoughts, expression, passion, emotions, experience, or insights we would then be honestly pouring into it and as we use it in our daily association with others. Thus it will grow expand and become like new again in our hands. This is what we should try to see. Frankly, whatever we hear or read now has been spoken or written long before in our history. Our thoughts now were somebody else’s thoughts thousands of years ago but retold in so many different ways many times over and will go on and on unto generations coming one after the other. It will have many lives for as long as civilization exists.

I marvel at the many articles and books written on one same subject by different writers and authors but each brilliant as the other in both sameness and diversity. Amazing, isn’t it? You see, it’s not the story but the storyteller… not the song but the singer… not the writing but the writer … it’s the person behind the telling who lends anything its freshness every time. It’s always worth listening to. So then something old is something new too. Pay attention to who’s telling it.


  1. I agree.....things are not always new its just the re-iteration and the way its being done...

    A very basic example could be a re-mixed times they are better even if the lyrics are same and the music is different....or if its exactly the same n the singer is new.....the song will remain in the 'it's not new' category but still be fresh!!!

    Right Ellen!! Keep Smiling :-)

  2. hi Ellen...
    u always come out with so called 'NEW TOPICS'... ineresting...
    hm... i had similar experiences with many of my clients... where they say 'this is not new'... sometimes i also say the same. it should b 'WHATS REQUIRED', 'WHAT BEST CAN BE DONE', 'UNIQUENESS'... so its all depends on many factors... whether something new or combination of two...

  3. Hi Jigyasa,

    Oh yeah, I enjoy listening to remixed songs too especially when the singer does it so well. :-D

    Heyy love it when you come visiting.
    Thanks. Have a lovely day.. and
    wish you all the best. :-)

  4. Hello Amit,

    Every person is unique and this uniqueness he brings into anything he sets his mind to. So whether that something be old or new, it still is special because of him.

    Thank you for liking the piece.
    You always make me smile every time
    with your comments. :-)

  5. i love this! this is really wholistic thinking, Ellen, yin/yang typology. you have a treasure chest of wisdom in there. haven't written a book yet?

  6. I agree with you but there's nothing NEW with what you wrote, Tita--your writings still capture the hearts of your readers!(lol)

    Take care! Hi kay malen!


  7. Hi Dfish,

    You know what, frankly I don't know what to call it but several friends through my blogging years have kept asking me about putting out a book. And I've been praying for God's leading in this area. Maybe if He sends me a giant nudge in that direction, then will I truly know. :-) So nice of you to ask about it; thank you.

    Blessings to you, my friend.

  8. Hi Jan,

    There you got it. Nothing in our life or in the world is truly ever new. It's been done before or somebody else has said it before in history and in society. But what makes it so special is the person telling it... even if it were the same old story. It's the storyteller and not the story that makes it special. So if you tell me a that you rode on a Ferris wheel yesterday, I'd listen to you intently as I would be interested on the observations, insights, emotions you would be injecting into your storytelling. :-)

    Thanks, Jan; love it when you come visiting the blog. Have a wonderful weekend ahead. God bless!


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