Monday, September 10, 2018


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One bleak afternoon long, long ago I was sitting on a weather-beaten wooden bench under my grandma's guava tree. Oh well, not even a lush green tree for some good shade but a guava tree with sparse foliage and nary a fruit in sight that I could even pick and munch on while contemplating the universe.

Life was rough and I wasn't even too sure that I'd get somewhere... anywhere. You know the feeling i.e. struggling uphill, coming up to a huge wall, or coming face to face with a dead-end. It's like you have suddenly become life's least loved child or life's favorite punching bag. I sat there defeated and brokenhearted. As tears rolled down my cheeks I suddenly felt a hand on my shoulder.

Mom sat down and said......

"I can't promise you that things will become better; I can't see that far nor I live that long. And my heart is just as weary as yours is now. But I have lived long enough to say that things will change.

What you need to understand is this.....

All of these about life, both the good and bad, are all meant for your shaping of character. Take it all in and learn where you should learn. Be strong where you should be strong. Be brave where you should be brave. Be good where you should be good. And be gentle with yourself, too. Learn to rest when you should.

Essentially, remember to be kind. Do not think that your pain entitles you to be mean at others or at the world. You cannot do that; you do not know what they are going through in their own lives. Everybody goes through some struggle or another. None exempted. But they sometimes keep it to themselves. Being kind means that you do understand. Reach out to them whenever you can and help ease their pain.

And for those who cause you pain, who make life miserable for you (it happens to the best of us), look at them with an open mind and heart and know that they too may be going through perhaps odd and tough circumstances in their own lives and lash out in the only way (unpleasant as it may be) they know how. Difficult as it may be turn your back on them for surely they will suffer the consequences of their own bad. That being the law of the universe. "Whatsoever you shall sow, so shall you reap."

Pray. Without God you (we) are nothing. With God, there is hope....potential....possibilities....miracles.... joy.... blessings.... continuity of life.

All these things you should be in your character. These are the very things life teaches you. Life's aim is to create a better you. It does this day after day after day. You will one day become your highest potential and good. On the condition that you learn all that you should be learning.

It is alright to cry. When you're done, give the day.. life.. your best shot once more. And do it again tomorrow and the next and the next. Okay?"

I love my mom --- my hero.❤️💕💖💖
God and mom..... quite a team, aye?😇🌹


  1. hi Ellen, this is a very well said approach of life. Whatever the journey that takes in our present life, pain, suffering, sadness and any different circumstances shall mold us as a person. God is in control for everything. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi! Lovely to see you here, Star-chuu. Always a pleasure to see you. By the way, I can't access your blog. Would be nice if I could read your interesting posts, too. I admire your good sense and wisdom down your life journey. Take care lagi. God bless you and your family.


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